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love is still strange

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

You might remember the saying on this illustration from a painting I did a while back (here) Now and then I’ve been asked if I had anything with that same saying in a print or a greeting card. This drawing was going to be a wordless comic but then I realized how well the saying suited it, so I figured why not. I will turn it into a greeting card in the near future. Perhaps even in time for Valentine’s Day.

This will be a super short post because I got lost in a pile of graphic design work that suddenly piled in and my wrist and arm are about to fall off. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad but it’s incredibly ouchy.

The highlight of my week was making finger puppets. The lowlight of my week was parting with them. They are now at the Florida Craftsmen gallery in St. Pete peppering my jewelry selection and available (eek!) for sale.

Okay I’m seriously having trouble typing here but I’ll upload a pic of my finger puppet friends before I go. Currently they are only available through Florida Craftsmen.


I can be a little harsh of my own work at times but I truly love those three. I nearly ran back to the gallery to take them back after dropping them off. I had a fleeting episode of separation anxiety but I’m okie dokie now. If they sell I’m sure it will be to good homes. If they don’t I will get them back and hug them and squeeze them and store them in my mouth for safe keeping.

Okay, I’m getting away from this evil puter! Have a great week.

By the way, just because I didn’t haiku this week doesn’t mean you can’t.

<3 calan

9 Responses to “love is still strange”

  1. Jim Says:

    Love is strange indeed
    propeller caps whirling round
    love, where shall we fly?

  2. calan ree Says:

    anywhere is fine
    as long as we’re together
    adventure awaits

  3. Seraphine Says:

    your toes are dragging
    honey, lift your feet an inch
    someone will eat them

    i love your little finger puppets, calan. i would use them to tease little birds. tee tee tee tee tease. tease the little birds.

  4. matthew Says:

    I finally have time to get back here. I have started to think about what to put on the two i missed but i won’t be able to do it properly until this weekend. So until then…

    You say we are strange?
    What care we sheltered by love
    your words forgotten?

    Love those little figures. I can see why you would not want to part with them.

  5. Jerus Says:

    My package didnt arrive because the shippers dad died and he was at his dads funeral and couldnt ship it even though i paid expedited shipping

  6. Chance Says:

    First thing I thought was that this would be perfect for a card.

  7. Gabe Says:

    Those puppets are rad!

  8. calan ree Says:

    teasing birds sounds fun, seraphine. i think they’d like that.

    matthew – welcome back!

    thanks chance. you can always tell i’m hoping the artwork will work for a card when i do it vertical instead of the usual horizontal layout.

    thanks gabe. i visited them on saturday at the gallery. if only i had severed fingers to display them on…

  9. coraline Says:

    how adorable if i could i would send it to my friend

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