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cassanova corpse

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

I hope everyone had a great Halloween / Samhain and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

My apologies for skipping last week’s comic with no explanation or heads up.  Those that follow me on twitter or facebook know there was a burglary and last week was an incredibly stressful week.  Today wasn’t too much better to be honest.  More drama, with some closure, but I’m quite frankly I’m drained.  I typically share stuff with you guys or channel personal things through the comic itself, finding humor in even the tough crap life throws at me, but somehow this experience has knocked the wind out of me.  I’ll be fine, but  I’m going to opt out of comicking about it or elaborating on the experience.   Just know that I’m okie dokie and my home is now Fort Knoxified, complete with a shark-filled moat.

So, the bad people doing bad things resulted in me not only skipping the comic but Halloween as well.   I can hear the ‘Awww’, but wait!  I did get to experience zombie-fun prior to Halloween at the Thrill the World St. Pete event. I didn’t dance.  Total flaked out on that BUT I did take part in the zombie take over of the Pier and then hit the club where all the ‘beautiful people’ like to look each other up and down and mentally reduce one another to less beautiful people.  A dozen zombies in this club sort of stood out.  So. Much. Fun.

Oh, btw I ended up doing a zombie bride.  Can you believe I found a wedding dress at a yard sale like 6 hours before the event?!  Okay it was about 4 sizes too big, but still!  I covered it in mud and spray blood.  The mud wouldn’t hardly stick to that thing.  They must cover those dresses with an arsenal of stain guard!  Here’s how it looked after I had my fun with it:

I did a few self portraits in which I tried to capture my inner zombie-bride.   I like the focus on the blood in this one:

calan ree stars in "I was a zombie bride!"

calan ree stars in "I was a zombie bride!"

Here is myself, Coralette (aka the Crafty Hag) and Demi or Demigod Studios with a fellow zombie at Push Ultra Lounge:

zombie artists

zombie artists

I’m so glad I had that zombie night out because it ended up being my Halloween this year.  The Great Pumpkin must be looking out for me or something.

Oh, as for Day of the Dead.  I do have a bit of art to share with you.  I was commissioned to do a little something to be given as a gift to a newly married couple.  Here’s the little polymer and wire skeleton couple I made for the occasion:

polymer day of the dead couple by calan ree

polymer day of the dead couple by calan ree

And finally, a new sugar skull piece.  This one is cast in plaster in an authentic Oaxaca mold, hand painted and mounted on wood so it’s ready for hanging or displaying in a table easel.  I’m probably going to start mounting these from now on.  It seems a little nicer than just the hole in the back of the head.



Oh, there’s also a new Sugar Skull inspired ring up in the store.

sugar skull ring by calan ree

sugar skull ring by calan ree

There’s also a lot less other stuff due to the bad people but I’m restocking this week with new stuff.  I’m un-freaking-stoppable.  Sort of.

I want to send a quick banshee scream (screw ‘shout outs’) to Andrew Norcross who swooped in over the weekend when on top of everything else, my ancient comicpress and wordpress combo finally crapped out and GingerDead.com was beginning to go haywire.  Andrew is a wordpress genius and a GingerDead fan so if you are looking to do a site, customize an existing or whatever, you should call him.  I didn’t know him other than being a local reader of my comic but I put my faith in him and he came through.  Next up, we will probably tweak the appearance which needs some help I know, but function had to precede form in this case.

Oh, wait!  One last thing..

Happy Anniversary to us!  Me and You!  Me and ‘GingerDead and Friends’.  Us!

GingerDead.com turned three last month.  I forgot to celebrate. I should eat some pie or something!

<3 calan

7 Responses to “cassanova corpse”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I am really sorry to hear about the burglary. My mom’s getting extremely paranoid about break ins over the last 2 years even though we’ve lived in the same house for the last 14 years. Saturday I took my baby cousins out to celebrate and trick or treat and I dressed up as a zombie too. instead of getting my own hair all dirty i bought a wig wich didnt want to hold any mud or dirt. No pictures though 🙁 best costume ever and no one thought to bring a camera.

    Happy Day to You
    to celebrate and party
    do not forget cake

    Although i havent been reading for the full three years i think i’ve been around for a good 2 now and can say i will continue to read as long as theres comics and bloggypostys to read. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Seraphine Says:

    so sorry to hear
    you lost your lips and eyelids
    you have pretty teeth

    congratulations on three years, calan. you do an amazing comic. and your zest for living transcends the mediocre banality of an average life.

    the polymer day of the dead couple is awesome. you’ve done some beautiful things, but this one is one of my favorites. what a wonderful gift with which to begin a marriage.

  3. Ghoul Friday Says:

    I hope you’re feeling better after all the nonsense you’ve gone through. My heart went out to you as I read the tweets, and I just kept wishing good things found their way to you. Congrats on the anniversary, and I look forward to more of your creative genius.

  4. Chance Says:

    Happy death day?

  5. calan ree Says:

    i cover you all with bloody wet zombie kisses!

  6. matthew Says:

    Nice pics. If you think about it…the dress was the right size. When a body has been dead for a while it shrivels so any clothing would have been over sized at that point right? So you were just being really accurate 🙂

    Love the polymer day of the dead couple as well. They look awesome.

    I am sending evil thoughts and forces of misfortune to those a-holes who robbed you. Depending on sex, may their testes or breasts shrivel to little joyless sacks of dust for their crimes.

    You are very sweet and all…
    but your piercing stare
    is creeping me out.

  7. coraline Says:

    haha you looked awesome i like that dia de los muertos couple too… i went to mexico on tht day… there was a parade!! it was awesome

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