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sister loves me

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Siblings like to torment one another, right?  I know my brother did, but he was kind of nuts…still is I imagine.  But in general, this seems to be normal for young brothers and sisters?  I’m asking not stating.  I caught a tiny segment of that nanny show on t.v. with the horrible children spitting and hitting at their mom and trying to kill one another.  Ugh!  But it reminded me of how my best childhood friend and her sister fought.  They fought physically and also verbally abused eachother on a daily basis.  It appeared pure hatred ran through their hearts, yet when one sister was harrassed by some older girls, the other came to her aid like the head of a mafia family, ready to break bones if necessary.  Is the hurling of fists and insults part of the love?  I’m guessing so.

I suppose part of the reason I was thinking of this particular family is that they were really close to me growing up..a second family in a way.  Right now their Dad is going through a horrific battle with lung cancer.  A week or so ago after a phone conversation with my friend to get the lowdown on her Dad’s  struggle,  I couldn’t sleep.  I decided to work on a GingerDead comic and around 3 am an email comes through from comedy performer Michelle Dobrawsky (who also couldn’t sleep) requesting a donation of merchandise for a comedy festival she’s doing to benefit Gilda’s Club – a cancer support community.  Weird timing?  Strange coincidence?  Not so much, in my life this is pretty much how stuff rolls. Anyway, of course I said yes and sent off some illustrated jewelry and GingerDead cards and offered to let you, my readers, know about this kick ass event thru this blog…so please read on…

superego comedy

If you are in New York City this Thursday check out the SuperEgo Comedy Showcase hosted by Michelle Dobrawsky (Broadway Comedy Club, Boston Improv Festival, Late Night with Conan O’Brien) from  9 – 11pm at the New York Comedy Club on E. 24th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The tickets are only $20!  If you are unable to attend but would like to purchase an ‘honorary’ ticket as a cash donation that would be awesome too.  All the details and ticket purchasing can be done off the SuperEgo Comedy website.

gilda's club

In other. but not-so-awesome, cancer news, my mom’s follow up visit unveiled 4 new flowery tumors in her bladder. They were tiny and her doctor promptly lazer-zapped them out, so that’s cool.  But it seems they can grow back like that, especially if you keep smoking which she had.  The good news is I ran into a guy smoking one of those electronic cigerettes where you inhale vapor with a shot of nicotine and exhale vapor that looks like smoke. He explained how he’s quit smoking by using this thing as a replacement as he weans off the nicotine.   I suggested to my mom that she consider this approach.  After a week of research, she ordered a kit and it arrived yesterday.  Sure, nicotine isn’t great for you either but the nicotine minus the smoke, carcinogens, weird additives, tar, etc has got to be a lot better and I just didn’t see her quitting otherwise.  Hopefully, this keeps her from lighting up ever again and discourages any future tumors from sprouting. 

*crossing fingers*

Happy fun news:

I’ll be at St. Anthony’s Hospital park on 9th Avenue North in St. Pete on Sunday afternoon with about 30 other awesome art vendors.  I’ve been working like crazy to produce a nice selection of Illustrated Jewelry and of course will have GingerDead Greeting Cards including the new Halloween cards and perhaps a sugar skull or two.  Hope to see you there!  If you can’t make it but want to shop online, I have the cards and a small selection of the jewelry in my GingerDead Shoppe on Etsy.

Recent additions:

Sock Monkey w/ Zombie Stare!

the ring:

sock monkey zombie ring by Calan Ree

the cuff links:

sock monkey zombie cuff links by calan ree

thanks for reading and happy haiku’n!

<3 calan

10 Responses to “sister loves me”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    an apology
    wetting his eye with your mouth
    putting it back in

    minus the grass stains
    with a tender kiss on lips
    that’s amore

  2. Seraphine Says:

    i’m sorry about your mom, but i’m glad they were able to remove the new growths. i hope the faux smoking machine helps her kick the habit. best wishes and hugs.

  3. calan Says:

    ty seraphine. that faux smoking machine is kinda cool. i want a black one that lights up blue and gives me hits of dark chocolate flavor sans calories!

    jewelry news:
    the sock monkey ring was snatched up fast along with a few other pieces. thank you strangers! listed more today including a new release – voodoo zombie love doll pendant necklace. 😀 more to come. i’m an illustrated jewelry makin’ machine right now. trying to get ready for the multitude of shows i’ve booked myself at. o.O

  4. Michelle Says:

    goodness comes to
    us in so many ways. i
    am thankful for you!

  5. Amanda Says:

    Yea me and my sister fought all the time she tried to kill me multiple times but when anyone else tried to mess with her or me they had hell to pay. I grew up in a house hold with my sister and 3 cousins and we were always fighting my cousins and I are practically siblings so we fought as well. We’d get in trouble for it but if you look at animals in the wild they fight all the time. Its not really part of the love its just a throw back from our more primative days when we had to struggle for survival and the strongest kid won. I know it doesnt make a lot of sense but thats how it was in my family when resources were tighter and there was more stress on the parents the trickle down came ot the kids fighting more even if it just seemed like play fighting. My cousin uses the electronic cigarette now he says he went from a pack every day or two to having had the same pack for about a week and a half now. They really work. No haiku today i just woke up but lovely work as always.

  6. calan Says:

    aww thank you michelle! have an awesome show tonight!

    amanda – that actually makes perfect sense. a lot of what we do i believe is rooted in primal stuff.

    those e-cigs really do seem to work. she had 3 cigs in over 24 hours rather than over a pack and that was day 1. i’ll check in with her tonight and see if she’s still sticking with it.

  7. Jerus Says:

    Me and my sister loved each other dearly when were little. but when i got into fifth grade and she was in 4th I just became distant to her. Then i had a project to make an indian abode so my dad helped make a Haida house. It was hard to carry but my sister tried to help me however i was tall she was short so she made me off balance so i shoved her down. When a crossing guard told me to stop i said “I can do that she’s my sister” I also don’t ripped the head off her favorite baby doll. But I don’t remember why, Then i got to live with my mom before she did. So eventually once she got married to her high school sweetie she moved away with him and i haven’t talked with her since.

  8. calan Says:

    Jerus – aw, that’s sad. it doesn’t sound like there is any real reason why you haven’t spoken. kids are weird and just plain mean at times so don’t blame yourself too much for what you did as a child. but you are both all grown up now so maybe it would be cool to have a sister again! i always wished i had one to be honest. i’m really not one to talk though since i haven’t spoken to my brother in many years, but there are pretty solid reasons why i cut him out of my life and now i’m not even sure where he is if i wanted to talk to him again. anyway, you sound like you aren’t thrilled with the way you’ve grown apart, if that’s true, why not call her or email or something? not my business really, just a bit of encouragement in case you were thinking about doing so. 🙂

  9. Karen Says:

    Older sister does
    nasty things to younger one:
    it’s for good reason!

    Older sister sees
    younger sibling beaten up —
    hey, hands off my toy!

    I think that just about sums it up. Being the older sibling, I certainly tormented my younger siblings quite a bit — especially my sister, who’s 6 years younger and we had to share a room. But if anyone else touched them, I was right there to beat the heck out of that person, because they’re MY younger siblings, not yours, you don’t get to touch them!

  10. coraline Says:

    my brother is 4 years younger, and we almost killed eachother not literaly but close enough

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