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chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

After completing the last art/handmade/craft show of the season (and for a while) I finally had some time to play with the Creative PaperClay I bought nearly two months ago. I have been chomping at the bit to experiment with art dolls and have seen PaperClay used as a medium quite often so I thought I’d try it out. It’s sort of awesome and sort of annoying. I’m obviously on the fence and still figuring it out. Anyway, this fellow was the result of my first experiment. I was supposed to be comicking but couldn’t put the PaperClay away and at some point I thought, “Why not use the lil’ guy I just made?! I’ll simply scrape off his nose and…”

Once the deed was done, I felt pretty awful. I’m looking at him right now with an apology on my lips. I wonder if artists like Beth Robinson (StrangeDolls.net) ever have a hard time bloodying up their dolls. I’m sure I’ve blogged her work before but her work is incredible so here’s another taste:

Beth Robinson - the Accident Series

Beth Robinson - the Accident Series

Beth Robinson - Specimen

Beth Robinson - Specimen

Oh well. Hopefully this little guy sees the humor in what I’ve done to him and wont chew off my own nose tonight while i sleep.

Keeping with the art doll theme, I made several doll head pendants available in my etsy store. Here’s who you’ll find:

steam punk annie

steam punk annie







You can find those girls in the new Doll Head Adornments section of my store.

That’s all for now. To those celebrating Christmas, have a very merry one!

(Maybe, I’ll put a new nose under the tree for my lil friend here so he stops looking at me like that….)

<3 calan

15 Responses to “chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Its times like this and seeing steam punk annie that make me wish that i had a job that paid me money instead of chump change that i get paid to watch children. Lovely work as always and i hope your holidays are warm and toasty because florida should not be this cold its like a crime.

  2. Gabe Says:

    That gent surely will have you regretting your nose thievery.

  3. Ghoul Friday Says:

    I love working with paperclay, and many MANY people swear by Creative Paperclay. I have yet to figure out the secret to working with it, or perhaps I haven’t used it on the right sort of project. I’ve stuck to using it on large items, and I always end up with cracking (despite the thickness of the application).

    Since you’re working with small items, you might want to consider experimenting with Delight paperclay. It’s light as air, so you really need to make an armature for something like a doll (it isn’t as good for bulking up a project like Creative paperclay). It starts to dry fairly quickly, so you need to work somewhat fast and keep the open package sealed up, taking out only as much as you need as you go along.

    It’s my personal favourite as a paperclay product.

  4. Seraphine Says:

    chee, i kinda thought jack frost nipping at your nose meant he was tongueing it or licking it. or even that your nose turned red while drinking the christmas punch. i never imagined he’s actually bite! ewww.

    jack frost teethy lad
    my nose you will never see
    hidden in a scarf

    by the bye… merry christmas calan, and to your family. and to gingerdead & friends. and same to your wonderful readers.

  5. calan ree Says:

    ghoul friday – i got cracking too. it was easy to smooth out once it was dry by smearing on some more. what i dont like is how fast it dries and that adding to it seems impossible when it’s moist. i can make the perfect shape but say i want to then add a nose or bulk out the cheeks by adding more clay, it just sort of rejects the addition..doesn’t stick. i can force smear it but it will easily break off then. it seems you have to form, allow a few hours to dry and then add on to. i’m partial to regular clay i think but i have no kiln. i used air dry clay with the bunny a few weeks ago. next i’ll try the super sculpey which i’ve been using on the doll head pendants. the Delight looks interesting too but i think i’ll be working larger as i want the dolls to be at least 6 inches to a foot…hell i’d like them as big as me. O.o

  6. calan ree Says:

    Sera, thanks for the haiku and merry wishes. hope yours is lovely too. we’re keeping it pretty quiet here which is how i like my christmas. that and loaded with pie!

  7. Demi Goddess Says:

    my little CalanRee- I LOVE the new paper clay jack frost and am happy that you get to experiment with it now that the shows have slowed down. I, too amd working on bigger less crafty fare 🙂 Yay!

    I’ll take a stab at a haiku based on our idea for the photo shoot with you and Jim:

    in the spectacle
    they both glance at the future
    only art and love

  8. calan Says:

    yay Demi! we should have art day at your cozy pad soon!

    as for your haiku…my breath has been taken

    you thief!

  9. Chance Says:

    Merry Xmas!

  10. Jim Says:

    Nip away Jack Frost
    inside you’ll find some small gifts
    yummy it is not

  11. calan ree Says:

    it is not…it is snot….ewwwwww Jim!

  12. Seraphine Says:

    pie. yumm.
    we still have some frozen cakes and cookies in the freezer, so i will be eating “holiday food” for at least another monh.

    what the hell, she said
    pulling a cookie with holes
    from the freezer shelf
    my cookie has holes
    she cried, peering down inside
    oh! it’s jack frost’s nose!

  13. coraline Says:

    seraphine- i think it would be pretty weird to find someone elses nose in your cookie….

  14. daniel Says:

    hello! amazing stuff! i would really like to purchase a steam punk annie pendant, how may i go about?..

  15. calan Says:

    hi daniel and thanks! that series of doll head pendants have all been sold. you can find some of what i have available over in my etsy store – http://www.gingerdead.etsy.com nothing there quite like that pendant though. maybe i’ll do a new series before the holidays.

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