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out of sight

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Unfortunately ‘out of sight’ doesn’t always equal ‘out of mind’.   I know damn well that not looking at a monster isn’t going to make it disappear, yet still I find myself procrastinating.   Jim and I are moving into a place together and I’m already paying rent but more than half my stuff still isn’t moved in.   I have an illustration due for this upcoming book that I’m contributing to and even though I’ve had months I’ve waited until the deadline is nearly here to get it done.  The funny thing is it’s all good stuff that I’m excited to be doing and now that I’m finally doing them I’m not sure what the heck I was waiting for.  So this week’s comic is inspired by procrastination and also scary stuff like bad memories.  I had one of those creep up this week and every time I try not to think about it…well it’s the old pink elephant thing…the more you try not to think about it, the more prominent it is in your mind.  I think facing monsters is the best way to deal with them.  Sometimes,  if you merely turn and face them you might find they’re less daunting then you thought.  On the other hand, I suppose they might eat your face off but we all have to go sometime.

Best News Story of the Week

Here’s an example of life imitating art.  Ever see the film Lars and the Real Girl?  It’s about a lonely guy who develops an deep meaningful relationship with a one of those ‘real dolls’.  It’s not about him being physically intimate with this adult toy but more about fulfilling his emotional and social needs.

Today I read about a real life Lars.    Ned Nefer came across a wooden head years ago when he was delivering a mannequin to the Children’s House in Jefferson County.  This is where his relationship with Teagan began.   Ned went on to build a wooden body for Teagan’s noggin and eventually marry her.  (I’m really curious if someone actually performed a ceremony for the pair or if Ned just sort of claimed they were married and no one is going to argue with a guy and his mannequin).   Currently Ned is walking 70 miles to return to to the Children’s House where he first met Teagan.  He’ll be strolling along, pushing Teagan in her wheelchair and taking photos of signs, rock formations and cemeteries.  They enjoy the outdoors claims Ned and are hoping the weather holds up so they can get good photos of their journey.

Pages are popping up on facebook dedicated to sightings and interviews and speculation on the two like  Syracuse Mannequin Man and Ned and Teagan.   It seems some folks are offering Ned some help in the form of PBJ sammiches and such.  They seem to be gathering fans and supporters as well as a few name callers.  Lets face it Ned is at the very least a bit nuts, but I can’t say I don’t understand how one can feel a bond to an inanimate object…especially the kind with faces that you create yourself.  I’ve felt emotional attachment to a few art dolls and they definitely seem to project a personality of their own.  I might not talk to them (much) and build a life around them, but in a very small way, I get it.  I wish Ned and Teagan a safe journey free of blisters, splinters and naysayers.

Oh that Teagan is much too much! o.O

Wow, okay. That ought to hold you all over for a week or two.  I’m off to tackle my monsters!

<3 calan


4 Responses to “out of sight”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    when i was in grade school, i was with some friends watching an old movie. when a scary part came on, i closed my eyes. the girl next to me told me things like “he’s eating her eyeballs” which gave me nightmares for weeks afterwards. i was sure something was under my bed.
    i saw the movie years later and none of the things she told me were true. she played right into my imagination and fears. i learned a good lesson: never close your eyes when you are scared because one’s imagination is likely going to be more scary and vivid than the actual fact.

    whisper in my ear
    the world is about to end
    so i can get off

    haha. the double entendre was not intended but i’ll accept it in good fun.

  2. calan Says:

    and i thought mannequin love

    i think you’re right about our imaginations. i used to be petrified of the twilight zone music as a little kid. i knew the show was scary and the music and anticipation of the horror that was to come would make me run out of the room and cover my ears…until i watched it finally and realized i rather liked it. except anything with ventriloquist dummies or dolls like Talking Tina…eeeek!

  3. j-monster Says:

    So true, so true! You just beautifully illustrated the Jungian idea of the “shadow.” It does NOT go away if we ignore it! I try to remind myself that if I turn and face it, I can steal it’s energy and use it myself! (sometimes it works!) 🙂

  4. calan Says:

    thanks j-monster! lover of monsters and psychology? we must be twins 😛

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