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for Dread’s Menagerie

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

This week’s illustrated haiku is a result of an interesting bit of mail I received containing a piece of card stock with the cobalt outline of a bird and an envelope suggesting I add and pass back’ to ‘Dread Lippencott’s Menagerie’.  Upon closer inspection I found this card originated with my friend Coralette (aka the Crafty Hag). Another mail art project, perhaps?  Indeed, it seems Coralette has conjured a new port of call in the wonderful world of mail art.  Of course, I obliged by picking up a marker and ‘adding’ the first chance I got.  To learn more about this Mail Art port of call or to submit your own mail art check out Dread Lippencourt’s blog.

Speaking of Coralette, I’m reminded of another crazy project that she’s heading up in St. Petersburg, but is also happening all around the world this October.  Two words.  Zombie Dancers!

Okay, it’s somewhat of a Michael Jackson tribute I guess, but it has zombies and they are dancing and it’s with the goal of breaking the World Record for simultaneous dance.  So, even though I’m not a fan of Jackson, I’m certainly a fan of zombies and breaking things so I’m going to participate and join hundreds of thousands of people across the planet who will dress as zombies and dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the exact same moment in time.  Sound fun?  Read on to see how you can do the same…

The event is called Thrill the World and you can check out where official locations are throughout the world here.  Don’t see an organized event in your city?  You can organize your own via the site.  Don’t know the dance?  (Me neither!)  That’s okay there are video lessons online and many cities like mine have volunteers teaching it at no cost or a nominal cost.  If you are in my neck of the woods – Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg check out ThrillStPete.com to register, get details and join in the dance classes in the weeks prior to the event. 


This week’s haiku has an ‘extra’ syllable with intent so save your virtual breath on pointing that out to me. 😛  Remember, modern english haiku is about capturing a moment in time, a feeling, etc. The guidelines of 17 syllables in 3 lines of 5,7 and 5 respetively certainly work in many cases and are strived for by most writers, but it’s the ‘now’ of the haiku that is most important and every so often I break the rule to remind myself of this. 

Other News…

I’ll be at the Haunted HeART sale in Coralette’s backyard this weekend selling GingerDead cards and Illustrated Jewelry.  An art fair in someone’s yard is a pretty damn cool idea if you ask me.  Apparantly this is the third year she’s done this and it gets quite the turn out.  Occasionally, a reader will tell me how boring there town is and how it seems like I always have cool stuff to go to.  Well, be inspired by the Crafty Hag and start your own mini event in your yard or create an imaginary port of call with a free blog and keep the mail art movement moving or whatever…the point is, if you want something to happen consider making it happen yourself.  You’ll be a hero to every other bored person and might even stir things up enough that where you live becomes a rad place that you actually love.  St. Pete used to be extremely lame and in the last 10 years has morphed into quite the little art mecca, so I guess anything’s possible.  🙂

See you next week…

<3 calan

5 Responses to “for Dread’s Menagerie”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Zombies dancing Geeze
    how many brains do you need
    to feed the whole crowd

    Ok so i definitely will be trying to get mom and myself into that if only knew the dance… i’m kinda backwards when it comes to dancing.

    “So, even though I’m not a fan of Jackson, I’m certainly a fan of zombies and breaking things ” – made me laugh hard and i had to share with friends.

  2. Seraphine Says:

    bird outlined in blue
    feathers askew and scattered
    she fell from a tree

    knew she was falling
    miserable and sick she
    sad avian flu

    a down feather floats
    water sparkles crystal blue
    fish stirs beneath sea

  3. Anne Van Atta Says:

    Hey Calan,

    Wow, The Crafty Hag is amazing; I’m going to try to make it out tomorrow!

    Kitten must escape
    from the raven’s abdomen
    needs to zombie dance!

    Mailing it along
    sweet collaboration makes
    for such special art

    Quoth the raven “well
    I have got a tummyache
    something that I ate?”

  4. calan Says:

    thanks for coming out Anne. it was great to see you. too bad it was so freaking hot!

    thanks for the amanda, seraphine and anne.

    amanda – there are classes locally for free to learn the dance or online or just stand in the back and fake it. but you must register online. the numbers were in the 300s last time i looked. i haven’t learned the dance yet either and am NOT a dancer but will hit a class soon. check their site for details.

  5. coraline Says:

    i dont like dancing and i proboply never will, but my family is totally different every time there was a holiday, my tia and my mom always gathered together along with the rest of the fammily, and they would bring the dj and the lights, and food, and cheeskake, and they would dance till their feet were sore with bruises! im not joking but we are a spanish family from nicaragua and they only speak spanish…
    nobody knows where tht is… i tell all my friends about it and i like have to show them on the map!
    but yea they even grabbed me if i was there just siiting on the couch and pull me up and try to forcibly move my arms like a puppet, hoping i would dance. but i never did. haha good times…

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