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it’s unanimous

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

In Florida’s Everglade swamps (and other parts of the Southern US states) we have our own version of Big Foot known as Skunk Ape. He gets his name from his rotten odor. We mustn’t be too hard on him though, Florida gets pretty damn hot and you would start stinking pretty fast if you lived in the woods. I’ve seen some illustrations of him (based on eye witness reports, of course!) as being big and burly like Big Foot and others where he looks sort of like a furry 12 year old boy with white ringed eyes (another explanation for the ‘skunk’ in his name, I guess.) I was watching a show on mysterious beasties the other night and though I really should pay homage to the Skunk Ape in my own way.

The idea for a greeting card came up and so this week’s comic was born. Do I go ahead and make it into a greeting card? Too mean? Funny enough, not to matter if it’s a little mean? Not mean enough? Idk. It makes me laugh so I’ll probably do a small run.

Today my friend sent me a link to an article on body art in the literal sense..art made with human blood, flesh, bones, hair, nail clippings, etc. You’ll recognize Gunther Von Hagens’ Bodyworlds work, but there is a lot that you might have never seen before. I think my favorites are the self portrait made of frozen blood by Marc Quinn:


and the sculptural pieces made of carefully arranged bones by Francois Robert:


More Whining –

I’m finding that this carpel and weird nerve stuff in my wrists really gets aggravated when I work on the computer (or draw a lot) but is pretty much fine when I work in clay. Thank goodness for that. I’m at a point where if I have a lot of computer work in a week and am in a lot of pain, I might just have to pass on doing a GingerDead that week. I used to just grin and bear it and overdo it anyway, but lately when I do that I end up being out of commission from using my wrists for anything for days at a time. That’s just too high a price to pay, so if I’m having a bad week, you might not get a GingerDead. Thanks for understanding if the updates are little less reliable. That said, I am working on odd dolls and creepy finger puppets and developing some new tiny clay pendant dolls. So if I miss a week here and you can’t bear it, you can always stalk me on facebook or twitter (calanree) or check CalanRee.com and see if I’m posting new work there.

That’s all for now. See you next week (probably!)

<3 calan

13 Responses to “it’s unanimous”

  1. Darlene Says:

    Omg calan i luv it. sorry summer break and i had so much to do that i couldnt come luk at the site but i’m caught up now hehe i luv ur new website its rely amazing and i’m sorry to here about ur wrist i know how much that sucks my cousin had it one time and with her being a mechanic and doing art work it was a living hell for here. well enough being weird i hope you feel better soon. i hope that you make this one a greeting card. and the frozen blood and bones are kickass looking

  2. Seraphine Says:

    a skunk ape has soft, wrinkly feet.
    While a swamp bottom might have a “rotten” smell to it, but it’s mud. Walking in it is akin to soaking one’s feet in an expensive spa tub.
    Plus plus plus… there are little fishes who eat any leftover dead skin (natural exfoliation).
    when i sleep, i’d love to have a swamp ape press it’s tender, giant feet against my back.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    it’s true, i stink… at grammar.
    while a swamp bottom has a “rotten” smell to it, it’s only mud. <= what i meant to write.
    i also stink at, apparently, proofreading.

  4. calan Says:

    oh seraphine. nice try, but you stink at stinking.

  5. calan Says:

    welcome back darlene. hope you had a fun summer vacay.

  6. cooliocooliest Says:

    Skunk Apes think you stink,
    They live in humidity
    And mud. Your excuse?

    …Gah, it’s been awhile since I’ve haiku’d anything. I HAVE RETURNED.

    …Not that you knew me. 😛

    ALSO. Where can I find more of that Francios Robert bone art? O.o That’s amazing. 😀

  7. Chance Says:

    How about clay rendered gingerdead pics?

  8. Amanda Says:

    A lot of people i know down here are having arthritis/carpal tunnel issues cause the pressure systems are so screwy lately and the ridiculous high/low tropical depression/wave/storm hurricane nonsense a-brewing in the atlantic/gulf what-have- you. ive had to use my wrists braces more and more frequently this summer than any year previous and i’m not using the computer half as much as i usually do.

    Sitting in the swamp
    why are you looking for him
    bugs swarming your face

    He just wants some peace
    stop taking blurry pictures
    of his daily jog

    (Been a while since i haikud hope i got the syllables down still)

  9. Seraphine Says:

    pheromones set free
    from out of the woods come they
    skunk ape behavior

  10. Skunk ape thinks you are a rank mofo | Improbable Frontiers Says:

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  11. GL Says:

    skunk ape is jealous
    all the ape women love me
    for my musky scent

  12. calan Says:

    chance – i think i want to keep the gingerdead look consistent but i’ll probably continue to occasional mix in a clay pic / haiku when i have a piece that works.

    amanda – you did great. very cute and funny haiku. he does look like he’s out jogging. it makes paranormal researches seem no better than paparazzi!

  13. Seraphine Says:

    there is no mistaken calan art. whether it is the gingerdead characters, or her tees or her clay pieces or her dolls, they all have a unique look, feel and style that readily conjures the (living) ghost of calan ree.

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