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well-bred undead

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I’ve been working on a bunch of wee illustrations on bits of clay for potential adornment purposes.  This idea has me all obsessed and might be worth the paralysed claw if I can do a decent job executing them.  I’m finally getting to where I have some ‘yay’ moments, so hopefully by next week I’ll be adding a whole new line to my etsy store.  Speaking of which, I added the Beware of Clown birthday card. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week.  I had a fantastic day.  Jim surprised me and took me to Adventure Island (a water park in Tampa, FL).  I made myself go on everything even the stuff that had I been wearing any pants would have been scared right off of me.  It’s strange how it seems as I get older, stuff that I would have done without flinching now involve the mustering of “guts”.   I don’t want to turn in to an old skeerdy cat, so I refuse to succumb and sit on the sidelines. 

I wonder why fear seeps in with adulthood?  Is it that the closer we get to death the more aware we are of our mortality?  Is it biological?  Maybe I was always scared but wouldn’t admit because I had a particular image of myself I wanted to maintain and now that I’m older kidding myself that I’m a badass matters a lot less.


Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  Waterparks are the way to go down here in the summer.  I would have really felt old passing out with sunstroke at a regular amusement park.  It’s freaking hot here already! 

Okay, I’m hurting from hunching over those bits of clay like a junkie over a crack pipe.  Time to gobble some advil and take a hot shower.  I look forward to your haiku. 

<3 calan

11 Responses to “well-bred undead”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Thank god for the rain though the heat would be bad enough if we didnt have rain to go with it.

    Creepy crawly things
    speeding cars and pointy stuff
    just a few small fears

    I was recently diagnosed as Bipolar and they keep bumping up the dosage of my meds i’m up to 10 pills a night and they are really big pills… Thankfully its just for a medical study and will be over in 3 more weeks then i get put on something different. YAY i’m a human guinea pig. Only good side affect though is i’ve lost a lot of weight. Thought i’d share considering i’m reading this and swallowing the last of my almost dozen pills…

  2. Seraphine Says:

    we get all skeerdy because falling down hurts. if you watch kids, it hurts them too, only they are too attention-deficit to remember anything longer than two minutes, including pain.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    so what fun zombie
    if you can’t lick your fingers
    and slurp while you eat?

  4. Monkeybones Says:

    I become a bit of a thrill-junkie once I experience G-force.:D I also have a very strong stomach for enduring more rides. God help anyone who ever takes me to a theme park. Last time there were messy results for my queasy companion. Good times. 🙂

    Your badassery
    dropped a notch on the swing-boats
    when you shat yourself.

    While society
    frowns upon vulgarity
    it’s big and clever.


  5. Grady Echegaray Says:

    once I lived
    now I am undead
    such is life

  6. justme Says:

    déclassé zombies
    eat brains like pigs from a trough–
    crude, but effective

    upperclass undead
    take a more refined approach:
    brains on the half-skull

  7. justme Says:

    BTW for some reason the brain with the spoon stuck in it just makes me giggle.

  8. calan Says:

    you all rock. i cant tell you how much i enjoy your comments and haiku. Monkeybones nearly had tea pouring from my nose with that first haiku.

    amanda – do you get a giant wheel to run around on too? that might contribute to the weight loss. 😛 giant pills are practically impossible for me. i’d end up choking to death.

    welcome grady. wow SL fashion is looking more badass these days. it’s been so long since i’ve done anything there beyond paying some rents. it’s awesome to check out what’s new without logging in to the lag-fest which is SL for me on my system.

    just me – brains on the half skull! i love that. very clever! i wonder how long before it shows up on a t-shirt.

  9. coolioness Says:

    Mortality seems
    to expand with our growth since
    fairy tales perish.

    Maybe it’s because death is like: …But we can come back, right? as a kid?

  10. Amanda Says:

    I wish i had a giant wheel thatd be fantastic and a permanent supply of water cause its soo flipping hot.

  11. matthew Says:

    I have great table manners in everything but one. That’s eating meat. For some reason i will not eat meat with a fork and knife. It makes me impatient and takes the enjoyment away. I have to eat it with my hands, tearing the pieces off with my fingers. Not sure why i do that but i just don’t enjoy the meat as much if i use utensils.

    Love the drawing of the breakfast brain.

    I never used to get scarred on rides of any kind when i was younger but ever since i had a near death experience in a car accident many years ago i have had difficulty getting the same enthusiasm from visiting a theme park. I still ride roller coasters and such but i sometimes need to talk myself into it. I think its learned lessons of pain that over time lead us to be more selective with our activities.

    Did you get your thrill
    when the bungee cord came free
    you human pancake?

    Fear can be useful
    its great exercise
    chasing your victims around

    Pretentious zombies?
    Whats next, a werewolf using
    sanitary wipes?

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