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it’s good to have goals

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

While I was in lounge-mode over Christmas, my Mom mentioned this new show Oddities, that she thought I’d love. I was intrigued and low and behold there was a marathon on. I only caught a few episodes, but I’m hooked. The program documents the daily happenings at Obscura Antiques and Oddities, an unusual antique shop in NY city that specializes in the bizarre. Items like a genuine mummy’s hand, a taxidermied 4 legged marble-shooting freak-show chicken, monkey skulls, ancient mortuary tools, obscure medical devices and so on. Not only do you get to check out wonderful creepy weird stuff, but you also get a bit of a history lesson. I know some of you shun television, but this is well worth a watch. You can catch it on the Discovery channel (check your listings) or watch episodes online.

The show has me all jazzed up for oddities, so I went hunting local antique stores and the flea market. All I found was this handmade deranged looking mannequin in a Santa hat:

and this duo of wide-eyed innocence and evil intent:

That wasn’t the best thing about the holidays though. The best was this present from Jim:

You might remember me gushing about Daniel Mrgan’s work about a year ago when I attended his Sick Days show. Well, I got one of the pieces from that show. I did a post on my artist blog earlier this week in which Daniel was kind enough to share some of the emotions and symbols behind this piece. It’s pretty damn beautiful. I suggest you read the post: His Sick Days Made My Christmas Merry. You can see more of Daniel’s work here….

Daniel Mrgan’s Website – official site, contact, upcoming exhibits

Daniel Mrgan’s Flickr – new art work posted regularly

Other awesome gifts included a Kindle (i know, i know i like to touch books too and didn’t think I wanted one…until I was given one and now i love it) and a small bag of coyote foot bones which my cat really loves to sniff. I didn’t know cat’s could have such a fetish but there you go.

Happy New Year everyone!

<3 calan

6 Responses to “it’s good to have goals”

  1. Jim Says:

    shnack time is magic
    i dont need a special wand
    avocado – gone

  2. Darlene Says:

    Awe the dolls r cute! But becareful the cute ones are always have the meanest ideas. Im jealous now that ur lucky to have Jim and the bones, however i found a huge cow skull but alas i had no camera to take a pic of it with. im gonna have to check out oddities now i like history and werid things. O and i found out a neat thing for art over the week. Take some mens shaving cream, a hard spare surface, food dye, something to smooth the cream out, and a tooth pick. Put the shaving cream on the surface make a designm you can print it off on a piece of paper or mix it up. Just make sure to get all the airbubbles out press the paper hard nd when you take the shaving cream off press hard and go over it only once

  3. calan Says:

    noooooo jim! say it isn’t so! bye bye avocados 🙁

    darlene – a huge cow skull?!! that’s awesome! i found a bit of a tutorial on shaving cream art here:


    and here:


    looks like fun 🙂

  4. Seraphine Says:

    shaking coyote
    small bones in a metal can
    she tells their fortune

    dumping the bones out
    she peers at coyote tales
    then points her finger

    “you are going to die!”
    she tells the horrified group
    with a small cackle

    gasps and wails are heard
    a frail man falls to the floor
    with a giant thud

    her bony hands wave
    away the offered penny tips
    “we’ll all die one day”

    i found an old jawbone while hiking in some idaho hills when i was 10 or 11. it wasn’t human. it was bigger than a coyote– it was something with a long jaw (an elk?).
    i remember taking it home, but i don’t remember what happened to it. i forgot about it until reading your comic. thanks calan for dredging up one of my best memories!

    poor gingerdead, always tormented by vendetta. but i love it.

  5. calan Says:

    great haiku mini story! as for the jaw bone that’s awesome but i wonder where it ended up. maybe your folks have it tucked away with your construction paper turkey and play-dough ashtray?

  6. Matthew Says:

    Finally back from vacation. Oh my god its nice to be back. I never thought i would miss this place so. Family and friends are great and all but after three weeks i just want to be ALONE.

    YES! My favorite has made a return appearance. Vendetta, you rock.

    Wow, that gift from Jim is really nice. I love Daniels work. And i will have to check out the tv show you mentioned. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. Too busy watching cartoons i guess.

    awake or asleep
    the darkness is calling me
    too sweet to ignore

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