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GingerDead Etsy Shop – Buy GingerDead alternative Greeting Cards, one of a kind pen and ink illustrated jewelry, comic prints and original art by Calan Ree.

Calan Ree Website – Artist Website and Blog – Like GingerDead and Friends? Cool. You’ll probably like my other work including unusual art dolls (like day of the dead inspired skeleton girls) and one of kind finger puppets as well as my jewelry line which features original pen and ink illustrations on polymer clay. This site has lots of images as well as a blog with recent works and upcoming events and art shows.

Facebook and Twitter – Follow me if you want to. I wont be creeped out.

Here is a list of the webcomics I read (or used to read when i had more time) in no particular order.  Please don’t send reciprocal link requests.  The only links I add are ones I have been into reading at one time or another and think my readers might enjoy.

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