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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

When I was a little girlm my friends and I tried to ‘dig to China’ but probably only got around 1  or 2  feet before getting bored and finding something better to do.  My brother and his friends were far more tenacious and dug a really deep hole once that you could fit a couple of grown men standing upright in.  They were looking for treasure but when my mom said if they find any she gets 50% spirits were dampened.  Maybe she’d have taken half their booty, but at least she let them tear up her yard.  She was cool like that…letting us run away with our imaginations.  As my brother got older, he still dug holes but they were much smaller.    He’d wrap old toys and other trinkets up in foil and bury them in the yard or in the crawl space under the house. I’m not sure why exactly but I always thought it was a pretty cool idea.  He’d dig them up now and then and if I was lucky he’d show me what was inside the foil packet.  I sometimes wonder if there’s any Freakies or headless GI Joes waiting under the soil of our childhood home patiently waiting for my brother’s return.


I came across this incredible sculptor on Facebook of all places.  How it is that I wasn’t familiar with Colin Christian’s work? I really don’t know.  He’s pretty famous and wildly talented.  He uses fiberglass to create this very cartoon like appearance.   The works are larger than life and really beautifully executed and intriguing.  I can’t help be reminded of my time in Second Life.  That hyper sexy, pop art, sub culture fashion vibe is just the sort of look an SL avatar drools over.  So, here’s a few images I found online, but I encourage you to Colin Christian’s Official Site for more.

I really love this Snackcake head series he did a few years back.  There are all different versions of her.

My favorite has to be the Cthulhu Snackcake head!

Full body sculpts.  Fiberglass and Silicone.  Too cool!

So, those were older pieces.  His most current work includes this series of capsules which I think might still be on display at the Opera Gallery in New York.  Strange, sexy and intriguing…


I will be at ART ROCK in West Palm Beach again this year.  It’s a one day show (May 7th) in the art armory with lots of interesting art vendors.  I hope to see some of you there.  I’ll definitely have the art dolls with me as well as some jewelry, cards and prints.

Speaking of dolls, I have a new one (lotus pod style) which I’ll be posting up on CalanRee.com later today.  I just ran out of time to finish getting the photos in order thanks to yucky taxes and more car horrors.   Please stop by and check her out.

7 Responses to “holes”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    i have two holes in my yard, under a tangelo tree. they are the twin graves for my two lovebirds who died a few years ago. i buried them in old jewelry boxes.

    every winter falls
    hundreds of tangelo fruit
    to sweeten the ground

  2. calan Says:

    aw, that’s beautiful. (and delicious, i love tangelos!)

    i didn’t mention it but you’ve reminded me of all the dead animals in our yard at that house i grew up in. cats, birds, llizards, snakes. happy gardening to the guy that bought the place! 🙂

  3. Amanda Says:

    A a middle child of 5 me and my only male cousin grew up on the same wavelength he and i used to dig in the driveway and make little cities and towns and villages out of dirt and sand. My grandma threw a fit daily but she let us do it all the same as long as we filled in the holes. When i started trying to teach the little girls i watch how to dig at the park sand box one day. A park ranger came and told me off because i was “too old to be playin in the sand”.

  4. Seraphine Says:

    the park ranger was hitting on you, amanda. nobody is ever too old to play in sand…
    unless you were burying the park ranger’s truck?

  5. ted Says:

    Sorry to read about your continuing car troubles! Doesn’t that always seem to be the way? As soon as you fix something (and if you’re lucky, pay off the credit card for the parts), the next part breaks.

  6. ted Says:

    Also – Yay sock monkey!! 🙂

  7. Matthew Says:

    Lol, Amanda, that would have made me laugh. I always wonder why people have to ruin things like that with their judgment. Maybe they’re jealous. You are only as old as you let yourself be. I think i would have invited him to join, hehe.

    lonely i walk along
    memories of better times
    to share the silence

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