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one of those days

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

We all have had those days where it seems whatever you do will go wrong. I have learned that the best thing for me to do on those days is give up. Normally I’m not a proponent of giving up, but on those weird off days, if I can, I will just stop trying with the knowledge that it will be fine tomorrow…and it always is. What I usually do is watch movies because it’s hard to mess that up. Sure, you can pick a bad one, but it’s not a big deal if you do. Movies are a panacea for me. When I’m sick, stressed out or just having a backward, don’t-bother-trying-because-you’ll-fail kinda day, movies make it better. I think it sometimes takes more guts to recognize it’s just one of those days and relax than it does to get frustrated and fight it. I’m not sure where this is all coming from. Those days are rare for me and it certainly isn’t one today. I think I just wanted an excuse to draw GingerDead’s soup being mean to him.

Did you have an awesome Halloween? Mine was pretty good. A few galleries on a stretch of downtown had parties and art shows going on simultaneously. It was fun to hop from one to the next, of course running in to lots of art friends along the way. Too much vodka punch had me stranded there though so I missed some of the other activities I wanted to hit. I’m not a lush, I was just thirsty and the stuff tasted like juice. Hehe. On Halloween day itself, Jim and I drove all the way out to Dunedin to this amazing Day of the Dead Festival we read about in the paper. Unfortunately, the people throwing decided it took too long to set up again so they just didn’t bother. They apparently had a rockin’ Saturday and that was enough for them. Sucked for people coming from all over to see the 18 foot puppets, alter, live music, food, authentic crafts, etc. We made the most of it and wandered around the sleepy town for a lil bit and had a big Mexican lunch.

I’ll be taking Jim away for a couple days next week for his birthday and then he has a big gig opening for Caravan of Thieves at Skipper’s Smokehouse on Tuesday that I want to go to and there’s a family bday thing, so I’d say there’s a pretty good chance I’ll miss updating the comic. I’m really sore again this week anyway, so it’s probably a good thing to take a couple days off from the computer.

I’ll be updating the art blog with some new stuff and the etsy store as well. Have you seen the latest art doll? I call him Mister Moon because that’s the name he gave me when I asked. He’s excellent at keeping things like secrets and things you thought were lost. He is available right now at the Florida Craftsmen Gallery. Stop in and tell him your secrets or take him home and maybe he’ll tell you his.

mister moon - art doll by calan ree

See you soon!

<3 calan

20 Responses to “one of those days”

  1. justme Says:

    Yah that pretty much sums up the day I just had.

    I am prepared for tomorrow, though, with over a pound of dark chocolate and a bottle of Darvocet.

    some days when the world
    feels like it’s out to get you
    best to just give up

    I missed the whole Buffy the Vampire Slayer thing the first time around so I’ve been catching up on it on Netflix. I should probably have just done that all day.

  2. Darlene Says:

    justme can i join? i make a kick ass teartini i’ll bring the booze if you provide the tears. sounds like you had an awesome halloween calan sorry bout the day of the dead fesival. better than what i did i painted faces all day my arms still ache from painting for 3 hours strait.

  3. calan Says:

    yay darlene rememberd my teartinis! sorry you had to work all day on halloween. hope you made decent monies. i remember doing mehndi tattoos for a festival once for 5 hours. it robbed me of my soul by hour 2.

    justme – netflix is one my dearest friends. i missed the whole buffy thing too. i tend to watch a lot of hbo and showtime series. dexter, weeds, united states of tara, 6ft under, etc and movies, of course.

  4. Heinrich Says:

    hey working on halloween isn’t the worst thing if it’s something you want to do – i’ve volunteered at a haunted house every year for almost half my life now. scaring people is too much fun. it’s also a good excuse to do stupid crap like hot gluing a straw to your head and dripping stage blood around it and down your face so that it looks like someone jammed the straw into your head and to take a drink. normally people try to enforce their damn taboos when i do stuff like that. 🙂 …not last weekend…

  5. Heinrich Says:

    whoops – missed a word – should be “and _tried_ to take a drink”

  6. Seraphine Says:

    i don’t know if it really is a matter of “giving up” so much as it is “choosing your battles” wisely. everyone has bad days. somebody with an agenda mugs you on your webpage, an important shipment gets delayed, the lights go out, your back hurts. instead of getting upset, it’s usually better to take a tylenol and do something that you enjoy.
    you’re right, calan, most problems are here today, gone tomorrow.
    the other great secret to semi-serenity is to try not to worry about tomorrow. what happens, happens. worrying about it won’t make it any better.

  7. calan Says:

    heinrich – i used to work at a haunted house! it was very fun! i not only acted but would get there early as a makeup artist…plus before the thing started i helped build the set. i basically worked like a zillion hours in two months, got sick 2 or 3 times (i blame all the screaming) and had the time of my life. 😀

    seraphine – totally. freaking out, anger, stressing hard…none of it changes a thing. well…it makes it a bit worse actually. i try to be chill no matter what. sometimes the worry part wins out though. i hate being too thinky but i can be.

  8. cooliocooliest Says:

    What was disappointing in my Halloween was the trick or treaters never showed up. 🙁 Although the free candy was nice, considering the only Halloween themed anything within walking distance (damn my low fundage!) were church-related “Harvest Parties”.

    I felt so sacrilegious.

    Seraphine- Do you have the secret to being worry-free? 😛 I will gladly pay you in cupcakes.

  9. calan Says:

    maybe a monster ate the trick or treaters. that would make your halloween the most halloweeny of all.

    harvest parties make baby cthulhu cry.

  10. Seraphine Says:

    wee calan winky
    she gets way too thinky and her
    alphabet soup’s cold

  11. Heinrich Says:

    “harvest parties make baby cthulhu cry.”

    🙂 calan, you are awesome. and yeah, during october, i usually end up forgetting about everything that isn’t halloween related while i help set up.

    n as far as the whole staying calm thing, i’ve found that bike rides in the dark and/or fog help. fog puts me in a really good mood. not sure why.

  12. Matthew Says:

    Heinrich I’m the same way. I love fog, the thicker the better. Overcast days as well. I am so much calmer during those days.

    It seems my normal existence is one of those days. I have gotten so used to life messing with me i don’t even blink anymore when something bad that isn’t life threatening happens. This is a very minor case but yesterday i was watching tv and the thing literally exploded. After i ran to the remote to turn it off i just looked at the smoking ruin and thought i wonder if there are any sales on new tv’s at Fry’s. Didn’t get mad, didn’t think why do most tv’s just die one day nice and quiet while mine explodes? I just accepted and moved on. Not really something like a major life event but if you add up enough of these little things like i went hiking the other day and out of no where i injure my Achilles tendon just walking normally you start to accept that your cursed. 🙂

    The worlds against me?
    It better bring its A game
    I wont go easy.

    I love the new art doll. Though i wish you had attached a photo of the whole thing. I cannot find one anywhere on the links. You are doing great work with these.

  13. calan Says:

    i usually have small chunks in my life like that..like it might be over the course of a couple weeks but not just a steady flow of weird ‘bad luck’.

    mister moon photos are on the blog post here: http://calanree.com/2010/10/hello-mister-moon/ there is a full body one at the bottom of the post.

    incidentally, i’ve opened an art doll/ finger puppet section on etsy and started to list the dolls. i’ll be adding most of the works you’ve seen recently to that section. mister moon is in a gallery being fancy right now but is also available for sale. he wont be in the etsy store. if anyone is interested just msg me. calan(at!)(GingerDead)(dot)(com)

  14. Chance Says:

    I think I know what to get you for Xmas… http://www.crystalheadvodka.com/welcome

  15. Seraphine Says:

    i know what you mean about every day being a struggle. i’ve been having the same problem for a couple of weeks too. nothing, not even the simplest things, goes smoothly. mostly, it’s all relatively little stuff (but important to me). the stars are misaligned. i keep thinking “work through this” and everything will be better next week. i want to crawl into bed and hide in the meantime.

  16. calan Says:

    chance – vodka usually helps, especially when served from a crystal skull!

    seraphine – i’m sorry. sometimes you just get those blocks of time where everything is screwy and nothing goes right. it’s usually a day or two but sometimes it sure can go on longer. you definitely have to just work through and know it will get better. it always gets better..eventually! maybe try to engage in some favorite activities…as long as those activities aren’t shark diving or hang gliding..not right now anyway. 😛 virtual hugs

    sorry i have no comic again. yes, it’s official. i’m slacking. it’s not even wrist pain this week. i’m just plain busy. i’m committed to two art shows in the next two weeks and one piece is taking me forever! i’m on a time crunch and have to just stay focused on these pieces and getting ready for a few art fairs in dec too. will try very hard to have a comic next week. the forever piece is an elf sculpture for a black friday show. i think you guys will love him, if i ever finish him!

  17. mullaney Says:

    <3 this one!

  18. Matthew Says:

    sitting patiently
    while dust settles and webs form
    long suffering sigh

    Hehe, just kidding. Take your time. I’m sure we will enjoy the results.

  19. Seraphine Says:

    /* sticks hook with plastic worm through tongue */
    /* i’m waiting with baited breath. */

  20. calan Says:

    you two are killing me! it might be more fun to stay away and see what you guys get up to. 😛

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