GingerDead and Friends is a weekly webcomic that revolves around a gingerbread boy, his odd silent skeletal girlfriend and the sister who wants him dead. The comics are often done in haiku and readers are encouraged to respond in the comments area in haiku.

Calan Ree’s work is often described as dark humor or gothic, occasionally even twisted, but if you look a little closer you’ll find it can also be thoughtful and hopeful. Drawing from personal experiences such as love and fear as well as topics that intrigue her such as science or strange facts, Calan Ree combines words, characters and a bit of wit to describe her world. She hopes her readers can see themselves reflected in her comic and that as a result they find themselves smiling.

Calan Ree is a visual artist living in St. Petersburg FL. You can view Calan’s artwork on CalanRee.com including illustrated jewelry, finger puppets, day of the dead art dolls, GingerDead Greeting Cards, etc. You can purchase some of these items through her Etsy store.

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calan ree

the Characters:

GingerDead GingerDead.com

GingerDead – Easily confused and startled, GingerDead is more or less harmless unless provoked. Struggles with lacto-phobia (fear of milk), occasional insomnia and his twin sister, Vendetta, who occasionally tries to kill him. GingerDead can be rather naive, too trusting and even pathologically enthusiastic.

Ennui - GingerDead and Friends

Ennui –  Silent and inquisitive, leNoir is drawn to things considered dark and is often misunderstood. She prefers to be alone and interfering in her solitude is not recommended (unless you are GingerDead whom she has a definite thing for).

Vendetta GingerDead.com

Vendetta – The devious twin sister of GingerDead whose hobbies include reveling in the misfortune of others, plotting the death of her brother and self-adoration.

Gluck - GingerDead and Friends

Gluck – Undead, yet dapper Gluck enjoys sneering, finding fault in others and eating delicious brains.