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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

I doubt that Lyuba, the baby wooly mammoth whose carcass was discovered in Syberia earlier this year, had no idea how famous she’d be as she slipped into an eternal icy slumber. It only took 42,000 years but once they found her, she got loads of press. All she had to do was lie around and not turn to dust, kind of like the Kardashian girls but way cuter. Just look!


So why do I have fossils on my mind this week? It could have something to do with that surprise adventure I told you Jim was taking me on. It might have been to an undisclosed location with an anthropology student guide to forgotten property where some digging has taken place which unearthed some cool fossils. Perhaps I found some megalodon teeth (that’s an ancient giant shark species) and manatee rib bones and things like that. If I did go on such an adventure, maybe I’d have a photo of my loot to share with you that would look something like this:

florida fossils

florida fossils

It was a lot of fun! (allegedly)

If you are interested in finding fossils, Florida is loaded with them. You can go fossil hunting on Peace River and find all sorts of cool stuff. You can also scope Venice Beach which is known as the shark tooth capital of the world. (Remind me not to swim there!) You can also obtain a fossil hunting license for a mere 5 bucks which enables you to keep findings on state property, etc. One of the coolest things found in Florida that I’ve heard of was a giant ground sloth skeleton. Jim’s favorite animal is the sloth so when he found out enormous sloths not only once existed but left their bones around for us to find, well, it’s pretty exciting. Look how big and dopey these beautiful creature’s bones are!


I think it’s safe to say that through research and the spirit of adventure, we have found ourselves a new hobby. Our first ‘official’ fossil hunting trip will probably be to Peace River in the near future. It’s only an hour away from us! Don’t be jealous, if you do a little research I bet there are fossil hunting adventures near where you live as well.

See you next week…
<3 calan

9 Responses to “Discovered”

  1. Chance Says:

    Fossils rock.


    We had them everwhere when I was growing up. Mostly fossilized clams and stuff, but sometimes fossilized trees with crystals in the middle.

  2. calan Says:

    ooh those sound beautiful! i think i found some petrified wood bits, but they are real small.

  3. Heinrich Says:

    guh now i want to pull something jurassic park-esque and create a living giant sloth. but that’ll require me to go back to school for awhile… mmm plans…

  4. Seraphine Says:

    neither a rock nor
    fossil be, nicer being a
    a live, shady tree

    last weekend, i collected rocks and driftwood from a beach near fort ross, which is was in the 1800s the southern-most russian fort on the american west coast (yes, the russians had a fort in california, many people don’t know that). i didn’t find any fossils, but it felt like one of those places where you could find almost anything- arrowheads, buttons, nails, bones- if you were seriously inlined to search for them.

    lyuba looks awfully cute, except she has a bad case of eczema or something. maybe i should put a clause in my will to cover daily moisturizing (or perhaps periodic botox treatments), in case of my “discovery” 42,000 years hence.

  5. Tara Says:

    :O lyuba is adorable *squeal* in NJ there are no good places for fossil hunting, well that i know of. though going out in general has been a fail for me D: i misss camping and the great outdoors… stupid college… stupid math… stupid joblessness… lol 😛 aight! time to stop procrastinating and get stuf done! maybe. 😛 can’t wait till next week <3

  6. justme Says:

    little undead girl
    is oddly enamored of

    look at lyuba
    what good did it do for her?
    fame has left her cold

  7. Amanda Says:

    My mom used to work at a phosphate mine when i was little and shed bring me home bags and bags and bags full of left over phosphate rock and i’d spend hours outside digging through them. I have a manatee rib bone as well *maybe they were related* and several tupperware tubs filled with shark teeth and sting ray mouth plates. and some unidentifed vertebrae of something or other.

    In my rambling i have had a very strong de ja vu so i feel like i’ve said all this before to you all. or i’ve talked about it sometime this week to someone. well off to slumber land maybe its just being excessively tired makes all my ramblings run together.

  8. jim Says:

    bone shaped earth alive
    fossils will whisper dimly,
    “what shall I be now?”

  9. Jennifer Zoellner Says:

    Swimming in the waves
    Venice beach holds mystery
    Live-dead sharkishness

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