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guest haiku comic by dylan marvin

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Big thanks to my good friend, digital painting and illustrator extraordinaire, Dylan Marvin for sending me a guest strip this week.  He knows I’ve been kind of drowning in stuff to do and emailed me this little gem. 

Dylan is one of those friends that are incredibly good at everything.  I mean for real.  Every-$(*(*%&$9-thing.  Sometimes you want to choke him but mostly you are just dazzled by his awesome.  He also happens to be super nice and adorable and when you go over his house he gives you yummy snacks and fancy scotch and shows you how to play Wii and stuff…so yeah, hard not to love him.

You may recall me blogging Dylan’s digital paintings a few months back.  Well, recently he’s released limited prints of these alien-like pin-up girls like this one:

 Alien Pin-up by Dylan Marvin

In addition, he’s rediscovered his love of sculpting and of course, is great at it.  I’m really blown away at what he’s been creating and hope he continues to explore clay.  Check out this octopus he did a few weeks ago:

Octopus mad of Super Sculpey by Dylan Marvin

This next one is quirky and imaginative.  It’s a car fetus!

car fetus sculpture by dylan marvin

Finally, my favorite: a meat clock! 

meat clock sculpture by dylan marvin

The detail is really beautifully done. I think these would sell really well if he gets the right exposure to the right market.  I mean it’s a freaking meat clock!  How awesome is that?!  This one of a kind piece adorns his office wall probably causing a fair share of BBQ cravings….mmmmm.  I bet he’s a bad ass behind the grill too…bastard…

By the way if you are wondering what sort of clay Dylan used it’s polymer – Super Sculpey to be exact.  You can get it at any art store and even Michaels.  It’s like regular sculpey but way more sturdy and takes some muscle to condition it (aka softening) to make it pliable.  The professional grade polymer clays are pretty awesome to work with, durable as heck and require an oven instead of a kiln so any one can use this medium without fancy equipment or paying firing fees.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Okay, I just decided this minute that I am going to do it and take a week off from the comic next week.  I just am juggling too many things and will also be kitty sitting for a few weeks and splitting my time between two locations to add to the chaos that is my life lately.   I’ll see you the following week, okay?

Thanks for reading and please feel free to haiku (or just leave some love) about Dylan’s guest comic or any of his sculptures or paintings that inspire you.  I think he’d really love that so please do! 

By the way, locals (Tampa Bay FL)  can check out the octopus and limited edition prints by Dylan Marvin over at ArtPool in St. Pete or you can contact him for available artwork or commission inquiries through his site.

<3 calan

12 Responses to “guest haiku comic by dylan marvin”

  1. justme Says:

    little animals
    eventually become
    fit pets for Ennui

  2. Karen Says:

    Crazy-busy girl,
    when life gets too much to handle:
    think of the meat clock.

    Awesome guest comic — though it’s not really a complete substitute for your particular brand of delightful humour.

  3. Jennifer Zoellner Says:

    He is good at everything!!

  4. calan Says:

    he’s also a professional trombone player and photographer and does animation and beats everyone at Wii and omg he’s probably an alien!

    *runs and hides*

  5. Seraphine Says:

    why is it in death
    bunny looks more beautiful?
    death is less stressful.

    (awesome comic, dylan!)

  6. Seraphine Says:

    i have heard of aliens actually becoming the instruments they play.
    therefore, it isn’t out of the question that Dylan is skilled at playing the trombone because he is the trombone.
    examine his pin-up girl sculptures. they frequently elicit a chorus of whistles from passers-by. but look even closer, and each has a mouthpiece, finger holes and a perhaps even a reed hidden somewhere.

  7. Gabe Says:

    for lives of bunnies
    the question is pets or meat
    it still ends one day

  8. Dylan Says:

    I love you Calan
    your fans are awesomely kind
    let’s get beer and clay

  9. calan Says:

    sera i love the bit about the mouthpiece and finger holes – RAWR!

    dylan – definitely. i’m working as hard as i can to catch up with client stuff so i can have some play time. come visit me next week in kittyland. there’s a pool and grill and stuffs. 😀

  10. Erin Says:

    Dylan’s an alien!!!!??????? For real???

  11. Amanda Says:

    bunny rabbit dies
    comes back as skilled artist
    to annoy calan

    calan shall leave us
    whatever shall we do then
    sleep for a whole week

    I shall miss your comic next week. Dylan your work is amazing. I need to find things to do locally that gets me out of the house or i’m going to be in jail for murdering my mother. I may go check out Artpool just for the heck of it and get me out of the house.

  12. Seraphine Says:

    cur’ous, isn’t it?
    bug-eyed bunny with big ears
    handsomer in death

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