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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I couldn’t resist using some autumn colors this week.  Festive, no?  But what is really getting me in to the Halloween spirit is this weather.  We are actually having lovely crisp cool sunny days with cold nights here in Florida.  It’s extremely invigorating after what seemed like a never-ending scorching humid summer.  I feel alive.  In retrospect I guess I was feeling dead.  It’s amazing what a shift in the wind and drop in tempature can do for a girl. 

Okay to celebrate the season, how about some gothalicious Tim Burton fashion as seen in Harper’s Bazaar and beautifully photographed by Tim Walker.

 tim burton fashion




Want to drool some more?  Check out the full slideshow at Harper’s : Tim Burton’s Magical Fashion.

Maybe you don’t have a few grand to toss on to a garment, even if it is over-the-top gorgeous.  I sure don’t, but I did make a new friend at the Art-oberfest who makes some adorable punk/goth ballerina skirts and hand screened winged skull t-shirts and necklaces and such.  Her name is Carey Borden and she is the artist and designer behind C.A.B Fayre.  If you like your handmade fashion and accessories with attitude, I think you’ll like Carey’s work – shop C.A.B. Fayre on etsy

Winged Skull Tank and Punk Ballerina Skirt by C.A.B. Fayre:

C.A.B. FAYRE by Carey Borden


Something New

I’ve been experimenting with making chunky polymer cuff bracelets. These bracelets are unisex, one of a kind, and made of pure awesome! Well technically they are made of polymer clay which I hand form over an armature, illustrate in pen and ink, paint with acrylic and then varnish to protect the artwork.  They take quite a bit longer and will be released less often which just makes them that much more unique and special.  Also, I’m signing each one of these so when I drop dead maybe you can make a few bucks off them on ebay.  Anyway, here is the first release entitled:  Chunky Funky Sock Monkey now available in my etsy store.

Chunky Funky Sock Monkey Polymer Cuff Bracelet by Calan Ree

Your turn to do the writing.  Haiku away!  I’ll see you next week…

<3 calan

14 Responses to “back to the cutting board”

  1. Jack Pumpkinhead Says:

    Found Autumnal love,
    Coquette-ish candle-lit smile.
    Hot stuff, burnt my tongue.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Oh My god its cold
    shivers in the night. No Heat.
    mom saves on power

    the days are gorgeous outside and the nights are freezing. Mom refuses to turn on the heat yet but i wake up feeling like an ice cube. Today’s comic made me smile and it reminded me of another one I check out frequently that I think I found before I found yours. Contemplating Riko. I love her eyes very expressive.

  3. calan Says:

    thank you both for the haiku 🙂

  4. Seraphine Says:

    lovely pumpkin head
    eyes lit by tiny candles
    scented cinnamon

    a hint of ginger
    an alluring toothy grin
    good enough to eat

  5. Anne Van Atta Says:

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Calan…

    poor little Jackie
    boys seldom make passes at
    girls with pumpkinheads

  6. Bosef1 Says:

    Calan: Regarding the bracelets: I was wondering if you could paint over the polymer clay while it was still somewhat wet, like a fresco? I’ve never worked with acrylics or clays, so I don’t know if it’s feasible or not, but it might work.

  7. suzanne goldman Says:

    No haiku for me.. just paying some homage to you….

  8. Jim Morey Says:

    silly ol shy boys
    don’t know what they are missing
    she made punkin pie!

  9. Isaac Says:

    Woah, totally a stumble on your site and have to say I like the look and feel of it. The art is really cool,. keep up the great work!

  10. matthew Says:

    This is one of my favorites you’ve done all time. Glad i made it back for this. Now i just need to go over the last two months or so i missed.

    From the beginning
    no one could see what i saw.
    I was drawn to her.

    Eyes like twin sunsets
    a smile that lights up a room
    what a true beauty.

    Only one problem.
    The Horseman is everywhere.
    Her dad wants my head.

    I do love this time of year. My favorite season for sure.

  11. calan Says:

    Bosef1 – yes you are on to something…actually to get that fresco look or sort of a soft watercolor effect you can actually use pastels! i wouldn’t have come up with that one on my own, but have seen it mentioned in books and articles on polymer techniques. basically brush soft pastels into raw polymer clay then bake.

    suzanne – thanks very much 🙂

    matthew – welcome back!! i, for one, missed you. awesome haiku. flash fiction haiku, no less. what a comeback!

  12. Amanda Says:

    Happy Halloween! So its my boyfriend’s birthday and he never told me. I just found out at like midnight its not a big deal to him though hes jewish. But how cool would it be to have today as your birthday?

  13. calan Says:

    happy halloween everyone and happy bday to amanda’s boyfriend.

    some years halloween feels like it IS my bday. actually, i get super excited and happy and look forward to it more than i do for a bday. also, i occasionally get little presents from friends and a few cards on halloween so it’s kinda bday-ish…but way funner!

  14. coraline Says:

    kool halloween is a few days away me and my friends are gonna party

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