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death is no excuse for looking drab

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

I don’t think any one can deny the beauty of bones. I’m not a big fan of rotting things, but show me a cleanly picked skeleton and I’m in awe. A friend of mine gave me a lovely skull of some sort of animal…a deer perhaps. It was found in the woods by some friends. It’s probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I packed it up for now so forgive me for not having a photo. Until I work out a way to display it or incorporate it into an art piece I wanted to keep it safe.

A couple of days ago, my mom found a hunk of vertabrae on the lawn at a garage sale. It’s kinda large which makes me wonder who or what it belonged to! All these bones got me wondering if you could buy human bones or animal skulls online to which the answer is, “Of course, you can!” Check out Skulls Unlimited International for all your real and museum quality replicates of all things bone. They even have bones with a little scent left in tact for training search and rescue dogs. Don’t even get me started on the wide assortment of bacula!



So, did anyone watch Bravo’s Work of Art last week? I really enjoyed it. For me, the judging is unimportant. I just want to see how various artist’s tackle a theme or medium or challenge. It’s more than seeing a themed group exhibition though because you also get to see some of the process. I really enjoyed it. There are quite a few artists on there who I really related to Erik Johnson in regard to his down to earth, non-pretentious, inexperienced to the fancy pants art world way. He just loves making art and doesn’t analyze why or what each piece is about. I’m the same way and am currently struggling with finally putting together some sort of bio, but I refuse to fill it with a bunch of bullshit. Besides that his self portrait was really dark and he painted this creepy ass clown that made me laugh, so yeah, he stood out to me.

Much to my surprise Erik friended me on FaceBook and commented on one of my pieces. This made me curious and the next thing I know I’m watching some short films, time-lapsed work, checking out his paintings, etc. I’m really glad i did. Erik’s work can be pretty dark and I think that sort of style takes courage and heart. I really loved a lot of what I’ve seen so far, but one thing that really got to me was this time-lapsed painting. It’s more than just a sped up demonstration of him painting…at least it is in my perception. The figure changes just keeps revealing more and more of itself in the process, layers of emotions, both masculine and feminine selves, dark and light aspects. I’m not analyzing the artist, here. I’m expressing what I got out of it. I think that’s what art is all about and for me I had this voyeuristic experience that felt both like an honor and like a dirty secret. I really recommend checking it out.

Erik is currently wrapping up a new short film called Ugly. You can check out the Ugly trailers and also see a couple of his other dark surreal short films. See if you can find the spinning Christmas tree. Hehe. You’ll also find his paintings, masks, photography, etc. on ResidualScars.com

Time Lapsed Painting by Erik Johnson –

Mask by Erik Johnson:

Painting by Erik Johnson (look it’s the Elephant Man!)

As for ‘Work of Art’, if you aren’t the ‘i’m too good for tv’ sort, check it out. I think you’ll be impressed with the creativity and varying styles of the artists. I was simply hoping it wouldn’t suck and it definitely didn’t. I’m not really rooting for anyone right now, just rooting for all the artists to do their thing and get some exposure. If you want to catch up on last weeks premier episode or don’t have cable you can watch on Bravo’s website. You can also view the artist’s portfolios.

–I’m working on a new personal site that covers my own art. It will be chock full of images and have a blog that will focus more on whatever I’m currently working on, processes, events, etc. It will definitely be done next week so I’ll link you to it then.

–I’m pretty sure I have a piece in pinkghost’s upcoming Book It show opening Saturday night at the pinkghost gallery and store at 1888 Polk Street in Hollywood FL. I mailed my submission but then went away and never checked on it’s arrival. I’m sure it’s there though! So, um, if you are in the Hollywood, FL area check out the show and let me know if you see my piece. 😛 I’ll post a photo next week after the show opens. In all seriousness, I have been admiring pinkghost’s shows for some time now. They are consistently awesome.

That’s all for now, see you next week.
<3 calan

11 Responses to “death is no excuse for looking drab”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    i have some bones in my garden. they are from a whale. whale bones are pretty common in northern calif; even restaurants and parks proudly display parts of whale skulls and bones for curious people to see.

    underneath this skin
    is who i will someday be
    finally scrubbed clean

  2. Tara Says:

    weee~ I watched work of art too 😀 it reminded me why it is love art and artists <3 and then it made me insanely jealous towards their talent XD

  3. Jim Says:

    Bones sanded dry, check
    nap spot comfy and warm, check
    on sleepy train… check

  4. calan Says:

    i just watched the second episode. go erik! yay for making it past round 2. that tv head sculpture had me wanting to do some larger 3d work. i wish i had more space!

    seraphine – whale bones in your garden is enviable. i’m a little jealous and imagining something like this: http://su.pr/2frPRL

  5. Amanda Says:

    I found a sea turtle skeleton when i was in highschool i gave it to my anatomy teacher i found a cat skull last week that i almost brought home with me but mom would have killed me for it i wonder if its still there because i really wanted to snatch it. I’ll have to go visit my aunt and find out

    spayed one of the feral cats in the neighborhood turns out she was pregnant so that was a good catch and a quick fix to a big future problem… first trap catch though this time was a possum

  6. calan Says:

    oh wow amanda, i’d go get that cat skull! i mean if it isn’t like…meaty and stuff, but a clean skull just laying around…i almost can’t stand the thought! unwanted skulls can be sent me way everyone! unwanted human baby teeth too. i’ll pay shipping 😀

    YAY Amanda for catching and spaying. it’s a huge problem and depressing because it gets way out of control and then the cat’s get sick or injured and suffer. i know some people dealing with a situation where there are way way too many and more pregnant. it’s awful. i’m really proud of you! my mom spayed several last year and found homes for all the moms and their kittens! no small task. we kept one. she’s all black and i call her Noodle. 🙂

  7. Amanda Says:

    We live right behind a grocery store so people think its a good idea to drop cats there cause there is constant food in the dumpsters so far we’ve been lucky and only had the 2 that have inhabited our yard but when the girl was dropped we knew we’d have a problem Next pay check i’m taking the boy in to get him fixed

    We named her pickle soup and the boy has always been called imposter cause he looks like my sister’s cat that used to live with us before she moved and there were multiple times we mistook him for her’s.

    I’ll go back this weekend if i can find the time they have me busy this week at work but i’ve always collected bones mostly fossilized stuff i have several vertebrae and some ribs and as always a bunch of shark teeth and mouth plates

  8. Seraphine Says:

    yer not going to get any baby teeth. you’ll have to go through the tooth fairy first, and she’s a friend of the sandman– so you don’t have a chance.
    collect some tarballs from the beach and put pipe-cleaner legs on them, and big buggy eyes. decorate them think they’ll sell well to the tourists. plus you are doing a good deed for the environment.

  9. Gabe Says:

    disrobed of his flesh
    by nature and elements
    still so much to tell

    As for the arty TV….I did have the pleasure of watching Miles take a nap 🙂

  10. justme Says:

    the wise owl asks
    how many licks does it take
    ennui is silent

  11. calan Says:

    gabe – yeah. just how many assholes were in that piece again? i count 3. 😛

    justme – that could be the best haiku response ever. <3!

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