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the gift that keeps on giving

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Happy Wednesday. Today’s haiku comic is brought to you by the aggressive, crazy squirrels that live at my mom’s house. Did I tell you one must have got in her car a few months ago? The interior roof and visor fabrics are shredded. I was scared for her to drive it so I set out peanut butter and made sure there were no nibbles in it for a full day before she got in it again. Squirrels are adorable but a bit neurotic…not the sort of pal you want to road trip with. Anyway, the peanut butter remained untouched and the car hasn’t been tore up again, so I guess he’s moved on. We are probably to blame though because we feed them raw peanuts by hand and they pretty much run up to the car or front door when they see us coming.

I finished a new art doll. Her name is Moulin and you can read her little back story and see more pics on my art blog.

moulin - art doll by calan ree

Remember last week when Anne said my elf art doll resembled Eminem in that one photo? I did some research and she’s totally right!! I think they might be related….


In other news, this weekend is the big, badass, alternative craft fair known as Atomic HOliday Bazaar. I’ll be there for the Saturday shows (both day and night…like 12 hours, omg!) and then all day on Sunday as well. The Saturday night show has the live music and fashion shows and is the night to come if you like a little booze and party action with your handmade holiday shopping. If you want it chill, come to the day show on Saturday or on Sunday.

I will take next week off from the comic for sure. Between work commitments and the two trip to Sarasota for Atomic, there is no way I’ll have time to do a comic. See you the following week!

12 Responses to “the gift that keeps on giving”

  1. CyberCraft Robots Says:

    I love me some GingerDead!

  2. calan Says:

    i love me some robots!

  3. Seraphine Says:

    thanks for the squirrel
    she’s pretty and cracks nuts too
    she has my child’s eyes

    eminelf is FUNNY! perhaps she has a little rap routine in her repertoire?

  4. calan Says:

    the squirrel is probably going to hide your child’s eyes in the earth or up a tree. in the meantime, she can stuff her empty sockets with jingle bells. it’s a hot look this time of year.

  5. justme Says:

    seraphine’s child’s eyes
    squirreled away for winter
    come spring they will grow

    lovely little shrubs
    confectioners use their fruit
    to make eye candy

  6. calan Says:

    what beautiful haiku justme! our 3 comments are forming quite beautiful strange tale. i’d love to see it animated. 🙂

  7. Seraphine Says:

    i love your poem, justme. after all, everybody likes eye candy.

    she has eye lashes
    like flowers on little shrubs
    face full of bees

    calan: the use of bells for eyes was an inspired idea. i was going to comment on that last week, but i was hoping nobody noticed in case i wanted to (one day) try something like that myself. but maybe instead of eyes… well, i’ll give you a clue:

    *she has to go tinkle*

  8. CyberCraft Robots Says:

    I have one, but it’s not picturesque. I’ll wait until someone else is glib – then I’ll make my entry

  9. calan Says:

    sera – peas?! lol

  10. jim Says:

    nervous pirouettes
    bushy tails, acorn packed cheeks –
    the nutcracker suite

  11. Tammy's Studio Says:

    I drop by each week to see what you’ve come up with and I’m never disappointed! Keep making me smile.

  12. calan Says:

    thanks Tammy! i just checked out your site and really enjoyed your paintings 🙂

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