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haiku card for a chompy pal

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

This is the latest haiku greeting card.  It’s kinda cool because it works for birthday, congrats, thanks, whatever.  Whatever is always good reason to celebrate.  It will be up in my etsy store by tomorrow afternoon.

Here’s some happy news:  The entire greeting card collection and several skulls are on their way to St. Louis.  I was contacted by the guys over at Cranky Yellow who wanted to carry some of my GingerDead stuff.  I researched the shop a bit and quickly fell in love with their approach.  Cranky Yellow is a store, a gallery and a performance space that embraces artists, DIY crafty folk, musicians, writers, actors, etc. The goal seems to be to give artists a space to do and sell their thing without raping them like a lot of galleries or consignment situations do. These guys are like me or you, they get it and they want to bring funky art to the community, earn enough to function happily and help artists do the same. 

If you’re in St. Louis, keep an eye out for upcoming performances like Dali’s Liquid Ladies – A Surrealist Funhouse or exhibitions like Crap Glued to Crap coming to Cranky Yellow in May.  Cranky Yellow is on Cherokee Street in St. Louis MO and is open Tues – Sundays from 2pm – 6 pm.  I suspect just dropping in and browsing the store is pretty fun in and of itself. 

That’s all for this week.  Your haiku are wanted, adored, admired and loved..as always, so don’t be shy.

<3 calan <3 Calan

8 Responses to “haiku card for a chompy pal”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    it’s not mistletoe
    sorry, it’s not poisonous
    you won’t die from it

    please forgive me, love
    if i could, you know i would
    pale skin becomes you

  2. Jim Morey Says:

    i’d never eat them
    flowers are meant for smelling
    the card was tasty…

  3. matthew Says:

    I like the card but i would have to be careful who i gave it to 🙂

    I can just see this as the response from a few women i know.

    Thank you for the card
    but we need to talk.
    So you think i eat too much?

    Congrats on expanding your influence to yet another great site. Keep up the good work. You will rule the world in no time.

  4. calan Says:

    sera, jim and matt:
    you bring out my greedy side
    i read and want more

  5. Seraphine Says:

    i love small splashes
    of red, those thin tongues lolling
    from stems in your hand

  6. Dylan Says:

    Super cool you’re hooked up with Cranky Yellow. Congrats!

  7. ripvannikki Says:

    Please don’t be too sad
    Your voracious appetite
    Keeps me on my toes

  8. Chance Abattoir Says:


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