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egg hunt

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

If you are guessing this is a new addition to the GingerDead Greeting Card collection, you’re right. It will be added in time for Easter…

So this weekend I went to a fantastic art show (Black and White) at the new studio and gallery of Blue Lucy. Blue Lucy is the collaboration of Chad Mize and Phillip Clark, two talented guys who I adore, not only because they are really nice and I love their work but because they aren’t afraid to let their sense of humor find it’s way into their art. They are respected in the art community and have not an ounce of pretension. Instead, they have on more than one occasion encouraged me or offered advice. To see them have this fabulous new space and a bunch of sales while be surrounded by not only fans, but friends was a beautiful thing.

What’s even more beautiful is the sense of openness, support and general camaraderie pretty much describes the St. Pete art scene. Johnny Vitale’s studio next store stayed closed so instead of feeding off the overflow of the Blue Lucy show, he was at the Blue Lucy show showing his support. Yet when the two studios opened a few weeks ago they scheduled it intentionally for the same night to celebrate together and share their friends and fans with one another.

I had a chance to chat some more with Blue Lucy Black and White album on Flickr where you can see more.

Phillip Clark and Chad Mize of Blue Lucy

Phillip Clark and Chad Mize of Blue Lucy

Blue Lucy Black and White Show

Blue Lucy Black and White Show


I bought the two headed guy on the far left third row from the bottom. So cute!


Maggie in a robot love pendant and me in my anatomical heart locket. If you are wondering, yep there is a picture inside. It’s one of me and Jim taken at Lafayette cemetery in New Orleans.



This weekend I’ll be at Cafe Hey in Tampa live body painting with Demi of DemiGod Studios. I’m actually just assisting Demi this time so I’m not even sure what we’re doing but I’m sure it will be awesome and loads of fun.

11 Responses to “egg hunt”

  1. Jerus Says:

    I’m reinforcing my pants now.

  2. Darlene Says:

    I think that would be super uncomforerable to have an egg up there please dont let it come after me jk lol. so wish I could have gone to the art show but my life is so hectic i hardly get to do anything but school work(be glad your out lol) and work. Wish i had your jod or hobby or whatevr it is. cuz it is so awesome well I”m gonna go so i dont get in anymore trouble with my teacher lol

  3. Amanda Says:

    Hip Hop bunny man
    where will you hide them today?
    disowned baby chick.

    I always found it rather odd that rabbits were the star of easter yet they hid chicken eggs… considering that neither species really gets along my chickens used to peck my rabbits to death. Maybe that is why they stole the eggs. sorry its late and work in the am. brain thoughts going haywire.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Love this card. He looks so sinister with his curling mustache. He seems to lean forward making the egg huge. Pretty cool links. The art show looks good. I like their style. In that bottom photo you look damn near a twin to the woman who was my Human Resources rep. Kind of odd. You don’t have a sister in California do you?

    We know where he means
    In his little bunny hole
    Yep, under ground

    Sinister bunny
    gives Easter a new meaning
    All flee holding butt

    Sad bunny rabbit.
    “Why can’t i make friends” he thinks
    No mirror at home.

    K, that’s all for me. Take care, have a great weekend.

  5. Chizzy Says:

    Love you so much. Thanks for the kudos and muchos love to you Ginger Dead!

  6. Seraphine Says:

    placed in a basket
    (rather passe are caskets)
    bed of plastic grass

    live body painting
    is excellent practice for
    painting freshly dead

    gingerdead’s delight
    basket of painted corpses
    and chocolate bunnies

  7. Sarah Says:

    I think this has to be my By-The-Way-I-Converted-To-Judaism-Happy-Passover Easter card this year to any friends or family who haven’t already gotten the memo! I think more holiday cards should convey thinly veiled threats!

  8. justme Says:

    To preserve freshness
    bunny likes to keep his eggs
    out of direct sun

    “not an ounce of pretension?” that’s good, because an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.

  9. calan Says:

    Thank you all for the haiku!

    I love this card because it really is only twisted or if you are. 🙂 I counted on you all to read into it in a sinister fashion and you didn’t disappoint. YAY!

    Sarah – your comment made me lol. i’m working on the thinly veiled holiday threat line as we speak!

    justme – we missed you!

  10. Chance Says:


  11. coraline Says:


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