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not all he was cracked up to be

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Valentine’s day is less than a month away. I’m not usually thinking that far into the future, but judging from all the GingerDead love and anti-love oriented greeting cards I’ve been selling lately, a lot of you are far more prepared than I’ll ever be. Since I’ve already done a comic about a girlfriend’s flaws, this week’s comic considers the ‘bad egg’ boyfriend. You know the one that every one can plainly see is all wrong for you but you are drawn to him anyway? The one that you soon realize kind of sucks, but you stick around anyway because you don’t want to admit you were out of your mind when you thought he was great. Yeah, that one. If any of you can relate to that, if you are in that sort of relationship right now (with a girlfriend or a boyfriend) do yourself a favor and get the hell out. You can buy your own chocolates. Besides, then you will be free to meet someone awesome. (I did!)

So, while we are on the subject of relationships and exes, I want to introduce you to an awesome project. The Ex-boyfriend Project. This isn’t a boyfriend bashing site or anything mean spirited.  Basically its just photos of ex-boyfriends in front of monuments with a few sentences beneath each one.  The images and text are submitted by readers.  Knowing that the guy you’re looking at is probably no longer in the photographer’s life makes him seem a bit like an apparition.  The project really appeals to me…I’d suggest making it an Ex Project and not make it gender specific because exes are something we all share…but still, I love it.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it ever took off because there are only around 15 images up there and they were posted a few years back.  Maybe if they start getting submissions it would breathe new life into the project.


I know at least a few of you are fans of Guillermo del Torro’s films (Pan’s Labyrinth, Mimic, Hellboy). I certainly am. One of my favorites is the Devil’s Backbone and one I’ve never seen but have been dying to see for years is Cronos. Good News! If you have Netflix, you can finally add Cronos to your queue and the Devil’s Backbone too for that matter. I’ve had Cronos in my queue for over 3 years waiting for it to be out on dvd. Hooray! Now both of those films are in Spanish, so if subtitles make you cry, either get over it or don’t rent them. Personally, I love foreign films as long as they aren’t dubbed. Dubbing makes me cry because it takes all the natural flow out of the actor’s voices and seems plastic and deadened. So, anyway this is great news if you are a film-lover. I’m pretty excited. Here’s the synopsis of Cronos stolen directly from Netflix:

After an ancient device attaches itself to his body, aging antiques dealer Jesus (Federico Luppi) struggles to cope with an insatiable thirst for human blood, a menacing brute (Ron Perlman) dead set on retrieving the mechanism and the gradual realization that he cannot die. The directorial debut of acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, this thrilling vampire tale co-stars Tamara Shanath as Jesus’s granddaughter, Aurora.

Cronos is one of Guillermo’s earliest films. If you are wondering what he’s cooking up next it sounds like it might be H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness…or Frankenstein. Read the exclusive on FearNet.

While you are over at FearNet, you should check out our friend Drew Daywalt’s blog School of Fear, specifically the recent discussions on ‘the Ever-Elusive Horror Comedy’. You guys should all be familiar with Drew’s short horror films ( Daywalt Fear Factory ) his web-series Camera Obscura because heaven knows I plug the hell out of everything Drew does. (I just love his work!) Well, I’m happy to tell you that he’ll be directing a few episodes of a horror comedy series for MTV which is what prompted him in looking at this elusive genre. It’s one of those combos that can easily fail miserably, but it can be pulled off and I’m confident Drew can do it. I’ll keep you posted when it’s out of production and airing on MTV.


Thanks you to 2 awesome readers who recently purchased art dolls from me directly and indirectly. I appreciate your support!


I’m basically working on a bunch of art dolls at once. I’ll have a few day of the dead inspired Valentine’s pieces out next week. I’m also working on a wonderful doll with a wasp hive embedded in it. This may be the first in a series. I’m really taking my time on her so it could be another week or two before she’s revealed. Keep an eye on the art blog – CalanRee.com/blog for that stuff.

That’s all for now….
<3 calan

7 Responses to “not all he was cracked up to be”

  1. justme Says:

    when she got a clue
    she pushed him right off a wall
    she humpty-dumpt him

    I do always seem to fall for the ones who aren’t good for me, and I can take an awfully long time to catch the clue train. Thankfully I’ve been happily single for a couple of months now and am hoping I can keep that streak going for a while!

  2. Darlene Says:

    I agree Calan they should make it the ex project then people might be more into it guys are butts girls are bitches but thats what makes life fun. im working on some new airbrushing so i mite have some new pictures on my facebook some time in the next month or so i hope 🙂

  3. Jennifer Kosharek Says:

    laughed out loud over this comic!! and then again with “justme” ‘s “She humpty-dumpt him”

  4. calan Says:

    oh justme i think i’m jealous for not having come up with that perfect line! humpty dumpt needs to be part of our vocabularies! <3!

    darlene, cool! let me know if you do so i dont miss it on fb.

    glad to keep you smiling jennifer 🙂

  5. Seraphine Says:

    shaped just perfectly
    she was everyone’s dream egg–
    (skinny little shell)

    god she was pretty
    until one saw inside her–
    (cytoplasm free)

    (no yolk!) alas she
    was albumin free; she was–
    just an empty shell

    i think we have all met eggs like that- they make beautiful first impressions but then one discovers they have very little substance.

    they’ll dry up, we presume, never knowing (or learning) how to fly.

    sometimes we hope, with the right kind of “feathered” nest (and with some nurturing love), they can grow to be decent cluckers, but this almost always leads to disappointment.

    so as a rule of roost: never date an egg whose yolk is smaller than yours.

  6. calan Says:


  7. Chance Says:

    One of my former coworkers works at Guillermo’s studio down the street. He actually turned down a job at Sony because he likes working for him so much.

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