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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Some people aren’t meant to work with sharp objects.  For Ven, it’s because she might use them to sew your mouth shut.  For me, it’s because I’m a big fat chicken.  My mom and I are taking this fused glass class together.  Just a mother-daughter fun adventure.  She got us the classes at a huge discount through Groupon for Christmas and we finally started last week.  The first step is to learn to cut glass.  It’s the same techniques you would use for stained glass.  Anyway, I have to say I was a bit of a wimp about cutting the glass.  There aren’t any gloves or anything and the thought of slicing a finger open and having trouble drawing or sculpting as a result was making me twitch.  I didn’t have much interest in working with glass to begin with so it didn’t seem worth the risk…at the same time, I love to learn new stuff so I was kind of excited to try it out.   My mom felt pretty much the same..wanting to make something but cringing at the process.  We both gave it a go and got a bit better in our second class this evening, plus we haven’t strangled each other, so all in all this is a pretty great experience!  Thank you Brad of Grand Central Stained Glass for being a patient, sweet teacher!

— Street Art—

Everyone loves tentacles!  Am I right?  If you answered yes than you are going to love this incredible street art by Phlegm – ‘The Harnassing of Giant Squids’.  The piece was done in an empty canal in Sheffield England.  Once they get some good rains and the canal fills up some, it will probably cover some of the art yet add to the illustration rather than detract from it.  I appreciate street artists that think about not only their art but where they are placing it.  I especially love the Phelgm’s classic illustration/pen and ink vibe.  It’s something I’d expect to see in the small page of a book rather than on an enormous canal wall.  Awesome.  More pics and info on Juxtapoz Magazine’s site, but here’s a couple of shots:

Here’s a close-up of the squid, to give you a better idea of the detail.


This Saturday, you can find me along with 70 other artists at ART ON THE BAY : A Live Painting Event.  I’ll probably be working on some pen and ink on polymer clay jewelry.  I’ll have some jewelry, art dolls and GingerDead greeting cards for sale.  I’m sharing a tent with my friend Sarah Thee Campagna of CyberCraft Robots.  The event is probably the largest live painting / live art event this city or possibly this state has ever seen and it will take place on the grounds of  the Museum of History in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg – 335 2nd Avenue N.E.  Hope to see you there!

9 Responses to “get a hobby”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    don’t put me around sharp objects. i have scars from knives and glass cuts. other people have interesting tattoos or artistic scarring, but my scars look like i was put in a burlap bag with an angry cat.

    they say when in doubt
    it’s best to keep your mouth shut
    blink if you agree

  2. Seraphine Says:

    p.s. i guess i haven’t said this in a while, but i *love* your comics. the drawings are beautifully drawn and imaginative. there’s nothing quite like them.

  3. calan Says:

    thank you so so much! i always enjoy your comments, especially your poems. it’s you and a few others that have kept me at it for the last 4 + years. honestly. 🙂

  4. ted Says:

    I know I may not comment much – but I’m exceedingly glad you’ve kept going (and in fact, never realized it was in jeopardy of ending! Eek!). I look forward to my Gingerdead fix every week, and you never disappoint! Plus, you always seem to know about some cool, new thing (like this squid) that I’d never find out about otherwise.

  5. Matthew Says:

    Haha nice haiku Seraphine.

    I wish more people would do what Phlegm does rather than just paint gang signs or other lame graffiti. That work is pretty cool and makes good use of the location. I love all the work done by this artist. Nice find Calan.

    They enjoy the day
    blind to the drama below
    “anyone hear that?”

  6. Matthew Says:

    Shoot i forgot to exclude does lol. That was an older version before i counted syllables.

  7. calan Says:

    i fixed it for you matt 🙂

    thanks ted. haven’t gotten too close to ending it, but i am obviously slowing down on the updates and that makes me feel bad sometimes and makes me wonder if i should just stop if i can’t update it weekly. we’ll see. for now, i think i’ll stick with being unreliable. weeee!

  8. Seraphine Says:

    unreliable is cool if done reliably. i think…

  9. Anthony Says:

    i guess should get into sewing.
    thanks ms. Calan for the birthday greeting! i really appreciate it 🙂

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