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powdered not glazed

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

My friend Dylan Marvin recently turned me on to the art of needle felting, in particular the work of Stephanie Metz.  He also turned me on to how much fun Wii can be but that’s another matter.  I had never heard of needle felting and i’m still not entirely sure I know what it is (it involves balls of wool and a lot of poking with sharp needles) but I do know this medium in Stephanie Metz’s hands is pure magic.

teddy bear skull by Stephanie Metz

Probably known best for her Teddy Bear Natural History series (think teddy bear skulls and fetuses), Metz’s work invokes the beauty of science and sprinkles it with wit and imagination.   She has a master of realism that she can twist ever so slightly to make you feel a bit of sympathy or even repulsion for her subjects, particularly those in the Overbred Animals collection

 lapdog needle felted sculpture by Stephanie Metz

The lapdog (above) really tore into my heart.  The little critter is adorable but so sad to see those little stubs where surely longer limbs should be.  Limbs and paws, which I assume were lost in the process of evolution after hardly being used.  I imagine a teeny dog in a woman’s purse and shudder.  All this from one glance at Metz’s creation.  For me that’s what makes her work so compelling and beautiful.  Please visit Stephanie Metz’s website to learn more about her work and the art of needle felting.   Here’s one more image to entice you.  This piece is entitled Everybody is Somebody’s Baby:

metz needle felted sculpture

An interesting coincidence occured tonight as I was preparing this post, an etsy seller and artist by the name of Amy L. Rawson contacted me about purchasing some cards and guess what she sells?  Hand dyed wool, felt needles and even some felt needle figures she calls ‘Felties’.  Strange timing, right? 

feltie - needle felting sculpture by amy rawson

The felties are totally cute, but I was blown away by Rawson’s polymer and epoxy clay sculptures!  Take a gander at Worry complete with chains to fiddle with and hold him back.  Man, I can relate to this dashing but dubious fellow’s energy lately.

Worry - sculpture polymer and epoxy by Amy l. Rawson

Wow, right?!!  You can purchase this sculpture, wool, etc. at Rawson’s Etsy shop

If you are interested in learning more on sculpting with wool and needles you can find a lot of needle felting links here and a beginner’s needle felting tutorial here.  I really love the look of the stuff, particularly the raw plain white or bone with no colors added.  I doubt I’ll ever dabble in the medium myself though.  Wool is one of those things for me, like needles on a chalkboard for others.  I really can’t handle the texture of wool in my hands.  It freaks me out a bit…as do brillo pads…

*grits teeth and cringes*

Happy haiku’n my friends.  I’m still considering taking a couple weeks off from the comic but can’t seem to commit to it, so I suppose I’ll see you next week as usual. 

<3 calan

11 Responses to “powdered not glazed”

  1. Andrew Foose Says:

    A homemade doughnut
    it’s arsenic and sugar
    a delicious death

  2. calan Says:

    warm sugary treat
    delightful to lips and tongue
    an untimely death

  3. GL Says:

    I dig that felt stuff.

    odd tasting pastry
    poison leaves a bitter taste
    but they were worth it

  4. Seraphine Says:

    pink nose and lil stumps
    clump clump into the kitchen
    begging for doughnuts

    sit up lil darling
    and beg: that’s a good good girl
    roll over, play dead

    oh! you lost an eye
    foaming at the mouth like that
    you’re so huggable

  5. calan Says:

    i love it when the penis reduction people advertise here. this quote makes me laugh:
    “Although I’m not a real doctor, I do prescribe Penis Reduction Pills for my patients who want to give others the impression they’re quite large”
    – T. Tancreddo, Photographic Model

    ty Andrew, GL and Seraphine for the haiku! more pwease!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Sugar and Spices
    oh how very nice it is
    pass the aresenic

  7. Chance Abattoir Says:


  8. coolioness Says:

    Warm and colorful
    these sprinkles taste very strange
    WOAH pretty COLORS!

    That Teddy bear skull looks adorable. ^^ And the sculpture….I am quite jealous. ^_^

  9. calan Says:

    chance that video will surely give me nightmares.

  10. freya Says:

    Those wool critters are amazing. I would love to try that, but I’m not overly fond of wool either.

    doughnuts in the morn
    sister-made with love and hate
    sugar-coated death

  11. calan Says:

    freya – it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it! thanks for the haiku 🙂

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