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the sandwich incident

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

This week’s comic seemed more amusing without words, so I scrapped the haiku and left the illustration naked.  Thinking about wordless comics brought to mind Terry Border’s Bent Objects. Border creates tiny sculptures out of ordinary objects and wire that that depict scenes.  In one image, Bent Objects tells a story complete with punchline.  While the images are often accompanied by a cute title, that seems more for the sake of the blog post.  The sculptures themselves need no words.   I’m not sure how it’s taken me so long to discover his website (he’s had the blog since 2006), but I’m really glad I finally did.  Here’s a few examples of Border’s Bent Objects to give you an idea, but by all means go check out his site:  BentObjects.BlogSpot.com.


Sometimes, Terry leaves his little sculptures in public places to be discovered by passersby.  Check out this Georgia peach he left in Atlanta on Peachtree Street:

In addition to the blog, you can get Terry Border’s book – Bent Objects – the Secret Life of Everyday Things on Amazon, etc.

That’s all for now.  Nothing much new to report as I’m still engrossed in ceramic work and allowing myself this time to simply explore and enjoy the medium without pressure to produce serious art or works to sell.   It’s good to allow yourself to play.  I hope you are finding time to play this summer in whatever way makes you smile.

<3  calan

3 Responses to “the sandwich incident”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    i’ll share a crappy
    carrot, you share delicious
    foot-long sandwich, yes?

    i love when i make a delicious cheese red-pepper banana pizza and everyone else gets meat pizzas which i won’t eat, and then they want a bite of *mine* because it looks better than theirs.

  2. Matthew Says:

    Hey there carrot boy
    Hows that diet working out?
    Jacks not well liked

    When i saw the image the first thing that flashed through my head was “what, i get some on my face?”

    I’ve seen Terry’s work many times. It reminds me of when i was young. I always ate faster than the rest of my family so i would then make art out of whatever was left on my plate or if at a restaurant i would mix in whatever i could find on the table. Had to entertain myself somehow.

  3. Edgar Says:

    reading all that made my stomach growl for some reason.

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