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creatures of comfort

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Last week was a long week. Too much graphic design work plus a bad cold that is still lingering made getting a comic done impossible. I had nothing tonight and it is nearly time to update. Flipping through a little sketchbook that I sometimes doodle in while I’m trying to fall asleep, I came across the characters above. The ‘pajamas rule’ sign made me laugh out loud. I don’t recall drawing this at all. But it got me thinking. Pajama’s really do rule!

Some days nothing goes right and nothing is going to go right no matter what you do. When I have days like this I’ve learned the only way to deal with them is to acknowledge it’s happening and resolve to do nothing. That’s right, I give up. Not in a self-pitying way but in an accepting way. My personal choice is to watch a movie or two. There is very little you can screw up by laying like a slug in front of a screen. To help get you in the ‘I’m over this crappy day’ spirit, there’s nothing like a pair of jammies! I think the brain associates the pajamas with rest and you automatically shut down a bit and begin to relax, heal, let go.

So, here’s to jammies and here’s to doodling in jammies in a semi-conscious state without which you’d have no comic today. Hoo!


– This Sat, Feb 13th I’ll be downtown St. Pete body painting with my friend Demi at the ArtPool Muse show. Some of you might recall us doing this last year when we did a dia de los muertos theme. Because everyone is expecting dark, we are going with something unexpected and sweet. I’ll definitely post photos.

calan demi and muse

calan demi and muse

More photos of last year’s Muse Show here.

– The new ‘Love is Strange’ artwork is now officially a GingerDead Greeting Card available in my etsy store.

-I took a grassroots approach to silk screening (taught by the Crafty Hag) and am in love with the idea of hand screening t-shirts. Expect that cafe press store to burn down soon and be replaced eventually with very small batches of hand screened tees which I’ll sell through etsy, at very select shops and at shows.

Me and my jammies are going to go have some tea now and see if we can shake the remnants of this never-ending cold.

See you next week!
<3 calan

8 Responses to “creatures of comfort”

  1. Jim Says:

    true, movies are cool
    pajamas really do rule
    Bleh days really drool

  2. matthew Says:

    I don’t really wear pajamas as such. The closest thing would be when its cold and i wear sweats and a t-shirt. Usually its just the boxers. I would consider my pre-bedtime shower to be my pajamas. That’s when my brain cycles down and it knows sleep is not far off.

    Still haven’t seen the dang movie. Things keep getting in the way.

    Consciousness returns
    the pajama tent proof of
    a good nights dreaming.

    🙂 have a good week.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Sorry I’ve not posted in a while life has been extremely rough as of the last few weeks but I am now employed and on the road out of brokesville!

    Jammies for the win!
    Warm and cozy comfy skin
    Do not shear the dog!

    This comic kinda broke through to me cause when i was folding laundry last week i realized i have 2 dresser drawers of Pjs and like a hand full of socks so by this model i’ve decided Jammies > socks specially in Florida.

  4. calan ree Says:

    matthew – sweats and tee totally count as jammies. if it’s what you wear to bed or what you lounge around in, it’s pretty much jammies. yes to the shower working as well. that’s like part 1 if i’m particularly stressed out. hot shower to burn the icky feelings and relax the muscles then jammies to indicate i’m done with the day.

    ps – go see the movie already!
    pps – love the naughty haiku!

    amanda – glad to hear things are looking up. getting out of brokesville is a relief i know…believe me…i know! hope it continues to get better. socks? what are socks? actually i have more now that i joined a gym and am working out a lot, but yeah, in FL socks mostly sit around waiting for a cold enough day to happen. although lately…brr!

  5. calan ree Says:

    not so breaking news
    one finger puppet has sold
    my heart hurts a bit

  6. Seraphine Says:

    flannel is too warm
    under a tent of blankets
    there are no cold fish

  7. calan Says:

    due to a road trip
    i’m afraid i have sad news
    no comic for you

  8. coraline Says:

    pajamas do rule!!! i have a whole ton of them in my drawers!!

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