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wilting is never in vogue

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

I’m over the moon happy and also in tons of pain (wrists/arm).  hOO!  The jewelry line is out of the doodling experimental what-materials-work-best phase and the first official little batch is done.  The first attempts I showed you a couple weeks ago are scrapped as I’ve found better quality materials and figured out how to make everything work and look bad ass.   A bunch of pieces are going to Cheries (Beach Drive, downtown St. Pete, FL) tomorrow.  Some will make their way into my Etsy store over the next few days.  I’ll be ordering more supplies tomorrow so over the next couple of weeks I should be able to produce quite a bit.  Yay!!

In case you’re wondering….
Each piece is hand formed in polymer and illustrated in ink and wash freehand so no two pieces are ever exactly the same and all the work is original and done with my two little achey paws.  Then there is a bunch of protective stuff I do with acrylic coating and a glossy glazey top coat, blah blah blah.

Anyway, you guys get the sneak peek of the very first official batch of the line.  I put a lot of time and thought into this and you know what?  It was worth it.  To do something you love to the best of your ability is really rewarding in the heart-sense…if it ends up rewarding the pockets as well, even better but first must come the heart.  Okay, on to pics.

I only have a handful of rings which are going to Cherie’s, but I’m making more!  The octopus ring on the bottom is the one I chose to keep for myself which I’m wearing right now.

art rings by calan ree

Some more with the octopus design.  That bracelet will be one of the first things I put on etsy within the next day or two.

octopus illustrated jewelry by calan ree

Next it’s a robot on button covers which fit over the average shirt button and make it look all snazzy and stuff and Robot cuff links.  Wee!

robot illustrated jewelry by calan ree

There are also a bunch of pendants that will come with necklaces but I didn’t like the way the photos were coming out and I was also being chewed alive by mosquitos so I had to stop trying. Follow me on Twitter for latest updates or just check the GingerDead Etsy Store.

Unrelated Awesome News!! (If you happen to be in Los Angeles)

Today – Wednesday July 1st – 4pm

Amanda Palmer Ninja Beach Gig Encore plus photo shoot with you lucky bastards that can attend.  Get the details on her blog and don’t miss this.  It sounds like a blast and you get to hang with Amanda and make art.  Grr!  I’m crazy jealous, but love you all enough to not hold out on you.  🙂  Have fun!  Send pics!

This week’s haiku comic is definitely inspired by real life.  It’s hotter than hell here and definitely making it hard to rock the hair.  hehe.  Not that it matters when you are hunched over polymer nubbins all day and night, but still.  By the way, if you tell me it’s not the heat it’s the humidity I will scream because the heat and the humidity equally suck in my eyes.

See you next week.  Looking forward to reading your haiku comments in the mean time.

<3 calan

7 Responses to “wilting is never in vogue”

  1. justme Says:

    the question i have
    is whether or not a bird
    has bad feather days

    Love the art as usual, calan. You have just captured the essence of hair wilting in the heat. I can so totally empathize with Vendetta here. And the sun’s expression is perfect–like Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched meets the wicked stepmother from Cinderella. Serious schadenfreude going on behind those supercilious eyes. (Is it still schadenfreude when you are the cause of the misery you’re secretly enjoying, or is it just sadism then?)

  2. Seraphine Says:

    there is no mean time
    for hair, just disappointment
    miserable heat

    the best cure for summer hair is bumble and bumble surf spray.

    wow, your new jewelry ideas are rawkin awesome, calan!

  3. Karen Says:

    I totally love
    your great new jewelry line!
    it just rocked my socks.

    I have an Etsy store, too —
    shameless promotion 😉

  4. Amanda Says:

    looks gorgeous wish i had a job and income to buy pretty things =\. Yay it must be that time of year again i’m sick bleck anyway hope you make oodles of cashola

  5. matthew Says:

    The Jewelry looks great. Should be a good addition to the store.

    The sun is anathema
    to nice hair but great
    for showing off bling!

    The sun is drawn so well. I love the expression on its face. Its perfect.

    He had to get closer
    a rare sight to see
    Ven the terrible brought low.

  6. calan Says:

    thanks for the haiku and jewelry love.

    karen – your store is adorable. promote without shame any time. 🙂

    justme i think since it’s her mere existence and natural state of being that is causing the misery it can still count as schadenfreude. if she was smacking ven in the head it would be another story. loved the ‘bad feather days’ haiku btw. cute concept!

  7. Fonzo Says:

    The Sun is too hot,
    So I went after his eyes.
    He asked me to stop.

    But I kept pecking.
    For though his mouth said “no, no!”
    His eyes said “yes, yes!”

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