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accessories are a must

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I love putting villainous mustaches on non-villainous characters. I would like to fly through the night Santa-style painting evil mustaches on every baby doll and stuffed kitten on earth. But, I haven’t any magickal flying reindeer and my cats aren’t about to pull a sled so pish posh to that.

So, next week I may not post a comic. Things are extra hectic with the 2 upcoming shows to prepare for plus another secret project that will open smack in the middle of the other two. Anyway, at this very busy time, somehow it seemed like a good idea to plan a road trip to a yurt in the middle of the woods somewhere near Gainseville.

The yurt is basically a tree-house without walls. It has 2 levels one of which (thankfully) is screened in. There is no plumbing or electric. I’m half wondering what the hell I was thinking and half looking forward to it. I’m sure it will be great. Right?

On the way back we’re going to swing by the University of Florida’s Festival of India which promises a rich cultural experience with music and art and hopefully some tasty food. The whole trip is just a couple of days but I’m sure when I get back I’ll want to make up for lost time and will probably have client commitments to tend to as well. So, if you stop by and there is no comic, either I was eaten by bears or I just plain didn’t get to it.

Last week I went to a collage party at the Morean Arts Center organized by one of my favorite local artists, rag-doll maker extraordinaire, Queen of Mail Art: Jennifer Zoellner. It was fun just being silly and playful and sticking stuff to the walls. I brought a few GingerDead printed things to cut out and also made some wonky collaged creature out of magazine pics and I also made a voodoo-y dolly out of a lolly pop and paper. Jim made a funky assemblage with his CD and became a piece of art as Jennifer’s little girl stuck piles of paper on his face and hair and adorned his chest in lolly pops.

Here’s a pic of Jim and I’s fancy collage’n:


And one that allows me to now boast, “Yeah, I have my work in a show with Tim Burton’ because I found a program from Burton’s MOMA show on the wall and stuck my characters on top of it. I’m pretty sure that totally counts! 😛


Okay, I’m off. Wish me luck with the outhouse spiders. See you soon…

<3 calan

16 Responses to “accessories are a must”

  1. Gabe Says:

    yes, that totally counts!

    a tight surly scowl
    behind a slick line of hair
    can’t hide the dastard

  2. Gabe Says:

    throw an “e” up in there 😛

  3. calan Says:

    gabe – done 😉

  4. Tara Says:

    LOL totally counts ;D

    We grin in delight
    in our long curly ‘staches
    We dastardly two

    We sneak and we steal
    Your yummy cupcakes by night
    aren’t we evil?

  5. jim Says:

    Wow, that trick works well.
    Next time I’m in the ghetto,
    I’ll be fake mustached…

    Black hat looming high.
    Panhandler deterrent
    Halt! I’m dastardly.


  6. amanda Says:

    well i hope your schedule tapers out some.

    snidley doesnt have
    anything on gingerdead
    he just needs a laugh

    borris badinoff
    look out here comes the wicked
    cookie of doomness

    yay old cartoon references and with that i’m off to bed gotta be up at 4am

  7. amanda Says:

    crud forgot the “Look out” in the second line in the second stanza

  8. calan Says:

    fixed it amanda 🙂 love the old cartoon references!

  9. Darlene Says:

    have fun on your trip and please dont get eaten by bears the world cant afford 2 lose some1 as talented as you. the world has so little art left in it as it is. sorry i am idiot 2 most things and haiku is one of those things

  10. calan Says:

    thanks darlene. i’ll try! you aren’t an idiot. a lot of people who haiku here never wrote one before and you certainly don’t have to. if you are interested…we all seem to tend to follow the general (although antiquated to be honest) rule of 3 lines with 5,7,5 syllables per line respectively. it really need not follow this rule. i’m not sure why i do most of the time when i know it’s not necessary. really it’s more about capturing a moment or describing an experience and using 3 short lines and approx 17 syllables. you’ll see lots of examples in the comic and comments. there’s also an article here and throughout this site: http://www.ahapoetry.com/haiartjr.htm

  11. Seraphine Says:

    opened raincoat flash
    i’m sorry officer, but i
    did not see moustache

  12. Seraphine Says:

    outhouse spiders live
    in deep, dark, damp scary holes
    beware when you sit

  13. Darlene Says:

    ha i think i can do haiku. we had to do it todau inn class. ummm okay ket me think

    we may be angry
    but we have our mustaches
    give a loud hurray

  14. matthew Says:

    Ha!! I LOVE this picture. He looks like he’s saying “Ya we bad, what up? You want some of this?” Haha nice. Also looks like an album cover. Ginger and the Dead coming live to your area. 🙂

    See the mustaches?
    Stop your smiling this instance
    and fear us i say!

    No suspects no clues
    All the milk in town tainted
    What a mystery

  15. calan ree Says:

    hehe 😀

  16. coraline Says:

    hahahah cute!!!

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