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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

A positive little haiku for you this week. It can’t all be murder mysteries and brain eating, now can it? The thought behind this is one that I have to remind myself of every now and then. It’s those brief moments of, “wtf am i doing?” followed by a feeling of self doubt. Other artists and musicians I’ve spoken to get this way as well. Luckily, it’s a fleeting thing and within a day we are forging ahead, doing what we do.

However, it is also true that some folks never bother to get started because they don’t see their dreams as feasible because they think they are not good enough or it’s too hard or too big a dream or whatever. I’m here to play the Little Train That Could and whisper in all of your ears whether you never got started or whether you are on your path but are battling with the self-critical monster, “You can dooooo it!”

Who better to link to this week than indie artists who, with little fame, fortune or fanfare, dedicate their lives to making art because it’s what moves them and they hope their work might move you too…

I found Nikki Pinder through Twitter and have been ‘following’ her for a couple of weeks now. Practically every day this wonderful indie artist is creating something, posting pics of her progress or showing finished pieces. Yesterday’s post entitled Eat Me, Drink Me featured 24 one of a kind Who Killed Amanda Palmer inspired badges/pins. Each little canvas badge has different artwork and is packaged inside of secret-holding little boxes stuffed with additional surprises like wire hearts and mini cards and then bundled with even more AFP oriented goodies.  Hell even the label on the bag is handmade and awesome.

Nikki Pinder WKAP badges
  Handmade by Nikki Pinder

This is obviously not something thrown together in a few minutes for quick sales. No, this girl loves the act of creating. Period.  You will be able to get these badges via PostWarTrade – Amanda Palmer’s site for artist/fan created merch for both herself and the Dresden Dolls.  You can follow Nikki Pinder on Twitter or keep an eye on her blog to find out when they are officially available.

Nikki Pinder isn’t only making badges though. This is simply one venue that she is channeling her creative energy. She’s a wonderful artist who uses things like india ink artwork, old photos and collage techniques to create strange and beautiful illustrations like this one:

Nikki Pinder - Favorite Worst Nightmare
  Illustration by Nikki Pinder

Nikki is gearing up similar artwork for an upcoming solo exhibition entitled, “Favorite Worst Nightmares”.  Good luck, Nikki and rock on! 

Next, I have to share some good news that happened to an indie musician near and dear to me.  You guys that are regular readers know of Jim and some of our adventures together.  Well, last week The Jim Morey Band was invited in to Creative Loafing for a studio session where they were interviewed for a newspaper article, podcast interview and session video using one song and a bunch of footage from the sessions.

I was hiding in the corner watching and listening and end up making a cameo in it.  I’m the girl that looks like a neurotic squirrel with eyes darting all over the place.  A little embarassing, but who cares?  Other cameos include the notorious Bobo the Monkey and our lovely torso-mannequin Betty who steals the spotlight in her awesomeness! Who needs legs with a face like that?  Congrats to The Jim Morey Band and a big thanks to our friends at Creative Loafing for shining some light on incredible local independent talent.  Please keep up the great work!

I think that’s going to be it for this week.  Remember you can Stalk Me on MySpace or Follow Me on Twitter.  Twitter’s actually been pretty cool.  It’s more than people posting daily drivel.  It’s how I found Nikki afterall.

Have a wonderful week every one.  Send me some haiku!

<3 calan

14 Responses to “dream big”

  1. Seraphine Says:

    bobo the monkey and a neurotic squirrel? life can’t get any better.

    eat the universe
    milky way black holes and all
    a star sticks in throat

  2. Seraphine Says:

    ohh. i’m supposed to say something positive:
    it’s earth day. recycle the moon, fulfill your dreams.

  3. coolioness Says:

    Make sure you always
    Aim for the moon, even if
    You miss, you’ll hit stars!

    (Haiku version of Les Brown’s quote)

    Dayum, calan. Nikki Pinder looks awesome. How on earth do you keep track with all of your awesome underground findings?

  4. anne van atta Says:

    energy flows through
    so many different portals

    love crosses our lips
    everytime we make it real

    Calan’s beauty showed
    she de-furred my kimono
    graced our video

  5. anne van atta Says:

    Hey Calan, can’t sleep–haiku inspired tonight…

    Who is that strange girl?
    Betty steals the spotlight with

    Betty is the name
    of the one that I loved best
    Mom’s her other fame

  6. calan Says:

    hey anne! (anne’s the amazing bass player in the Jim Morey Band)

    thanks for the haiku! those are so beautiful and all relating to the studio session too. awesome 🙂

    i feel i owe you one in return so here goes a quickie then back to work for me. boring graphic design for client night here. bleh.

    anne’s insomnia
    caused her to haiku like mad
    her curse – our blessing

  7. calan Says:

    coolio – i mostly put them in the back of my mind for further reference…if i bookmark them somewhere i usually forget. sometimes i email myself. mostly i just take one week at a time and whatever pops into mind the night i am posting i use. glad you liked nikki. i have some awesomeness for next week that will hopefully remain in my consciousness til next week.

  8. calan Says:

    coolio – another way is to leave whatever it is i found in a browser tab and never close the browser. that way when i post i just tab over and remind myself what it was and grab pics. it takes me like an hour to post the comic and blahg.

    i dont know why i’m babbling. anne gave me her insomnia i think. plus jim’s out of town so i’m sleeping home which i never ever do. my beds covered in art and clothes and i am procrastinating the expedition to find the mattress.

    le sigh.

  9. coolioness Says:

    Well, calan, since we all seemed to have insomnia last night (only I was bedridden trying to read myself to sleep) and you answered, (Yay! ^^) then I shall gift you with another haiku. 😀

    Oh, Insomnia,
    How you strike us to the bone
    And cause sleepless minds.

    But, your gift to us,
    Sleepless minds, it gives another
    gift- the great gift of

    Inspiration strikes at the
    latest hour. …Thanks!

    Okay. Perhaps not the best. xD

  10. matthew Says:

    Sorry for another late entry. Been sick for a little while. Had to stay in bed.

    Nikki Pinder has some real talent. Thank you once again for finding these awesome sites.

    The dreams of childhood
    become the fond memories
    of my adulthood.

    see the walking dead
    living but never dreaming
    of a better time

    Guess i am just not capable of being cheery for more than one haiku 🙂

    Take care, hope you have a great weekend.

  11. calan Says:

    coolio – nice! reminds me of old school classic poetry in some way…woodsworth perhaps..idk. 🙂 i’m up til 4 am lately without insomnia. always a late-night person, but it varies at just how late…seems to come in patterns. i’m ready for the pattern to shift so i can get up a couple hours earlier. i tried last night but ended up reading until i was sleepy which was exactly 4 am. :/

    matthew – lovely. both of them. hope you are feeling better.

    everyone – no need to be positive or cheery on my behalf or to meet the sentiment of the comic in some way. write about whatever you want or feel like. if mine is a bit encouraging or happy, you can certainly take the opposite approach. i’m sure you knew that, but just in case…

  12. Gabe Says:

    the stars wink at me
    teasing from their lofty perch
    i will have them yet

  13. Mewkey Says:

    Skipping through archives
    Saw beauty in this darkness
    Ennui is awesome

    Stumbled upon you after spending a month going through the Book of Biff archives and seeing the two guest comics Mr. Hallbeck did for you. I have so enjoyed going through your archives. 🙂

  14. calan Says:

    welcome Mewkey and thanks very much! 🙂

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