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a suspicious mind

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Sorry to leave you comic-less last week. I had planned on driving to Sarasota to drop off some illustrated jewelry, GingerDead cards and prints at this really cool alternative shop called Rumor Has It and at the last minute we decided to make a little mini vacation out of it. Jim and I wandered around Sarasota, found a neat toy shop, ate crappy over-priced Thai food and shacked up in a cheap hotel. It was nice. Anyway, the semi spontaneous road trip won out over creating an update. I make them nice and fresh each week and don’t keep any in reserve for fear they might spoil…

So I owe you pictures from the ArtPool Muse show, don’t I? Our punk cabaret cupcake girl came out pretty damn cute. Our model Tammie’s patience and awesome bod didn’t make it too difficult.

Here’s our muse – photos by ArtPool owner Marina Williams:



Here’s a few of my favorites from the event. More photos by Marina…

love sick


Demi and I were having a hat party in the back of the shop when we met Mary Geraci, a documentary filmmaker and photographer who took the following photos. Before you ask, hell yeah I bought the military hat. The mask was already mine. Demi didn’t buy the Lady Gagaesque hat even though she rocked it.



Finally, one of my favorite photos taken by some random passerby that came out grainy and weird but I am in love with. I manipulated it in Photoshop. I love how we are all engaged in our own individual experiences of the same moment in time. I suppose this is always the case but it’s illustrated so beautifully here.


If you are thinking you’d like to try to body painting but aren’t sure how to go about it, it’s simple. Get some cheap non-toxic acrylic paint – NOT oil (yikes!) or Tempera (it turns to powder and falls off very quickly). Acrylic paint will crack up a lot but it stays on for the most part. You can mix a little moisturizer in the acrylics to help keep it from cracking…but it still will as far as I can tell. Oh, keep the acrylic out of hair. You can protect facial hair or hairline with a little vaseline. Acrylic washes off of skin with simple soap and water. Easy peasy.

Alternatively, you can be professional about the whole thing (lets face it acrylic paint isn’t meant for skin even if I’ve seen it used and have used it myself plenty with no problems) and invest in some body paints. If you have a good costume store in your town, you can find some I’m sure. It comes in pancake and liquid forms. I’m not talking about the crap they sell for kids at Halloween. That junk fades in about 3 minutes. If you have one of those big party store chains nearby, they sell a line of pancakey style body paint by the name of SnizzleSnazzle or RazzleDazzle or something silly like that and it’s actually really good. You just need to spritz it with water and apply with a sponge or brush and keep on spritzing as you work.

Finally before I go, let me show you my new bestest friend in the whole wide world. Her name is Millie and I adore her. I passed up a free ticket to Busch Gardens so I could stay home and take another stab at art doll making. She is, of course, Dia de los Muertos inspired because every day is the Day of the Dead in my studio.

Millicent - Art Doll by Calan Ree

Millicent - Art Doll by Calan Ree

That’s all for now. Haiku away. Use the comic or the body painting or little Millicent as your inspiration.

<3 calan p.s. in honor of this week's comic i created a zombie sock monkey pendant now available in the GingerDead Shoppe on Etsy…


12 Responses to “a suspicious mind”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    those sock monkey eyes
    a sweet lurid seduction
    beware of choking

  2. Ghoul Friday Says:

    Millie looks great! 🙂

  3. Darlene Says:

    i envy you i wish i could make little dolls like that and millie looks like the bomb lol

  4. calan Says:

    4 sera –

    the perfect diet
    hungry? suck sock monkey eyes
    still hungry? swallow

    ty Ghoul Friday and Darlene 🙂

  5. Seraphine Says:

    poor blind sock monkey
    button eyes now button holes
    perfect for fingers

  6. Anne Van Atta Says:

    Damn, the ArtPool show looked amazing (sorry I missed it!) and you met my lovely friend Mary Geraci; it certainly is a very small world! The punk cupcake gal is wicked as is Millie….and it’s nice that you and Jim got away for a mini-vacation.

    Calan works that hat
    Gothic commander-in-chief
    Strange beautiful world

    Star quality is
    Something you cannot define
    Millie comes quite close

    Take a little time
    for the one you love so well
    everything is fine

  7. Dylan Says:

    Yummy cupcakes. Mmm.
    Millie is oh-so lovely.
    Be my mommy, please?

  8. matthew Says:

    Wow, i am really late this time. Busy weekend. Hope your own weekend was good. Sounds like you had fun in Sarasota. Finding crappy overpriced Thai food is easier the further you go from the West coast. I have never found a good place on the east coast or in the south. I’m sure they exist but i have yet to find one. That is one of the things i will miss when i move from this place. There is such a huge variety of awesome foods within easy driving time of my house. Not to mention the grocery stores with the ingredients to do it yourself as well. I could go on for hours but not here 🙂

    dark beauty Millie
    perpetually smiling
    she makes me happy

    See the Cupcake Girl!
    This dessert will satisfy
    any pesky sweet tooth!

    Take care. Talk at ya again in a few days.

  9. Patrick Says:

    Oh luscious cupcake!
    Fresh baked, right from the oven!
    So warm and so sweet.

    Both plums and cupcakes,
    (Perhaps this is just to say )
    warrant two haikus.

  10. calan Says:

    thanks for all the haiku’n everyone!

    matt – fortunately, my little funky city has a few awesome places to eat and among them is more than one good thai restaurant plus a mexican thai fusion take away joint that everyone raves about but never seems to be open. i noticed a tiny moroccan place just opened up downtown that i’m kinda exited about. but yeah, being from ny and coming to florida i was afraid there wouldn’t be any decent culinary adventures. in most of the state it’s not good, but here is pretty awesome…except for chinese. for some reason chinese food in FL equates to cheap, awful buffets. i don’t get it. yet there are sometimes as many as 2 or 3 thai places within a 1/2 mile from each other and all pretty damn good. *shrugs* anyway, i hope you aren’t moving anywhere lame!

  11. matthew Says:

    Oh I’m not moving anytime soon. I just know i will eventually. If i ever want a home of my own i will have no choice but to move out of state. It sucks but that’s the way it is here. Unless your making bank or already have property there is nearly no way for you to own a home without crippling debt.

  12. coraline Says:

    awww… millie is cute

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