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a haiku about strength

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

In the last few months I have grown stronger with the support of a few friends. Nothing traumatic happened. My life has been pretty rad, in fact, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t need friends. The experience of collaborating was pretty new to me and I was kind of scared but working with Frank Strunk III was inspiring, fun and very encouraging. I mostly threw myself in to whatever we were doing and didn’t let my critical side act up too much and question whether i could do something or not. There was no time for that and I had someone else to think of so I just acted. Frank’s honesty, creativity, kindness and enthusiasm made it easy and I definitely gained a little more confidence. Not that I’m normally a wreck of negativity and doubt, but who couldn’t use a little more confidence? Even more importantly, I made a friend who is now rather dear to me and that doesn’t happen every day.

I’m thankful for my craftin’ art show buddies like Coralette Damme (aka the Crafty Hag) and Demeree Barth (aka DemiGod Studios) for being there to bounce new ideas off of, discuss and share opportunities, dilemmas and techniques and just be in a similar frame of mind with. Without Demeree I’d not have taken the risk and drove to West Palm Beach, booked a hotel for a few nights and paid an entrance fee into Art Rock. It’s not only because her car is more stable (well that’s part of it!) but it was simply having a comrade who is taking the same risk, sharing the expense and the adventure and knowing that whatever happens we’ll make the most of it and if nothing else have a fun road trip. I rocked it at Art Rock, btw. But even if it hadn’t gone well, I think everything else we did together would have made it worth while. Especially, making a skeleton sand sculpture! (I need to get you guys pics of that!)

I can’t leave out my dearest friend of all and the love of my life Jim Morey who listens to all my trials and tribulations on a daily basis. I swear you’d think being an artist was all fun and playful (and it is) but it’s also filled with research, trial and error, more trial and error, frustration, epiphanies, more trial, success, elation – rinse, lather, repeat. I’ve spent so much time figuring out new mediums this past year and not without a lot of heartache and occasionally wanting to give up. Polymer clay, for example, is a fickle bitch. The worst of the lot. Jim’s always been there allowing me to vent, figure stuff out, suggesting solutions, shutting up and letting me vent, supplying hugs, and offering endless encouragement. He’s my biggest fan and supporter and I am his. It’s a beautiful thing.

Wow, I feel like I should now thank the academy or something. I’m not sure where that all came from. The comic really just stemmed from an aimless doodle…the haiku dug a little deeper I guess. All I planned on posting tonight was this awesome x-ray of kermit the frog:

Puppet Check Up by Joshua Kemble

Puppet Check Up by Joshua Kemble

Give your friends a hug and I’ll see you next week!

<3 calan

13 Responses to “a haiku about strength”

  1. Amanda Says:

    the comic made me laugh cause i could almost work out lifting my cat like that hes turning into a little fatty but hes 13 and i dont let him outside any more so that is only natural. I forget how important my friends are sometimes and lately most of them are off doing their own thing but i shall have to track them down and hug the stuffing out of them… I’m so happy that you’re doing well Calan keep up the awesome work.

  2. matthew Says:

    Kermit arrested,
    charged with murder due to this
    x-ray evidence

    In solitude i find peace
    no one to judge me
    no interruptions

    my life is my own
    to do with as i please and
    never compromise

    in solitude i
    look to share a thought, a joke,

    Life can be lived without friends and family but who would want to? The comic made me laugh too because that cat looks like it wants to yell “Hey buddy watch where your putting those hands!”

  3. Melisa Taylor Says:

    You and I seem to be similar in how we handle things. I sometimes get stuck in ‘comfort zones’ and need a little encouragement from artsy fartsy friends to get out of them, too. It’s less scary when you don’t take risks! I get like that and have to be reminded that risks sometimes equal rewards (mentally, as well).
    I try to look at trying new mediums as fun and experimenting, like a mad scientist. Even when they don’t work right, I try to give it another go. Yes, Polymer Clay is fickle… I have some that won’t harden, I can’t figure out why… bad batch, i guess!
    Oh, I also am lucky, to have a sweetheart boyfriend who listens to me whine, complain, stress, etc. I don’t know how he does it! He has the patience of a saint!
    I am convinced the occasional self doubt is part of being a artist. I don’t know many artists who don’t have that problem.
    Plain and simple: YOU ROCK, girl! I have been a fan of yours for a couple years on etsy and am glad I finally got to meet and chat with you at the Square One show! I hope you are planning on doing the November show. You should pick the “rivoli room”, by the way. The lighting is great in there. 🙂

  4. Seraphine Says:

    there’s strength in numbers
    colony of cats, lady,
    stacks of newspaper

    the neighbor complains
    about the mewling, dinner
    time is happy time

    everyone dances
    on their toes between the stacks
    neighbor for dinner

  5. justme Says:

    Sera, someday that will be me. I’ve only got three cats at the moment, the legal limit where I live, but someday… someday. And I used to have that neighbor. She was very eccentric and interesting, though I was never invited in to see her stacks of old newspapers and magazines until she passed away. I still kind of miss her.

    never lift a cat
    like that without leather gloves
    you could bleed to death

  6. calan Says:

    Melissa – it was great meeting you as well! i’ll probably do the november show too. thanks for the tip. sitting in the dark most of the event kind of sucked but i still managed to do well so i’m not complaining. i just peeked at your site. the voodoo pin cushion munny is adorable and a great idea. i bet you could sell oodles of those if you wanted to.

  7. Seraphine Says:

    hi justme. i don’t know what it is about wearing gloves, but they seem to freak out cats (and birds) when you try to pet them. still, it’s better than bleeding to death. although i suspect the gingerdead gang would welcome the change…

  8. Joenis Says:

    Aw.. I miss you comic so much! I’m gonna try to stop by more often, I missed it. :]

  9. Amanda Says:

    just as a heads up calan i sent you an email i hope you get it 😀

  10. jim Says:

    Oh my goodness! I am the absolute luckiest man in the known universe! LOVE!

    Here for you
    Cats can get real heavy
    And cranky

    Very hungry too
    I will help you figure out
    Shnack time overhead


  11. Ted Says:

    Hey Calan – Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoy your website! I found it while searching Google for sock monkeys, and as soon as I saw a website called gingerdead.com AND it had an article about sock monkeys?!? No way I could pass that up! I think I’m on about comic #140 now (completely missing a submission deadline in the process) but I can’t stop until I’m all caught up!

    On March 11th 2009 you posted about a “Oaxaca style day of the dead skull” you had for sale in your Etsy shop – will you ever have any more? I really like it!

    I was also wondering if you use Photoshop or Illustrator or something similar to create your comics? I think I read in one you mentioned you had a Wacom tablet, so I’m guessing it’s digital….something. 🙂

    Anyway, enough rambling for a first comment – keep up the great work! Maybe I’ll learn how to do a haiku…

  12. calan Says:

    welcome ted! i hate to make you miss a submission deadline but am glad to hear you love the comic. i do those skull heads now and then. if you want pop me an email and i’ll send you a notice when i have one available. i’m simply calan(at)(GingerDead)(com). lately i’m working on more hand-formed clay stuff where those skulls i cast from an authentic sugar skull mold. i still do love them though which is why every so often i do one or two of them.

  13. coraline Says:

    i had a cat…….. but we had to put it down because it had a tomer (or however you spell it) under its chin and it couldent eat, so it wouldve died either way

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