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robot abuse

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

I think this week’s comic came from watching episodes of ‘ My Strange Addiction’, specifically the ‘doll love lasts forever’ episode where the guy can’t live without his silicone girlfriend.  He like dresses her and tells her about his day and stuff.  If she came to life, she’d probably run like hell.  Anyway, the blank stare while he’s talking, well we’ve all probably experienced that at one time or another but with her you can’t really be annoyed or hurt because she can’t do anything but stare blankly.  Somehow that translated into this week’s comic.  That show, by the way, if it doesn’t creep you out is awesome.  I love it.  The girl who was addicted to her furry suit was the best.  Her family tries to have talks with her but their looking at this giant cartoony fox head.  My other favorites are the girl who likes to sleep with her blow dry (on!) and the one that eats sofa cushions.   Fascinating.  The comet eating girl was tough to watch and this week’s i think is a dude eating glass.  That’s not something I think I want to watch, but I bet I will.  🙂

Since we have a robot featured this seems like the perfect week for featuring the coolest robots ever.  My friend Sarah of CyberCraft Robots makes these incredible assemblage sculptures using industrial materials, found objects and even real robot scraps to create truly unique beautiful robot art.  Here’s a little peek, but you should visit her site to get a better idea of how amazing her work is.

In other news, I released 3 more dolls in a new series I’m calling Love Endures.  You can learn more about them and see more images over at my art blog, but here’s a little taste.

Numbers 1 and 2 are currently in the front window of Florida Craftsmen on Central Ave downtown St. Pete.  They are available as a couple because they wouldn’t stop holding hands.  Number 3 is available on my etsy site here.

Upcoming Events –

Feb 12th  – My friend Jennifer Kosharek is opening a new gallery boutique downtown St. Pete called Eve-n-Odd Gallery.  The first show and official opening is this Saturday from 6 – 9 on the 600 blockof Central Avenue in the Crislip Arcade.  The show is entitled Hairy Beasts and Unlucky Love and will feature works from Jennifer and Wade Slater.   I’ll have cards and jewelry and comic prints in the boutique too.  Jennifer is by far one of my favorite artists.  We’ve sold at some fairs and the same shop in the past, so to see her open a place of her own is really exciting.  If you are on Facebook, stop by and ‘like’ the Eve-N-Odd.   You can also keep an eye out there for calls to artists for upcoming shows and submit your work.  I believe there is a stuffed bunny art call right now so get hopping!

Feb 19th – There is a sidewalk art event happening on the 600 block of Central Avenue Downtown, St. Pete.  It’s an all day Saturday event with people doing live painting, mehndi, music, and a few art vendors.  I’ll be setting up a table and hanging out all day.

A final note… if you are in a relationship with a robot, get treatment….or embrace your robot love with this super cool illustrated pendant.  😛

Have a happy Valentine’s day..even if you hate it.  I’ll try to be here next week but quite honestly I’m in the pits of hell with a never-ending project that is setting me back on everything.  I had to squeeze this comic in late Sunday night because I knew this week would be rough and it’s proving to be worse than I thought.  Wish me luck!

<3 calan

10 Responses to “robot abuse”

  1. darlene Says:

    I gotta c the dude eat glass. I kno wat u mean bout the robot thing. But i put a pic of 1 of my airbrushings on facebook. Luks lik hell oh well gotta practice i guess. Have fun with ur never ending project. I kno i got a few of my own

  2. Seraphine Says:

    i have addictions
    not one or two, nor three nor
    chocolate in bed

    i can’t imagine living in a furry suit. it would be too inconvenient. how do you even clean such a thing?
    and if you try to cross the street, you *know* guys in pickups will try to run over you.

    those visible hearts
    button eyes and mouths sewn shut
    calan ree’s art dolls

    i love your heart dolls.
    they look like they are suffering. yet they are weirdly romantic.
    jaqueline kennedy had widely-spaced eyes like that too.

  3. cooliocooliest Says:

    I saw the Davecat one, but it was on a full length documentary about the Real Dolls and how these people were actually obsessed with them. (There was one, I think it was Davecat, where he had to get the doll’s vagina fixed and he missed her for the two weeks it took to happen.)

  4. calan Says:

    sera – chocolate anywhere is fine by me. dark please.
    the girl wore the head on it’s own quite a lot which has to be really limiting on how you see the world and kinda smelly and hot. i can’t imagine it wearing it for 5 minutes let alone all day. it was incredibly funny to watch her family interact with her as if they weren’t staring at a giant fox head.

    coolio – eww! i guess this is what happens when you name your kid davecat.

  5. Seraphine Says:

    i’ve always liked milk chocolate, but i’m learning to appreciate dark chocolate too. i’ve thought of dark chocolate as being bittersweet, but there are sweeter versions too. and the thing about dark chocolate which is intriguing is the flavor can be subtle. i had some dc the other day that had red pepper in it- just enough to wake the flavor a notch. yummm.

    that’s not a robot
    that is a vending machine
    selling dark kisses

  6. calan Says:

    my favorite is lindt’s 70% maybe too dark for you. the 60% might be perfect. 80% is getting more bitter and closer to baking chocolate which isn’t sweet at all. in mexico the aztecs made their drinking chocolate hot, thick and spicy, like the red pepper you had. it’s not my favorite combo but it’s nice now and then. i prefer bits of fruit and nut in my chocolate like blueberries, raspberries, almonds, hazelnuts, etc. for valentine’s day we went to the handmade chocolate shop downtown and got some amazing ones. the toasted coconut and dark chocolate was my fave. omg i think i just wrote the chocolate equivilant to ‘what i did on my summer vacation’. need some sleep….and maybe a nibble of chocolate 😛

  7. Neal Says:

    Meeting you yesterday
    lifted my wife’s heart –
    Art endures forever.

    Andréa learned about the “surprise” I’m terrible at keeping secrets. She has e-mailed you one of the photos.


  8. calan Says:

    lovely meeting you neal! thanks so much. you made my day. 🙂 checking email now…

  9. Jennifer Kosharek Says:

    HEY, thank you! I owe a jar of eyeballs!!

  10. CyberCraft Robots Says:

    I just ran on to this again. Thanks once more, for this plug and your kind words.

    I’ve got a show at the end of March – after which I’m going to do a links page. I’ll feature you in any way you like.


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