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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

This is a potential new greeting card design. I thought it could work for a note of comfort or congrats / good job or even just a general friendship kinda thing. I nearly added the words ‘there, there’ but then thought that pigeon-holed it whereas I prefer the meaning to be reliant on the eyes of the sender. *shrugs* I’m not sure if it will even end up in the collection…still deciding…

This weekend I saw an incredible exhibition at the relatively new Mindy Solomon Gallery. The show was entitled ‘The World According to Bart’ and primarily 3d works by painter Bart Johnson as well as some 2d illustrations. His work really blew me away. I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since that Thomas Woodruff Freak Parade show last year. I’ll post a few images taken from Mindy Solomon’s site but I highly recommend you visit the Bart Johnson page and view the exhibit yourself…unless you are local in which case you need to get to the gallery soon and see it in person! By the way, Mindy is very approachable and friendly and is happy to help young collectors acquire one of Bart Johnson’s pieces by offering layaway options so if you are interested don’t be afraid to ask.




Awesome News –

I just received word that I was accepted into Art Rock. ART ROCK is a cash and carry art show + indie marketplace featuring pop-surrealist, outsider, lowbrow, and street art alongside D.I.Y fashion, funky jewelry, and home deco items. Art you’ll want to buy made by accomplished and up and coming South Florida artists. I’m really excited and will be working like crazy to prepare for this. The road trip aspect is pretty rad too. It will be my first time visiting West Palm Beach and I think I’ll be staying a few days.

Day of the Dead Art Doll Adventure Continues…

Little Millie got a big sister this week. Meet Flora:


Currently, I’m working on an entirely different approach with these seed pod thingies and old keys and paperclay. I felt like I was having some sort of artistic breakthrough and then hit a wall, but still feel like I’m on to something special. We’ll see. Once I get over the wall, I’ll take photos for you.

See you next week…
<3 calan

9 Responses to “there, there”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    fie, i love flora,
    intestinal flora and
    fye, bacterial

    flora, and her sis
    intestinal fauna, fo
    seed pod fiber, and

    i smell the blood of
    a paper-clay day of the
    dead adventure, fum

  2. Seraphine Says:

    congrats, calan, on your art rock gig.
    i love anything funky and low brow.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Grats! Time to let the news out of the bag though i started working at busch gardens >.> yea corporate but i get to work with the Sesame street people in the Sesame street safari of fun area they are putting in for the kids i know its cheesy but its been a dream of mine to work with muppets since i was a kid jim henson and sesame street and the muppets like have been idols of mine for ages. The whole area looks like it’ll be a blast for kids as well as adult shaped kids but to keep from getting weird looks i suggest borrowing or politely kidnapping a small child to bring with you :P. Shameless promotion over there but i will have to go check out his work that looks amazing probably coming up next weekend when i’m not working my butt off.

  4. calan ree Says:

    congrats on the muppety job amanda! sounds fun to me 🙂

  5. darlene Says:

    Congrats!!! that is awesome news and i love millies older sister they look so alike lol. Are you going to give them some parents cause if you are i cant wait to see them

  6. matthew Says:

    Wow! Very cool news, I’m so glad they are recognizing your talents. You deserve it. Good luck at the show. Also thank you again for introducing us to yet another great talent. Bart Johnson’s work is really interesting, I like it.

    Muppety job lol, made my laugh on that one. It would be a fun job for sure.

    Dear heart heavy with doubts
    clear the fog and worry not
    I’m always with you.

  7. matthew Says:

    Damn! Just pumped that one out without really going over it. Too many syllables in the first line. This one works better.

    Dear one heart heavy
    with doubts, worry not for i
    am always with you.

    not as much of the image i was going for but…:)

  8. justme Says:

    fear not, gingerdead
    this, too, as they say, shall pass
    …and worse still shall come

  9. coraline Says:

    aww how nice…

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