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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I decided to get all three dimensional on you this week.  I started sculpting that bunny many months ago and just never got around to giving her any facial features.  I realized today that it was because she wanted a mask and rather than draw the comic I decided to grant her wish and finally complete her.

Here’s a photo of the rest of her body:

masked rabbit figurine by calan ree

masked rabbit figurine by calan ree

I have a new jewelry collection in the works involving creepy baby doll heads  made out of polymer clay. (just in time for Christmas!)  I wish I had a photo for you but I’m just finishing up the first couple of pieces so it will be another day or two.  I’m over the moon excited about them though.  I keep getting busy with things that must take precedence but all I really want to do is make little heads with pouty black lips and dark eyes.  Anyway, you’ll see…

So, St. Augustine was a lot of fun.  We went on a ghost walk and to Ripley’s and mostly just walked around otherwise.  Ripley’s rocked.  If you get the opportunity, take it.  The museum is filled with interesting, bizarre, funny and sometimes downright chilling stuff.

We saw a real shrunken head:

shrunken head at Ripley's St. Augustine FL

shrunken head at Ripley's St. Augustine FL

And a vampire hunting kit:

Vampire Slayin' Kit

Vampire Slayin' Kit

And a Mummy Cat!

mummified cat at ripley's st. augustine

mummified cat at ripley's st. augustine

And some Skeleton Pirates!

argh and stuff!

argh and stuff!

One of which poked me in the forehead:



And lots and lots of other crazy stuff I didn’t bother to photograph.  It was a lot of fun and really interesting and inspiring.

Hooray for road trips and touristy kitsch and playing in gift shops:

mask shopping

mask shopping

Oh, and just before heading back to St. Pete we swung by the beach.

Dear Atlantic Ocean,

I MISS YOUR SALTY RUGGED GORGEOUS SELF!  The Gulf of Mexico has nothing on you.

st augustine beach

st augustine beach

Thanks for the fractured shells.  I jingle them in my hands and think of you often.



6 Responses to “made you look”

  1. Jim Says:

    Masks are a treasure
    especially a bunny
    hop hop, “well hello.”

  2. Amanda Says:

    cute little bunny
    where are your eyes young one
    cant see past the mask

    the pictures are lovely and the bunny is precious. you should name her.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    she might look human
    but her reddish eyes betray
    a skittish rabbit

    all the better to
    hear you, she says, ears twitching
    nose high in the air

    as she takes her stick
    handbag, luscious fur coat and
    hop jumps her way home

  4. matthew Says:

    Nice pics again. Love the poke. Also awesome job on the bunny. I love it.

    When bunnies aspire
    to be human we question
    but bunny just smiles

    At the bunny ball
    her masquerade costume won
    most horrifying

  5. calan ree Says:

    thanks for the haiku and positive feedback on the bunny. i’m getting back in to clay after many many years and am feeling very excited and happy about the possibilities.

    *hops around*

  6. coraline Says:

    i want a buuny! theyre sooo cute

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