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it’s the thought that counts

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

The other day my cat was peeking in at me from her new favorite place – the screened in back porch.  Through the glass at the bottom of the door, her wee head would pop up and stare in at me and mew.  Adorable?  Well, sort of.  In her mouth was a dead lizard.  She was eager for me to let her in so she could show me.  I repeatedly yelled to her “No, thank you Pooti.”  To which her head would disappear for a few minutes only to return and try again.  Sometimes she just stood there on her hind legs, feet up on the glass, head pressed up against the glass with her mouth wide open, the lizard dangling from her lower jaw.  It was as if she wanted to make sure I saw it.  I think she was telling me her new toy broke.  Poor thing.  I love lizards and rescue the odd one that gets in the house or porch but it was too late for this one.  It was horrible but also really funny and after her 3rd or 4th visit to the window,  I realized Pooti just designed my next GingerDead Greeting Card.

Artist Spotlight – Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk

I came across this sculpture and thought you guys would like it.  It reminded me a bit of Ennui…mostly because  I think she would really rock that outfit…and her head is kinda huge.

The sculpture piqued my interest so I found his website – Cirque de Pepin and learned  he was also an illustrator and painter.  Here’s a couple of paintings I particularly liked.

I hope you’ll check out this awesome dutch artist’s website to view more of his work!

No News is Good News?

I’m still in a bit of a clay cocoon this summer.  Any spare time I have, I’m working in ceramic and exploring techniques, clays, firing temperatures and so on.  It’s really a great medium and I’m happy to be working in it again after so many years.   So anyway, no shows or projects to reveal.  I’m simply enjoying this time and figuring out how I can execute the millions of things in my head.

That’s all for now.  See you in a week or two….

<3 calan

15 Responses to “it’s the thought that counts”

  1. ANDREA Says:

    Just spent two weeks in AZ, with my parents’ cat. He brought a snake into the house; I rescued it and brought it back outside. The second time, he played it to death and I was too late to save it.

    The lizard I found in the sink, tho, I brought back outside.

    Dogs bring home interesting things, too . . . voles, baby bunnies, ‘possums and even a bird. And the dog who brings home the most prey only has two legs that work!

  2. Seraphine Says:

    you have never truly felt love until a bird pukes on you. puking is how many (most?) of them feed their young. it is a real honor to you for a bird to share such an intimate moment.

    so give your kitty a big kiss (not on the lips!), because she is sharing something precious with you.
    and maybe give her some warm milk to cleanse her palate…

    earth shares her bounty
    the cat shares with me her prey
    i’m apathetic

  3. calan Says:

    it’s totally an honor. she loves me so 🙂

  4. Amanda Says:

    Cats bring presents home because they want to share their hunt with you, because you share your “hunt” (canned or dry catfood) with them. They get upset if you don’t take it from them because they don’t feel useful. I caught my new boy with a lizard in his mouth the other day and i was able to rescue it before it was dead he had already mutilated the tail but that grows back. i placed the lizard outside and was cleaning the patio a few days later and found same said lizard missing tail and all scurrying very slowly cause he was probably beat up pretty bad. (I know its Florida hard to tell lizards apart but this was a special kind called a blue tailed skink they are really gorgeous lizards and very distinctive from the common brown florida anoles or the green anoles that we see all the time here). My ferals will occasionally leave me a half eaten squirrel i like to think of them sharing dinner with me because i make sure they dont get hit by cars.

  5. Matthew Says:

    Yep, the funniest thing about cats is they just want to see you accept their offering. Once you have taken it from them they are satisfied so they never notice you just toss it in the trash or release it back outside. They just want their due as great hunters and then get on with their day. My friends cat catches lizards, mice and rats all the time. He lives near the hills so there is plenty to hunt. She loves an audience. The more people to witness her triumph the better. We were hanging out in his garage after working out, there were 6 of us, and she walked right into the middle of the group and released her caught mouse. It wasn’t dead so it promptly attempted to escape but she was of course too quick for it. We watched her release and catch it nearly a dozen times before she decided to start eating it. I used to feel sorry for the pests but after living next door and dealing with the constant invasion of rats and mice my attitude has changed. We all just gave her lots of verbal praise.

    That is an awesome sculpture, will definitely check out the site.

  6. Seraphine Says:

    poor lizards poor rats
    poor mice get toyed with by cats
    fat alligator

  7. Amanda Says:

    Calan I miss you. Hoping is well with you and that nothing too difficult has arisen causing you grief.

  8. Ted Says:

    I’m with Amanda – hope all is well…

  9. calan Says:

    thank you both! i’m fine. had some bad weeks with wrist pain due to some really tedious graphic design work. every week since i think i’ll get a comic in and i’m just spread so damn thin. so much going on. all good though. just stressed out and feeling guilty that i’m neglecting my comic but otherwise everything’s great. sorry. i’ll try to be back soon! <3!

  10. avshar Says:

    Don’t rush and hurt yourself. Your health is far more important.

  11. Seraphine Says:

    get your wrist healed. glad you’re ok.

  12. Sherri Binette Says:

    I come here every Wednesday AM just to see the new weekly comic. Its been along time with no new ones. Disappointing way to start Wednesdays now. Hope all is well & youll be back posting your WONDERFUL comics.

  13. Ted Says:

    I hear drawing sock monkeys helps with wrist pain. 🙂

  14. Amanda Says:

    Well the Halloween season’s upon us and I do hope that all is going well for you all. Calan I hope your wrist is better and that you will have a lot of sugar skulls this year for us to see. Just a few short weeks till the big days. Stay safe and happy everyone.

  15. Baughbe Says:

    We, the lurkers, miss you!

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