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birthday thrill

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Sometimes I like to remind myself that I’m still alive.  One year it was parasailing, another year it was a water park (those straight up and down really high slides that give you a horrible wedgie scare me to death).  I figure by the time I’m 80 or 90 I’ll probably have to jump out of a plane, but for now, gentle reminders do the trick.   Tonight I picked up some groupon tickets for this speed  boat dolphin adventure trip.  It’s just a fast boat out in the gulf where the dolphins will tend to jump and play in the boat’s wake – the sort of thing tourists do and residents only do if they are dragged by visitors.  For 10 bucks  I figure I’ll get a bit of a thrill and remind myself why I moved to FL in the first place.  Creating little adventures for yourself is important stuff.  You should do it ( even if today’s not your birthday like David Wolk of Cranky Yellow).

This week’s comic is obviously a design I’m working on for a new greeting card.  I’m trying to add a few new ones for the new year.  This one and the smile card should be available in the next few weeks via my Etsy store.

— Artist Spotlight —

Wow, check out this mixed media art installation  entitled Transcending the Material by Ben Cuevas:

The skeleton is knit!  Here’s a description of the installation from his site:

“The installation piece Ben Cuevas chose to showcase at The Wassaic Project features a knitted skeleton seated atop a pyramid of Borden’s condensed milk cans and a cloud of screen prints on Plexi glass suspended above it. The knitted skeleton is seated in the lotus position. The prints are of disembodied anatomical parts photographed in high resolution with diagrammatic illustrative overlays. Ben conceives of the piece as a reference to material culture and Wassaic’s local history (The Borden Company had a condensed milk factory in Wassaic) and a meditation on transcendence.” -Bora Mici

And a close up of that skeleton:

Even closer…

Check out more photos on Ben Cuevas’s blog.

— News—

Still getting ready for Art Rock (West Palm May 7th)  I finished an art doll I call Jool and am now working on a new doll in this lotus pod inspired collection.  Here’s Jool if you missed her on my art blog.  She is an urban girl with a tribal spirit.  I might know someone a bit like her.

That’s all for now.  See you next week..

<3 calan

13 Responses to “birthday thrill”

  1. Ted Says:

    Coolest. Skeleton. Ever. I want.

  2. Cranky David Says:

    Awesome. Are you serious. Amazing. Omfg etc. <3 thanks!!

  3. Seraphine Says:

    keep poking myself
    no i am still not alive
    won’t get up from chair

    i love the new card! the funny part is ennui is only two inches off the ground. and that is perfect enough fun for me.

  4. calan Says:

    …but those sharks are pretty close to her little feet! still, its not exactly like swimming with them. yikes!

  5. Jet Says:

    I was a little freaked out before I realized.. hey.. it’s not my birthday for another 45 minutes.
    Close though!

  6. calan Says:

    happy (almost) birthday, Jet!

  7. Matthew Says:

    The skeleton is amazing. I like the presentation as well. Can’t see the rest of the room but it looks cool sitting there with all the negative space around it. I like the new doll as well.

    The new card is funny, who knew she was a thrill seeker. Ennui has nothing to fear from them though unless one of those sharks needs to extract a piece of surfer from its teeth or something. The balloon cracks me up.

  8. calan Says:

    lol, that could be it’s own little story…like the little mouse who helped the lion get the splinter from it’s paw.

  9. Seraphine Says:

    sharks are only interested in blood. that’s why fishermen use chum instead of old shoes or skeletal remains for bait.

    ennui is sweet
    but she’s not a blood sugar
    won’t melt in shark’s mouth

  10. Jet Says:

    Ennui must be part bird with hollow bones to fly so well with only 1 balloon. I need several.

  11. Seraphine Says:

    heh heh heh heh heh heh
    you said hollow bones…

  12. Anthony Says:

    i’ve know about this site since 2007 or 2008, i was a fan since then.
    its just today that i re-discovered it. it brought back memories 🙂

    and Calan, she’s the artist right? she’s AWESOME

  13. calan Says:

    thanks anthony! welcome back. i can’t believe i’ve been at this for that long, but i suppose i have.

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