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the unknown

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

When I watch a scary movie I prefer a fair amount of the fear and dread to come from my own imagination.  I want atmosphere and anticipation and a good story.  Tonight I nearly watched a horror flick with my mom but the second it began it was filled with blood and knife wielding and a battered tied up woman screaming and that was enough for us.  sort of too much too soon.  So instead we ended up watching a really cute, albeit culturally confused, old anime  called My Neighbor Toturro (by Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli).  I’m not an anime fan but somehow this one ended up in my netflix queue.  I think it was during a stop motion kick we were on…anyway it was here, so we watched it and I have to say those are same damn cute, somewhat creepy wood sprites.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with that fat furry guy with his mouth and eyes that can go from pin points to enormous bulging chompy things?  Adorable.

Here’s the most endearing scene with Totoro –

and some of the other sprites

Here’s the cat bus, which seemed to borrow strongly from the Cheshire cat in style, but with a bunch more legs and well…a bus body.

This movie is over 20 years old and the artwork and animation hold up to today’s standards for sure.  The story is okay, but for me it’s all about the scenes with the sprites.   If you have kids, it’s a must.  Otherwise, give it a chance anyway and hang in there until the strange creatures of the forest start appearing.  They’ll most likely win you over.

See you next week!

<3 Calan

6 Responses to “the unknown”

  1. Heinrich Says:

    you get to a point with the horror movies where you’ve seen enough you can predict them and you’re too jaded to really care anyways… then they start losing their appeal.

  2. calan Says:

    it’s true. the genre needs more film makers like Guillermo del Torro and Drew Daywalt to tell us great stories and put heart and soul into the production. i do prefer creatures and supernatural thrillers to knife wielding maniacs but it’s really more about having a good story over gratuitous boobs and gore and cliches. there’s a market for that too and it has its place and can be fun, i just think it’s over saturated and there’s not hardly enough of the quality stuff. i think this may be slowly changing though….

  3. Heinrich Says:

    i hope so… then maybe i could actually get into the genre.

  4. Paige Says:

    I LOOOOVE Totoro! One of my all-time favorite Ghibli films!

  5. calan Says:

    Paige (and everyone) especially Totoro fans….
    How crazy is this? Right after I posted this I saw a link to this video of an animal called a Slow Loris who seems to have some affection for a very tiny umbrella. Of course, he reminded me of Totoro and is ridiculously cute!


  6. Seraphine Says:

    when you talk about
    affliction, don’t forget to
    consider head cheese

    “my nose is all stuffed up,” she said, smoothing the pleats on her skirt with nervous hands. “And still i smell this awful stench. i cannot get away from it”
    “it’s your brain turning to cheese,” said the hungry barn mouse.
    “oh stop being silly,” she implored. “that gives me the heebie jeebies.”
    “heebie jeebie cheese!” the little mouse roared. and he started to dance.

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