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pass the stuffing

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

You may have felt that something was missing from last week’s turkey themed haiku comic. You were too polite to point it out, but it loomed over us all. The comic lacked STUFFING! Unless there’s stuffing, it’s not really a Thanksgiving turkey (or in this case Thanksgiving-Turkey-Haiku-Comic). I’m sure your Thanksgiving was ruined and you had nothing to be thankful for and while it’s too late now, I just had to deliver some stuffing this week or I’d never forgive myself. So, happy Wednesday. Here’s your stuffing. I hope you don’t choke on it. It’s a bit dry.

Well, I managed to get the elf done in the nick of time for the Black Friday art show. I was literally spraying him with protective coating like 5 minutes before I had to leave to drop him off. I made the deadline by 10 minutes. He was worth every long hour and last minute stress out. I love him and I got a really wonderful response at the opening. I wrote a bit about the back story and inspiration behind this creation on my art blog if you’re interested: (Forgotten – the Tiny Toy Maker) In case you are too lazy to click, here are some photos of him.

Forgotten the Tiny Toy Maker

This next photo freaked me out a bit at first because it appears that he is turning his torso and neck at you…and well, he is a rigid wall hanging that shouldn’t be able to turn at all. I think I know why it appears this way, but at first glance, it just doesn’t seem possible. Plus, he looks kinda gangsta and creepy in this photo and usually he looks rather forlorn. Anyway, it’s my favorite shot of him.

Forgotten the Tiny Toy Maker - Art Doll Wall Hanging by Calan Ree

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. That and getting ready for some upcoming shows. This Sunday I’ll be at Studio@620 on 1st Avenue South downtown St. Petersburg for the Holizaar holdiay handmade art show. It runs from 11am – 5pm. I’ll have some finger puppets and art dolls as well as GingerDead greeting cards, comic prints and of course loads of illustrated and sculpted jewelry.

Tres Holizaar at the Studio@620

The following weekend I’ll be in Sarasota at Atomic Holiday Bazaar.

Atomic Holiday Bazaar

Before I go, I have to share with you my new favorite online indulgence when I need a laugh. I usually hit Regretsy, but sometimes that one, as funny as it is, also makes me sick because people are so stupid and some of them try to pass off crap they bought wholesale as handmade…I digress….so this new site just makes me laugh like a maniac. It’s so silly, but it kills me. DamnYouAutoCorrect.com (thanks Darien for turning me on to it!)

Ciao for now. See you next week unless I feel super selfish and mean and choose to make some readers cry.

<3 calan

6 Responses to “pass the stuffing”

  1. anne van atta Says:

    Tiny toy-maker
    looks a bit like Eminem
    in the second pic

  2. calan Says:

    haha anne! perhaps a distant relative?

  3. Seraphine Says:

    he is thankful that
    there is stuffing after all
    leftover corpses

    artistically, you get better and better calan. seriously, i am in awe of your elf.

  4. calan Says:

    thank you!!! i’m really really happy when i’m sculpting/art doll making. i feel this strong connection to each one too. it’s powerful stuff and very satisfying. i am pretty much obsessed. great to hear you like them because i’m going to make more and more and more…weeee!

  5. Matthew Says:

    Wow, go away on vacation for a little over a week and i miss so much. Do not concern yourself with last weeks offering. It was just fine. Made me laugh to see that pig again. Also thanks for the link last week on those pics. I already found that page though hehe. I think i found just about everything they have online. Too bad its not much. I am now looking for pics of old movie posters that are amusing in some way. There may not be much out there but i need something to do 🙂 I think you shouldn’t have had to respond to that guy from last week with as much info as you gave him, total ingrate. I don’t understand people like that. Anyway enough about the trash. Hey, i agree with Seraphine, that Elf is awesome. Anne’s comment made me laugh since he sort of does look like him in that image.

    This weeks links are good too. I already bookmarked both sites. Funny stuff.

    Santas hold over them broken
    the Elves are free now
    to sell on etsy.

    Maybe there is a reason you have a strong connection to this elf? *raises one eyebrow with an inquiring stare*

    Lovely creations
    from the heart of the
    remarkable Calan Ree

    Hehe take care and don’t work too hard.

  6. calan Says:

    welcome back matthew! hope you had a good vacation. 🙂 i need to find a pic of eminem in a similar pose so i can post a side by side, lol.

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