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want to snuggle?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Recent headlines have included giant flying squid attacking divers in California, enormous jelly fish destorying a town’s economy by ripping through fishing nets, and here locally there have been multiple shark attacks.  I don’t mean here as in ‘the state of Florida’.  I mean here as in right where i swim.  There is no point to this paragraph except to suggest an aquatic uprising of sorts because fear of nature is fun.  Right shark week?  Nice commercials, btw. 

Speaking of chromortaphores, here’s my first ever mail art which despite the post office giving me a ridiculous, unnecessary hard time made it to it’s destination and will be a part of the Chromotaphore show at http://www.studio620.org/620/ on August 27th put together by my new artist friend whose work and spirit I equally adore: Jennifer Zoellner.

calan’s 1st mail art (wee!)

mail art - chromatophore - calan ree

Jennifer is one of the main artists you’ll find at Cheries Eklectika which I’m sad to say is closing it’s doors in September after 8 years of awesome.  I just finally got in there too and my cards and jewelry are doing well!  Bleh.  At least I made some great new friends and am among the artists that Cherie will call upon when she launches her next gallery project…which will rock as much as she does, I’m sure.  Still, I’m disappointed and a bit worried about my funky little city.  I don’t want it to lose its moxie.  Hey Economy, Stop Sucking!

So, I spent Sunday at Cherie’s artist appreciation and sidewalk sale and it was a lot of fun, so this Saturday I’m doing it again.  Stop by and say hello.  Bring me an ice cube while you’re at it.  It’s freaking hot out there!  From 12 to 4 – Beach Drive – St. Pete.

More illustrated jewelry added to the etsy shop like this cute and a bit frazzled mr. skeleton ring.

skeleton ring by calan ree

Honestly I try to add a piece or two a day but I’m also doing local events and selling a bunch privately so it’s been hard to really stock the heck out of it.  I have a lot more than you see on etsy.  If you’re interested email me – calanATgingerDeadDOTcom.  You’re also more than welcome to friend me on facebook.com/calanree or follow me on twitter.com/calanree.  I hardly touch MySpace, but i’m there too.

See you next week!

<3 calan

12 Responses to “want to snuggle?”

  1. Monkeybones Says:

    creatures of the deep,
    are taking back the oceans
    from out-of-depth men

    Brine dwellers unite!
    Giant cephalopods will
    lead the uprising.

  2. Amanda Says:

    Cephalopod stalks
    the briney deep for some snacks
    careful or you’re lunch

    i havent been watching the news lately but shark week has always been my favorite time of year because we usede to watch it durring summer school classes for the “educational” value i think it was mostly to scare us stupid and keep us from falling in the waterd during marine bio feild trips.
    I’ve actually caught several sharks while fishing off the sunshine skyway. several small ones but there was one that we couldnt pull up to the peir because it was soo big and it snapped the line.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    it is good street theater, a sidewalk sea,
    sale and artist appreciation, wherein
    squid bites and random octopus ink is
    punctuated by circling sharks, perhaps
    a found tooth embedded above the knee,
    placed under warm blanket waves, becomes
    a conch found next morning under a pillow.

  4. Chance Abattoir Says:

    I’d hit it.

    …I have my club ready. What were you thinking?

  5. Jennifer Zoellner Says:

    Octopus mailart,
    Finds it’s way home to the deep,
    Salty wet postal.

    Ok, I tried! Thanks for the shout out!! I really appreciate it!!!

  6. coolioness Says:

    Squid kid loves human
    But human fears baby squid.
    Squid’s forbidden love.

    The jewelry looks neat. ^^ And yay for my computer no longer being dead!

  7. ratchet Says:

    I want the skeleton ring!

  8. Seraphine Says:

    most dangerous things
    seduce you, they draw you in
    popcicle on stove

    i love the comic, calan. baby squid looks cute with the ribbon.

  9. calan Says:

    coolio – glad your computer has been re-animated!

    ratchet – http://www.GingerDead.etsy.com 😛

    thanks Sera. i think her big eyes do it for me. i want to squeeze her but then i look at gingerdead and think perhaps not…

    All – really enjoy your haiku’n. just wanted you to know that. xoxo

  10. Karen Says:

    Marine uprisings
    can be difficult to plan —
    have to wait for rain.

    Of course, once you get a nice rainy day and the cephalopods rise from the ocean depths to strangle all humanity, a rain engine of some sort must be devised to keep the out-of-sea environment sufficiently moist.

  11. Gabe Says:

    lovely little squid
    the calamari’s revenge
    dealt by cuddle fish

  12. Dylan Says:

    Everybody loves
    The slimy and cold-blooded
    Big tentacle hugs

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