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don’t forget to make a wish

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Shooting stars aren’t really stars, they are meteoroids that collide with the earth’s atmosphere and become meteors.  The meteors heat, glow and burn up creating that cool streak of light we see from down here.  Even though I know there are millions of these things burning up all day and night, it always feels kind of exciting to see one.  To spot one, you just need a clear patch of sky to gaze at.  If you are patient and stick with one patch for 10 or 15 minutes you should see at least one.   In our culture, we typically think of the sighting as a good omen and make a wish.  In other cultures it might be considered a bad omen or even a symbol of death as it is believed each person has a star and when they pass their star does too.  I found a great post about the various legends and beliefs on this blog,  if you are interested in reading more on the subject.

Speaking of stars, this week I caught a bit of a PBS special about the world’s ‘ugliest’ animals.  Of course, I found most of them adorable.  One of the animals featured was the Star-Nosed Mole who has a nose made up of…get ready for it…tentacles!  Tiny fleshy tentacles- 22 to be exact- that create the shape of a star.  How cool is that?  The nose tentacles help them to feel around for yummy worms which they gobble down within milliseconds of feeling it.  They also blow bubbles out of their nose when they are underwater.  They sort of blow the bubble and let it touch something nearby which imparts a bit of the smell of the object when they suck the bubble back up their nose.  This again, lets them find food.  The nose is sort of their eyes and extra fingers.  Cool, huh?  Did I mention his little front paws that look like monster feet?  A little extra awesome, in case a bubble blowing tentacle nose wasn’t enough for you.


Here’s another that shows his wee, rather useless eyes:

Check out this origami star-nosed mole, designed and folded by 16 year old Charles Wilson I came across on Origami-USA.org.


I can’t mention origami without recommending the documentary Between the Folds.  It doesn’t matter if you like origami or not.  It’s absolutely fascinating and will blow your mind a bit too.  Who knew?  Not me until I saw that film and now I have a huge respect for the art form.  I think I’ve mentioned it before, but if you haven’t seen it, check it out!

An update on those monsters…

I’m finally all moved in and pretty much unpacked.  Jim and I are cleaning and just nesting a bit and are super duper happy. I still have a zillion things to do, but the madness of moving is done.  The kitties will move in next week and hopefully that will go smoothly.

That and having the illustration submitted for the upcoming Welsh Alphabet book and Welsh Festival of the Arts being organized by A Raven Above Press has me feeling a bit more relaxed and quite satisfied.  Yay!

Art News

You might have noticed a slowing down of art doll creations and art posts.  I have a couple of dolls started but had to put them aside for a bit.   I’ve started a ceramic class to reacquaint myself with real clay, firing, glazes, under glazes, and surface design.  It’s really an early love of mine..since I was a small child, again in high school, later in college, and something I’ve just dabbled in a lot and for some reason haven’t worked with in many years.  The experience is profound to me as an artist.  I feel like I’ve come home and am taking time to focus on this medium. I’ll have access to the teachers, kiln, glazes for another 3 or 4 weeks, so I need to take advantage of that and sort of throw myself into it with some intensity.  I can’t wait to see where it takes me! 

That’s all for now.  See you in a week or two…

<3 calan

10 Responses to “don’t forget to make a wish”

  1. Sarah Thee Campagna Says:

    I smell a housewarming gift!!!

  2. Seraphine Says:

    i love watching shooting stars too. although, i think of them as falling stars because they seem to fall form the sky. sometimes we get meteor showers, which are very cool to watch. but meteors are also scary because one day a great big one is going to crash into earth again and destroy whole swaths of living beings. they say it was a meteor that killed the dinosaurs and 80% of all life a million eons ago.
    i’m sure we’ll try to shoot down the next big one to come, just like in your comic.

    catch a falling star
    put it in your pocket then
    feed it to your cat

  3. Matthew Says:

    Actually they have dismissed the dinosaurs being wiped by a meteor theory. Apparently it was just our planet being what it was back then. There were a number of problems that all occurred at once to create the perfect storm of disasters. The two biggest being that a number of super volcanoes started exploding and created a chain reaction that changed the temperature of the planet by a few degrees which is enough to cause the carbon stored in the ocean floor to come to the surface which killed most of the plant life across the most populace land masses. With no food the dinos just starved to death. The ones who happened to be in the less affected areas turned into a few of the species we still have today, birds being a good example. Ok class is dismissed 🙂

    Hmm…actually their feet look kinda like a turtles foot. Just longer claws. I do wonder why they still have eyes at all since they are almost no use.

    I havent seen a falling star in quite a while, the curse of city life. I once went on a trip to a cabin in the woods and we saw a meteor shower that lasted most of the night. We slept on the deck outside and got to watch most of it. I will always remember that night, barring Alzheimer’s at least.

    the sky is falling
    and what a beautiful sight
    please hit my roommate

  4. Seraphine Says:

    wow matthew, i didn’t know that it was volcanos and not a meteor that killed the dinosaurs. the good news is if we have some more volcanic eruptions, perhaps the particulate in the sky will act as a block to the worst effects of global warming. and i have enough granola and canned corn to survive a short-term famine so im good (eats like a bird).

  5. calan Says:

    if we’re going to go, i’d prefer the meteor over the way the dinos did but the latter seems more likely with global warming and all. maybe if we don’t think about it, it will all be okay. la la lalalala

  6. Matthew Says:

    Actually i find global warming to be amusing. We have been studying this planet for how long? Say maybe 200 years of really serious study, and another 2000 of observation of just where humans have been that could read and write? And how long has the planet existed? So basically we have been studying the world around us for less than a thousandth of a percent of its life, probably less? So how could they know for any certainty that the temp changes that have been observed are not normal to some cycle we haven’t been around for? Also these supposed temp changes are suspect as well since all of the increase in world temperature happened before 1940 and the worlds temp has been ruffly the same since then. So if we are causing it by our industrial society the temp should be increasing far more AFTER 1940. But it hasn’t. One wonders why these minority of scientists are insisting the sky is falling when there is no real evidence.

  7. Seraphine Says:

    i read somewhere that chicago is preparing for new orleans-type weather in ten years. but the earth has gone through serious climate change before. the only thing different this time around, apparently, is the rate of climate change. the polar ice caps are melting at an unprecedented pace.

    i visited a kansas salt mine a week ago. once, eons ago, kansas was covered by an ocean and colorado was beachfront property.

    it’s not the sky falling anymore, calan, it’s the oceans rising.

  8. Matthew Says:

    Ah, but that was my point, how can we be certain the polar caps melting is unprecedented. 🙂

    Sorry, i just get into science issues and love to debate them.

  9. Seraphine Says:

    matthew, when anything happens to meeeee for the first time, it’s unprecedented.

  10. Chance Says:

    They must do some pretty intense eskimo kissing.

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