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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Monsters come in the most interesting shapes and sizes, especially in nightmares and childhood. Most of mine don’t come in fancy packages anymore. They are boring and obvious and have names like Stress or Insecurity or Lack O’Time. The thing we need to remember about monsters is that they are tricky and have this way of seeming a lot bigger and scarier than they are. Funny thing about that is we can fool ourselves into thinking that it’s easier to believe they are giant and unbeatable than to deal with them.

Does it sound like I’ve been tackling some enormous demon? Not really. Oh, I’ve had my share of nasty ones, but the most recent monster I’ve dealt with was simply technology and time. I’ve been meaning to create a main website for myself for a 2 or 3 years. What I had up was so outdated it was embarrassing. But because the sort of site I wanted was not the sort I knew how to create, I put it off and was quite willing recently to just pay someone to get the backbone of it built for me. When that didn’t seem to be happening any time soon, I got fed up and dug in to the task myself. It was actually not much of a monster at all. I just had to sacrifice time and a little patience. Now here I am, a week later and the silly thing is done. I can’t believe I put off dealing with it for so long….especially when I do similar stuff for clients! Anyway, enough about how ridiculous I am. Please visit CalanRee.com and check it out. It’s nothing fancy, but I’m really happy with it.

The comic and the idea of monsters in pajamas actually came from a new finger puppet I’m working on.

Here’s baby Frank in progress…

Baby Frankenstein in Progress

More of Frank and his strange doll friends plus my mixed media piece for pinkghost‘s Book It show are on the new site’s blog. If you really love me, you wont mind clicking over to look. 🙂

So, tomorrow I’m going on an adventure…to seek treasure!! I don’t know what kind of treasure. I don’t know where I’m going. I know there might be some bending of the law involved. I’m not certain if I should be worried but I don’t think there will be too much danger since Jim is the one taking me. It’s all very top secret. There is a ‘guide’ of sorts involved too and no guarantee we can even get to the place or find anything since the secret guide hasn’t been there in over a year. It’s kind of exciting! With any luck, I’ll be posting photos of my loot next week. I’m hoping it’s skulls or bones of some sort. Shark teeth, maybe? What else could it be? Spanish Doubloons? Doubtful. Sand Dollars? I don’t think those work as currency and are pretty common so that can’t be it. The suspense is killing me!! (Hopefully, that’s the only thing!)

See you next week?

6 Responses to “fear less”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    haha. i was so excited to comment on your new webiste than i mis-spelled your name as clan. please forgive me! and you have my permission to correct the spelling.

    picture my monster
    naked, oozing sores and scabs
    little pink tonails

  2. Gabe Says:

    beware of monsters
    who will sneak up behind you
    disguised in nightclothes

    the site looks great

  3. jim Says:

    summer time sun… whew!
    wears nightcap with moons, stars… ha!
    I’m going inside…

    Very chic site and quite the honest and adorable bio/artist statement. I’m so proud of you! Keep on rocking like you do!

  4. calan Says:

    thanks all 🙂

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