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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

So, it took about a week longer than I anticipated, but I finished the elf wall hanging. I’m going to hold off on posting photos until after the show. If you are in the St. Pete Tampa area, meet ‘Forgotten – the tiny toy maker’ along with the works of around 50 local artists, plus a fashion show and live music at the Black Friday Event held at the Vitale Studio and the Local 662.



Okay, so how about something fun that you can have a laugh at with your loved ones over the holiday weekend? I’m going to leave you with some creepy vintage ads (yay!) and (this is for you Matthew) a link to a whole bunch more creepy vintage ads! Happy Thanksgiving!

Even pigs can't resist delicous pork!

Even pigs can't resist delicous pork!

What the hell does this question have to do with selling me a postage meter?


Apparently, murdering women isn’t enough. Some people have to turn them into rugs.


I don’t know about you but I’m not store testing for freshness anymore! Rawr!


If I wasn’t scared of clowns, I’d ask him what’s really in that cup.


Here’s a couple of places to find more of these old creepy ads:


Retro Comedy
– there is one here that is too disturbing for me to even put here. It’s for Luv’s baby soft. Seriously, wtf?!

Eat Liver

Need a 12 minute escape from your annoying relatives? Watch Drew Daywalt’s new short horror film Polydeus – When a pair of gamers get their hands on a legendary video arcade game from 1981 with a dark and sinister past, they accidentally open a world of mind-bending terror and hallucination. Features another incredible Jeff Farley creature!

See you next week…or the week after. Going away for Jim and I’s 3 year anniversary. 🙂

4 Responses to “leftover fun”

  1. Heinrich Says:

    mmm…. mutilated turkey.

    so i looked through some of those ads, and…

  2. Josiah Says:

    I love Gingerdead, but I am about to stop coming to this site. It makes me sad because it is so funny, but it only gets one new comic like once a month now, I mean, I know that people get busy, but is it really that hard to put up a comic more then once a month? I am not trying to sound like a jer, I am just saying.

  3. calan Says:

    hey josiah,

    Sorry missing an update makes you sad, but I’d rather give you guys a decent comic, then a crappy half-assed comic because i’m running out of time and don’t want to miss an update. Is it really that hard? Well, yes actually it sometimes is. I spend 4 – 6 hours from conception to comic creation and writing the blog. Sometimes I can’t spend that time on the comic because i’m having severe wrist pain and other times i just am out of time because i have work and other art that i’m equally passionate about. This is a labor of love, if I start treating it like a job, I’ll resent it and the comic will suffer.

    I’ll continue to update as often as I can. (which by the way has never been only once a month in the 4 years i’ve been doing it)

    The past few months have tapered off from 4 updates a month, yes but not down to once a month:

    July – 3 updates
    August – 3 updates
    September – 2 updates
    October – 3 updates
    November – 2 updates

    It’s nice that you like it that much that it would sort of piss you off when you don’t get a new comic. I think that might be a compliment, so thank you.


  4. Darlene Says:

    josiah i think kind of a pissy thing to say calan gets busy just like you and me you should be thankful she doesnt have to do this she is just being nice anough to

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