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Lil’ Miss Spooky Eyes

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

This character is something I came up with for these brooch/pendant pieces I make in my illustrated jewelry line. I named her the first time I sketched her and she has been using those eyes to sway me into allowing her to make an appearance in a haiku comic. So, here you go Miss Spooky Eyes. Now blink, for goodness sake!

the brooch / pendant :

I’m a bit over worked at the moment, so I’m going to have to keep tonight’s post brief. I will leave you with a link to a fairly new and pretty awesome blog by the name of The Goth Aesthetic. This week they took a look at the new black for Goths…or the new bat…basically, they note the emergence of the octopus in recent dark art, fashion and decor. My octopus bracelet is one of the tentacle-a-licious items featured. The article reflects upon the mysterious ways of the octopus which may just explain why it keeps popping up in the work of dark artists. It’s a nice little article with plenty of eye candy so check out: Get Your Tentacles On Me.


I’d like to add that squid and jellyfish are equally fascinating but don’t seem to get the same attention the octopus is gets. Well, myself excluded. I love them all and pay homage to them all in my work.

jellyfish necklace

jellyfish necklace

squid necklace

squid necklace

That’s all for now. It’s your turn to haiku. Use the comic art or tentacled creatures as inspiration. In case you are new or aren’t sure how, a haiku is composed of 3 lines, generally in syllables of 5,7,5 respectively. Number one rule: have fun.

<3 calan

9 Responses to “Lil’ Miss Spooky Eyes”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    tentacle lashes
    those tantelizing dancers
    hypnotizing me

    eyes are the windows to the soul; they draw the dragon to the snap, the bee to the nectar, the mouse to the trap.
    meaningful eyes should follow and pounce upon the unsuspecting heart.
    eyes should imperil; they should scratch.

  2. Matt Says:

    Not going to lie
    When I look into your eyes
    I feel quite dizzy

  3. calan ree Says:

    my favorite pastime
    staring at your black rimmed eyes
    counting makeup clumps

  4. Karen Says:

    Just saw one of your cards on the front page of Etsy and wanted to offer my congratulations 🙂

    Now on to the haiku-ing:

    Black mascara bleeds:
    inky drips crawl like insects
    across her pale face.

  5. Seraphine Says:

    to calan, from her pastime:

    regarding the clumps:
    it’s not size of the wand, it’s
    the application.

    whisk the wand, my love.
    whisk it twice for tentacles;
    thrice, tarantula.

    i’ll wear them for you,
    those black-rimmed glasses you like:
    bug terrarium.

  6. calan ree Says:

    thank you Karen. i was wondering why a facebook message from me was announcing my shop was featured. i didn’t post it but i guess when it happens that etsy application does it for you. kinda neat. 😀 beautiful haiku, btw!

    sera – i <3 your poetry

  7. Jerus Says:

    Awww Miss Spooky Is Adowable!

  8. Jim Says:

    Word on the street is
    Lil Mr spooky buttons
    has a crush on her

  9. coraline Says:

    haha she does wear alot of mascara

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