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robot with cinnamon buns

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

I’m aiming to start a new fetish.  Robots with pastries stuck to their sexy metal frames.  Anyone titillated? 

This week all the cool kids will be in San Diego at Comic-con.  I’m kinda bummed to be missing it.  Trying not to think about it too much but then I see something so awesome that I can’t help feeling a surge of disappointment.  It’s not the awesome people I wont get to say hi to like Dave McKean, Amanda Palmer or Neil Gaiman…sure they rock and all but I’ll live.  What’s killing me is missing out on this free reversible zombie t-shirt from the Resident Evil gaming folks.  Pure Awesome.  For you lucky bastards attending Comic-con, just drop by the Capcom booth and get yours. 

Yesterday, I joined Facebook which is already sucking up way too much time so I’m regretting it a bit.  At the same time, it seems way more useful and friendly than anything else so I guess I’m staying.  Facebook/calanree is what I have but I’m told I should now make some sort of fan thing for GingerDead and Friends.  Another account to manage?  Blah.  But I’ll do it, if its something people might want or maybe it’s a page that I create and connect to my main account?  Idk.  I’ll have to look into it I guess.

I’ve added some more illustrated jewelry to the etsy store and just got finished photographing a bunch more to add this week so keep checking back.

When the artwork came to mind for this week’s comic, I just wasn’t feeling a haiku.  I liked the idea of leaving it just titled like a serious fine art piece.  Hehe.  However, I’m pretty certain you guys will come up with haiku that will make me wish I had done one afterall.  At any rate, I’ll enjoy reading them so by all means haiku comment away! 

Rough guideline to haiku for new readers – 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables respectively.  For examples, just hit the back button or archives as this webcomic is filled with haiku comics and haiku reader comments.

See you next week,

<3 calan

12 Responses to “robot with cinnamon buns”

  1. Ghoul Friday Says:

    Missing Comic Con
    Come to Toronto for Fest
    of Fear. Will make buns.

    Yeah, reading all the news about the San Diego Comic Con makes me a little green with envy. I mean…free shirt! Luckily, Festival of Fear at the Fan Expo in Toronto is coming up at the end of next month so I’ll have that at least.

    Facebook. I used Facebook and got addicted for about 5 months. Now I absolutely hate it. I think it’s because I spend a lot of my time online working and ‘socializing’ for art & Halloween stuff. And suddenly all my local friends were communicating through facebook and not by phone. I didn’t like that friends thought updating their status was the same as staying in touch. I spend enough time online. When it comes to friends, I want to visit with them, not exchange msgs.

    I still have a personal account & a Ghoul Friday account, though there have been numerous times I wanted to delete the personal account.

    If you don’t mind friends and fans mingling on your one main account, I wouldn’t worry about a fan page.

  2. Amanda Says:

    I never got into Facebook never saw the point. I log on to my myspace ever what like month and a half when i find it neccessarry to find a name or number. Between twitter face boock myspace and the dozens and dozens of of other networking sites it doesnt seem like theres time in the day to be able to do other things. I’d say keep it simple and not worry about the Ginger dead and friends you can always add them to your personal site so its Calan Ree Author of and list them that way no haiku today i am still waking up maybe i’ll be inspired and come back.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    her glazed donut eyes
    belied her robotic core
    privacy settings

    calan. i love the idea of sticky buns on a robot. we should give her a name.

  4. calan Says:

    sera me too. maybe pastries in general. donuts, sticky buns, etc. i think i want to paint her just so i can have it sound all fine art fancy:
    robot with buns
    acrylic on canvas
    8 zillion dollahs


    as for Facebook…as an ‘artist’ i swear it seems i have no choice but to do it all. it’s surprising how many things will come about via these social networking sites even when people have your email address and or ph number. i know what you mean ghoul friday. i’ve met people at art events, etc who ask about a myspace or facebook (nowadays it’s facebook more often than anything) i give them an email on my card and dont hear anything from them. once i joined myspace though, people would send mesages about meeting me, the artwork and even make purchases. it doesn’t make sense but it seemed at the time myspace was necessary. now i think it’s facebook as far as staying up to date with local events, call to artists, etc. etc. i’m talking to old friends too that we absolutely have eachother’s emails, numbers but haven’t talked in ages. now i’m on facebook and we are direct messaging. it’s totally weird and nonsensical but i can’t deny it’s great to hear from them and to be in touch with the local scene better plus i learned of an awesome mad hatter type festival i’d love to be a part of. all in two days. *shrugs* maybe it’s temporary addiction but at the moment i’m hooked.

    not sure i’ll add a GingerDead fan page or not. i certainly don’t mind fans and friends mingling. i kinda consider ‘fans’ friends anyway to a degree as their support means the world to me.

    okay enough blah blah blah i’m going to post more jewelry on etsy. 😀

  5. Jim Morey Says:

    Titallated? Yes!
    (in my best digital voice)
    Robot muse for hire!

  6. Crinaya Says:

    Fancy art title
    Robot With Cinnamon Buns
    Sounds like Japanese


  7. calan Says:

    jim – tonight prepare to be covered in pastries

    crinaya they do seem to have the strangest fetishes (and fanciest letters!)

  8. Karen Says:

    Robot with pastries:
    terrifying result of
    Star Wars fanfiction.

    Never should have made
    R2D2 and Leia
    have romantic fling.

  9. calan Says:

    karen – love those! thanks for haiku’n. it brings to mind what i used to do make my lil darth vader action figure do to princess leia. there was rope involved.

  10. Chance Abattoir Says:

    Now my brain is uncontrollably generating pastry robot names…

    Mechanicrepe, Cinnabrute, Chouxbot, Doughbolt, Roboscone, Beignetor…
    I could go on.

  11. calan Says:

    yes of course it is. just relax and let them come to you. it’s all part of the plan.

    meep blip beep bo bop!

  12. Gabe Says:

    oily, sweetness clings
    you have left your sweets behind
    sticky, empty chair

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