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the puppet whisperer

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

At 2:22 am on Halloween night, dolls and puppets have the ability to speak. They don’t move their mouths or anything, but if you hold them close and listen very very carefully, you can hear their whisperers. Some dolls tell you what their favorite games are in hopes you’ll play them more often. Other dolls might voice a complaint, generally about things like washing machines, cat claws or mean older brothers. But some dolls….well some dolls have secrets. Some dolls have desires and might have tasks they want you to carry out on their behalf. You may end up sorry you ever stayed up until 2:22 am on the spookiest night of the year and listened to doll voices. But it will be too late, because once you’ve heard one of those tiny voices ordering you to do something dreadful, you’ll keep hearing it. Echoing in your head. Over and Over. Forever. (Or until you comply.)

I wrote this super short Halloween tale for you guys to celebrate my 200th comic and 4th Anniversary. I was inspired by the childhood myths we shared with each other last update. Thanks for sticking with me these last 4 years and helping me to stay constantly inspired.

New Work –
In case you missed it on my art blog, I’ve finished a new zombie girl finger puppet. Here she is:



I’ve been working my butt off to get ready for Spooky Empire‘s FreakShow Horror Film Festival. I’ll have all the finger puppets with me as well as GingerDead cards, prints, Illustrated jewelry and the new sculpted jewelry. Around 15,000 people come through this 3 day convention, so I’m feeling it necessary to make a lot more stuff than the shows I usually do. It runs October 8th – 10th with zombie walk, film screenings, horror celebrities, ball, costume contest and loads of cool vendors. It’ll be held in Orlando at the Windham Resort. If you are one of the thousands attending, please be sure to come by and say hi!


Spooky Empire Rocks Orlando (read article)

On October 16th, I’ll be the featured artist at ArtPool Gallery’s Abnormal Formal in St. Pete. I’ll have a few paintings, some clay work, art jewelry and GingerDead cards and prints. Tickets for that show are $15 in advance. There will be live music, food, drink and I believe live painting/body painting, perhaps some fashion. You can get tickets and learn more here: here.


I just want to give a shout out to Shop Rala in Knoxville TN who will be carrying GingerDead Greeting Cards very soon. This is one of those very eclectic, funky little boutiques that feature original art and unique items. Shop Rala is a new shop, so if you are in the Knoxville area, be sure to check it out. Here’s a nice little article about it on ‘the Sunsphere is not a wig shop’ blog.


Drew Daywalt’s Camera Obscura found a home and the first episode of the web series will launch this coming Friday!! I’m over the moon about this. I got to see an episode when i met with Drew a few months ago and OMG, I am madly in love with the creatures in this film (you can’t get any better than Jeff Farley when it comes to crafting creatures!) A young woman’s world is rocked when she discovers her dead grandfather was a demon hunter, and that now his unfinished quest is hers.

A 20 episode, made for the Internet original series. Written and directed by Drew Daywalt, and produced by MWG Entertainment. Here’s the Camera Obscura trailer on Dailymotion which is where you’ll go to view the first webisode on Friday!

Not since Pan’s Lab have I been this excited about a film…the creatures, the story, the fact that Drew Daywalt is behind it….it’s going to rock. period. go watch!

Still here?

Check out a still of one of the demons:

From Drew Daywalt's Camera OBscura

From Drew Daywalt's Camera OBscura

Okay, now go!

PS – Due to the convention and upcoming art show prep I wont be here next week. I should be back the following week though!

PPS – the root canal was awesome! nitrous oxide made the procedure seem silly and i spent the time trying to think of things that wouldn’t make me giggle because i desperately wanted to. I’m not a big fan of drugs but that stuff sure helped me get through the ordeal. I passed on the heavy pain meds though. Yuck.

<3 calan

10 Responses to “the puppet whisperer”

  1. Darlene Says:

    hope your art show goes well. i wish i could go but ugh no money for air travel. i finished some art work that i’ve been meaning to send to you but i’ve so busy that i havent had the chance yet. you haven’t said anything bout your arm/wrist thing. is it feeling any better? i asked my bf if he had anything his parents ever told him and the one that was most clever was if you keep complaining about how bad your life is then it will just get worse.

  2. Heinrich Says:

    are they possessed? or
    do they have their own minds?
    i think i’ll find out

    i could probably make a (not quite so) short story out of the whispering dolls idea, and may have to …borrow… it. …i s’pose i could make sure that’s alright first…

    hey calan, could i use your whispering dolls idea? not for anything commercial or anything…

  3. calan Says:

    darlene – it’s doing better actually. i’m learning how to modify my behavior to manage it. like if i’m working for 4 hours on the computer or painting something that is repetitive and it starts hurting, i simply stop…or actuallyi try to stop before it starts hurting. i try to switch it up now and work on a bunch of different things a day so nothing is too repetitive. i’ve learned that pushing it too hard means potentially losing days or even a week to pretty intense pain which is just infuriating. for the first time in months i’m only in mild pain to no pain at all. going to try to keep it this way! thanks for asking. yes send some art work! feel free to do some ‘fan art’ too 😉

    go for it heinrich. take the inspiration and make it your own!

  4. Seraphine Says:

    at two twenty two
    she becomes animated
    i lean in closer

    at two twenty three
    her button eyes glaze over
    i am trapped inside

    congrats calan on #200 and four wonderful years. you inspire me.

  5. Gabe Says:

    murmurs grow louder
    from all the chattering toys
    heralding darkness

  6. darlene Says:

    Thts great 2 know that your wrist is doing better all it takes is time i know and if memory serves me right and hopefully it does your email address is calan(at)GingerDead(dot)(com)

  7. calan Says:

    just calan – i corrected it in your post above ^

  8. Ted Says:

    I wish the Freakshow was closer to me – that looks awesome!! Love the new zombie girl and I’ll definitely be watching this web series – thanks for the heads up!! Best of luck with your show!! 🙂

  9. cooliocooliest Says:

    Perhaps it was a
    bad idea to kill off poor
    Sally in playtime.

    *sigh* Nothing happens in Pennsylvania. xD

  10. calan ree Says:

    ted – thanks ted! camera obscura starts tomorrow! 1st 3 episodes. YAY! i’ll be yapping about it on facebook i’m sure 😀

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