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santa’s helper

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Elves often have names like Jingles or Jangles.  I’m thinking this fellow might be called Mangles.  This week’s haiku comic pulls inspiration from the twisted toy scene in Tim  Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.  Has anyone been fortunate enough to catch the Burton exhibit at MOMA ?  It runs until April, so we still have time.  I’m certainly going to try.  There are some images in this LA Times article to give you a taste.  There’s also a flash interactive exhibit site but I got too tired of my computer moaning about the load time to see it.  My computer sucks though, so don’t let my experience scare you from checking it out.  I’m sure it’s awesome.

So speaking of awesome artist’s, I finally have a piece by one of my favorite local artists: Vince Pompei.  He works in silverware and does sculptural pieces, clocks, well the clocks are also sculptures and he also does these crazy bracelets out of forks and watch movements and floral pieces often out of spoons.  I’m in love with his work because it has so much personality and imagination.

When I see one of  Vince Pompei’s pieces,  say a gravy boats on spoon legs with spindly fork arms,  I feel like I’m seeing a moment in time captured – a secret moment that was took place when the house was dark and quiet and the silverware thought no one was looking.

I’ll post a few photos that  do not even come close to doing his work justice but will give you an idea.  If you live in the Tampa Bay area or plan on visiting, you can visit his brand new gallery and studio and see the work for yourself.  He’s also a super nice guy too, by the way!

I was lucky enough to acquire a clock similar to this one:

Vince Pompei Clock

Vince Pompei Clock

Here are a few other examples:



And some silverware elephants…



You can see what pieces are currently available directly from Pompei Studio’s site. The gallery is located at 4736 Freemont Terrace, St. Petersburg FL.  You’ll need to call 727.744.2795 to let Vince know you are stopping by.

Pompei Studio - St. Pete, FL

Pompei Studio - St. Pete, FL

In personal news, I’ve had some great art shows recently and quite a few commissioned pieces in the works and am now scrambling like crazy to get ready for two more weeks of art/craft shows.  This Sunday I’ll be in Palm Harbor FL at The Horse of A Different Color Winter Market

Winter Craft Market Dec 6th 315 Orange St. Palm Harbor - 10am - 3pm

Winter Craft Market Dec 6th 315 Orange St. Palm Harbor - 10am - 3pm

The following weekend I’ll be at the much anticipated, coolest indie handmade craft fair (and sat night rockabilly show) – Atomic Holiday Bazaar.  This show gets an enormous crowd and is really geared towards edgier crafters and shoppers.  I’m really glad i was accepted into it and am excited and a little nervous.  I’m told I had better be prepared with a ton of stuff or I’ll sell out Sat night and be standing around like an idiot all day  Sunday.  That said, I may have to pass on comicking next week.  The comic is 4 – 6 hours work and the post takes me an hour or two – that’s nearly a full day’s work that I probably can’t afford to ‘lose’.  So if I’m not here, forgive me.  Perhaps, I’ll post a photo of a creepy art piece and a send a quick hello.

Wish me luck 🙂

ATOMIC HOLIDAY BAZAAR - Dec 12th 5pm - 11:30pm | Dec 13th 12pm - 6 pm Sarasota Municipal Auditorium

ATOMIC HOLIDAY BAZAAR - Dec 12th 5pm - 11:30pm | Dec 13th 12pm - 6 pm Sarasota Municipal Auditorium

Haiku away!

<3 calan

10 Responses to “santa’s helper”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    and for little boys
    i have cool lead-painted toys
    to put in your mouth

    i love the idea of an evil elf. mangles is the perfect name for him. after all, kids have to learn everything has a consequence: ez-bake ovens burn, doll accessories are choking hazards, sharp-cornered wooden blocks bruise tiny toddler feet, and bb guns shoot you in the eye; and for teens, candles with which to burn the curtains; and cigarettes for adults.

    for little girls
    mangles has a kindly word
    “you’re almost pretty.”

  2. GL Says:

    Elves hide in shadow
    Silverware elephants roam
    Your infernal Home

  3. Matthew Says:

    Hehe nice. I love the drawing. I want that squid. Someone needs to make one. The perfect Christmas decoration.

    The sound of your pain
    is a most beautiful thing.
    The tears a sweet tang.

    Vince’s art is most amazing. I really do need to visit that area some day.
    I hope you have a great time at the craft fair. We will surely miss you next week but no worries.

    OH! By the way, i FINALLY saw Tideland. Wow! That movie was great. The lead girl was so perfect in her role. Every part was so well cast. I will be buying that one for sure.

    Take care and get crackin on your craft fair inventory. No slackin allowed. 🙂

  4. calan ree Says:

    Sera – love love that lead paint haiku! you’re right, christmas presents are full of danger even without mangles the elf.

    GL – thanks for the haiku! i missed your pretty mouth words lately.

    matthew – ty for haiku. yes you do need to visit! you must let me know if you do, cocktails will surely be in order. i’m glad you didn’t want to rip your eyes out after Tideland. it is a brilliant film for sure, but i know it’s also hard to watch at times. i think it made me more uncomfortable than anything i’ve ever seen but it was powerful and intelligent and not discomfort just for the hell of it. anyway, i’m really glad you gave it a chance and ended up liking it that much.

  5. Seraphine Says:

    mangles the evil
    elvis impersonator
    becomes in winter
    a mall santa claus

    yeah, it’s not haiku, but the mental image of a fat elf elvis is funny.

  6. J Says:


  7. Jennifer Zoellner Says:

    felt octi dreams
    are dancing in my head now
    needle thread vision

    ok… after the mad rush of stuff I gotta get done.. I’ll work up a plush piece…


  8. calan ree Says:

    sera – i concur

    j – if only it were rusty….. (sigh)

    jennifer – you totally should. i’m madly in love with my ragdoll by the way. seriously, i can’t stop looking at her.

  9. matthew Says:

    I want one!!!!

  10. coraline Says:

    hahaha really/ calan- does she stare at you?!

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