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DIY prosthetic eyebrows

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

What’s cooler than sticking caterpillars on your face?  Why, sticking octopus on girls, of course!  Daikichi Amano is the self-claimed ‘perverted master of fish and girls’ photography. His work is subversive, yes, but also interesting, chilling and beautifully strange.  In Japan, frogs and octopus and even insects are considered food and after using these creatures in his work they are indeed eaten.  I guess it’s similar to me posing with a steak on my head?  I’m not sure if they are alive at the time of the shoot though, so perhaps it’s nothing like that at all.  At any rate, I thought you guys would find his work interesting so here are some images:





There is an awesome interview with Daikichi Amano on Dont Panic Online magazine’s site.  What makes it so special is that Daikichi’s english is not too good and they made no effort to interpret.  This leaves the reader with straight forward questions which are answered in puzzling, beautiful, bizarre prose.  It’s a must read whether you like his artwork or not. 

In other octopus news…

There’s an octopus bracelet available in my etsy shop.  It’s made from polymer clay I form by hand, illustrate in pen and ink and is attached to a lovely silver plated thick wire bracelet which is adjustable and shiny and stuff. 

illustrated jewelry by calan ree

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table at the TRAshion show at ARTpool on Saturday night.  Your positive response to the new jewelry line was really encouraging.  To everyone who bought a piece or picked up some GingerDead greeting cards and extra thank you. 

If you are local and mildly insane, you can stop by and see me this Saturday at being ‘the art of living’ around 6:43 am until I’m too cranky, tired and hot to stand it (i’m guessing around noon).  I’ll be outside with some special deals on jewelry, etc. for the annual St. Pete Sunrise sale.  (I’ve lived here for over 5 years and it’s the first I’ve heard of it but apparantly it’s been happening for 30+ years) The trolly stops right in front of being on 4th street north.  If you wear jammies, you’ll get a free gift inside the store.  I have a feeling I wont be sleeping the night before so I should be loopy and easily taken advantage of.  hoO!

<3 calan

11 Responses to “DIY prosthetic eyebrows”

  1. G Says:

    diakichi is amazing! thanks for the images. your work is brilliant.

  2. Amanda Says:

    if my sleeping patterns keep like they have been you just may see me if i can convince mom ofgetting a ride. she recently lost her job but her and her boyfriend are starting a business venture where he makes tiny coffins *barbie size* and she does the lininings *i think they are talking caskets but they keep saying coffins but i’m not sure its hard for me to conceptualize right now. She needs a dose of something unusual it keeps her thinking. and the castle just isnt enough.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    why is it for some
    caterpillar brows become
    butterfly (or moth)

    for if i’m assured
    a butterfly (not a moth)
    i shall raise my brow

    i firmly believe there is a market for doll coffins. also, coffins for birds, gerbils and other small pets. possibly even coffin-themed cellphone covers.
    in general, i love small boxes anyway. i have a collection of hardwood boxes, glass ones, boxes of worry dolls, painted boxes and miniature music boxes. i’d love to add a coffin box to the menagerie.
    i wish i had my childhood teeth in a tiny coffin box to show people.

  4. justme Says:

    I like your idea, Sera:

    little coffins for
    decapitated dollies
    (crab housing cast-offs)

    The larval eyebrows make GingerDead look so mature and distinguished. Isn’t Ennui worried about hers turning into butterflies, though?

  5. Seraphine Says:

    The creature which is used for the photography is the one used for food, thinking of the body of the actress, too. Because so it is, it has sometimes eaten if left, too.
    ~Quotation from Daikichi Amano

    caterpillar eats
    brow, eye, lips, working inward
    skeletal remains

  6. Adam_Y Says:

    I proclaim July to be very much the month of the tentacle!

  7. Seraphine Says:

    i *love* tentacles.
    the penguin looks cool when he wears his!
    i’ve always wanted to wear one but its rather
    hard when my regular spectacles get in the way.

  8. DMC_Run Says:

    After a month of no contact, I must try to catch up:

    – I missed your B-Day?!? I hope your special someone gave you many birthday tickles, while counting your ribs…
    …you know, just to make sure that they’re all still there.

    – Re_”Fla.Heat”: To all the fools who still say that “humidity”-joke, I reply:
    “You’re almost right – It’s not the HEAT, it’s the HUMANITY”.

    – I still have a “virgin” copy (=”never used”) of the “McGee / Alice” game.
    None of my computers have a NVidia-quality level of graphics card, so none of them can play it. Some day, when I can afford it. Some day.

    – Today’s topic reminds me of some of the SFX-makeup used on the SciFi TV-series “Farscape”, where one of the main (alien) protagonists in particular sported many tentacles about the head, & he was far from the only one thus adorned. Another example of the wizardry of the Henson puppeteers.

    – My “Haiku-making muscle” is on the fritz, but I’ll try for something after I’ve gotten more recuperation from OUSA’s NYC Convention @FIT.

    – Be well, & have a frosty mint julep while thinking of us all.
    (I picture this drink being stirred with a blood-red “swizzle stick”, adorned with a SKULL on the handle & CROSSED BONES at the lower end)

  9. Seraphine Says:

    oh nevermind. i was thinking of a monocle.
    wb dmc.

  10. calan Says:

    thanks for the haiku and comments every one.

    Amanda – those casket boxes sound fabulous! it’s a good thing you didn’t come out on saturday. it was unbearable..the heat..omg…i only made it until around 11 am and i felt kind of ill from lack of sleep and too much sun. blah.

    J – ennui will probably not be too pleased should the metamorphasis take place upon her brow, but at the moment she is pleasantly clueless.

    Adam – Hooray!

    dmc – welcome back! ty for the belated bday tickle and rib count. hope the convention was fun and interesting. when i was a little girl i actually drank mint juleps…yes the kind with alcohol, but only at a certain restaurant where for some reason we would order after old fashioned after dinner cocktails. nowadays, i go for the mojito. i would rock that swizzle stick for sure. 🙂

    sera – funny you should mention monocles. i’ve had those on my mind recently. it would be great to see them come into style. but how do you hold them in? is it by scrunching up the eye and cheek muscles? that might cause lop-sided wrinkles! hmm, maybe people dont use them any more for a reason.

  11. Seraphine Says:

    i don’t know how a monocle is held in place, other than by scrunching the eye (or stretching the skin, then letting the mococle relax in place). so i looked it up on the unclclopedia.wiki.com. here’s what they say:
    Due to one’s need to squint in order to hold it in place, the monocle gives one the distinctive cold, distant, authoritarian visage of a crotchety old white man.
    perfect for gluck, actually.

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