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the game of clue

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

I was thinking about homicide.  And Gluck.  Besides eating his victim’s brains, how else might Gluck do it?, I wondered.  The thought of suffocation via tea cozy came up and gave me the giggles.  Of course, I had to get it into a comic somehow and the game of clue provided some inspiration.  It’s a fun topic to haiku on so why not make a game of it?  Ready?!

Let’s play CLUE…in haiku!

Write about any of the characters or yourself if you wish.  Who, Where, How and/or Why are the questions you can try to answer.  Remember haiku is generally around 17 syllables and always 3 lines long.  A good formula for the syllables is 5, 7, 5, it generally works but an extra or one less is not punishable by death. The flow is more important than the mathmatical formula and having fun with it is imperative.  🙂 Use the haiku above as a guide if you aren’t sure how they sound.

Here, I’ll start you off….

calan is to blame
she locked him in the cellar
with rabid kittens
On to GingerDead news

The wonderful Julia at www.GoreyDetails.net is carrying GingerDead Goth and Alternative greeting cards.  It’s quite an honor to see my stuff on a site with such a great collection.  You can shop for Edward Gorey books and merchandise as well as Neil Gaiman’s Coraline merch and stuff by Tim Burton, Gris Grimley, Madame Talbot and more.  Julia has around 9 years into that site and she scouts out the weird, wonderful and macabre religiously.  She carries what she loves and it shows.  I recommend supporting a small business run by someone with passion over the slick corporate machines anyday.  So, please keep Gorey Details in mind when you’re shopping online.

In other news, I finished the Mother’s Day greeting card.  It will be up in my etsy store in the next couple of days.  I’m kinda slammed right now, so as soon as I can, I’ll get it up.  If you twitter – follow me.  If you MySpace – stalk me.  I make announcements in those places more often than here.  Anyway, here’s the card design…

Mummy's Day by Calan Ree

Lastly, I will be at Skipper’s Smokehouse for Creative Loafing’s Alchemy Fest on Sunday from 2 to 6 pm with some GingerDead merchandise and day of the dead hand painted skulls.  The Jim Morey band will be playing among others (who matter less because I’m not in love with them.)  😛

Creative Loafing Alchemy Fest

In non-GingerDead related news, I’m super excited about this upcoming film: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnussus It was written and directed by Terry Gilliam (you probably know his work – 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) about a strange traveling show (the Imaginarium) where the Dr. who made a deal with the devil has the ability to lead one into their own imagination where they can choose between dark and light.  Heath Ledger was originally cast in the lead, but passed before it was completed and now Johnny Depp has been recast and is playing transformations in Ledger’s character, Tony.  (I freaking love Johnny Depp!) Other actors include: Colin Farell, Jude Law and musician Tom Waits (yay!).  I’m hoping this film will be as badass as it sounds.

By the way, I saw Tom Waits in another film last week.  It was an interesting story and just oddball enough to keep me interested.  If you do Netflix like me, check out Wristcutters: A Love Story, I seriously doubt this one is at Blockbusters…nothing good is nowadays.  It’s not a depression fest, expect dark humor.  The premise is cool but I’m not telling you what it is, just rent it. (Thank you Andrew, if you’re still out there, for recommending this one to me…only took me a year to get to it on my queue!)

Small Spoiler Alert – I feel compelled to add this because I went to a film once where a main character hung himself and I happened to be with a friend whose boyfriend’s brother just died that way and it was rather traumatic.  The film is not gruesome or depressing in it’s whole but there is a wrist cutting scene in the beginning.  If there’s a reason this would particularly disturb you, skip it or skip the very first ‘chapter’, you’ll still get the movie without that visual. 

Okay, I’m out of here.  Have a wonderful week and get haiku’n!

<3 calan

23 Responses to “the game of clue”

  1. matthew Says:

    Wow quite an offering of info this week. Love it. Sorry i missed last week. I missed a lot of new developments. Bummer. Love the new name. The definition is great. A gripping listlessness or melancholia caused by boredom; depression. Gotta love it.

    This weeks Haiku’s will attempt to make up for it.

    Vendetta floating
    in a large pitcher of milk.
    Could this be revenge?

    Who could it have been?
    The list is short, just a few.
    Anyone who knew her.

    Plans for a trap door,
    located in the bedroom
    of one Gingerdead.

    Found on Ennui,
    a receipt from the market.
    The purchase was milk.

    Gluck’s part is still uncertain.
    Its always the same.
    “The cat Promised brains.”

    Who could “the Cat” be?
    Will we never close the case?
    Well, maybe some day.

    Take care. Hope you have a great following week.

  2. matthew Says:

    p.s. Forgot to mention the couch in the cartoon. Love the design and i wish they made them somewhere i could buy one. I was also curious about thestrangeriswatching@googlemail.com. Is this a new email to reach you at? Just curious.

  3. Seraphine Says:

    p.s. never say
    you’re innocent, say no no
    i didn’t do that
    no it wasn’t me
    i microwave everyone
    never use cozies

  4. calan Says:

    matthew – that Ennui one made me lol. thanks for doing so many!

    Sera – cozies are way less messy, you know. but maybe that’s the fun of microwaves? yes, i bet it’s the pop and splatter you enjoy. how festive!

  5. Seraphine Says:

    sizzle and pop, yes
    cleaning afterwards? no no
    cover with paper

  6. matthew Says:

    LOL! nice.

  7. Karen Says:

    Murder is more fun
    when done most creatively:
    let’s give it a try.

    Gingerdead found slain
    in the town cemetery.
    Crumbs are everywhere.

    Lipstick and a frog
    in the secret passageway
    are the only clues.

  8. calan Says:

    by lovehound:

    gluck in the parlor
    a tiny brown spider spied
    later that night died.

    (copied from comments placed on last week’s comic that i know she meant for this weeks game of clue)

    keep them coming lovely people!

  9. coolioness Says:

    Gluck found innocent,
    Ennui in prison, pining
    for Gingerdead, while

    Vendetta pays Gluck
    with a wink and fifty bucks.
    An alliance formed?

  10. Amanda Says:

    Boo… i am back for a short temporary basis type deal. The couch is lovely btw. Thank you for the heads up for Wristcutters. I think i’d like to see it but with things as tight ast hey are right now i dont know if i’ll be able to or not. I hope all is going well with everyone

  11. DMC_Run Says:

    Re_”The Palmer Case”:

    “Agent Cooper’s notes
    are ‘cryptic’ at best, I fear.
    We need to start fresh.”

    “Zen Methodology,
    Dwarf-talks of ‘Doppelgangers’,
    Damn, was Cooper stoned?!”

    “Check with David Lynch.
    Scuttlebutt says he knows where
    all the corpses lie.”

  12. DMC_Run Says:

    Re_”Name Change/Clue Haiku”:

    What if “Ennui LeNoir” was her FULL name,
    & we’ve finally been allowed to greet her on a 1st-name basis?

    “Murder Weapon? PIPE.
    Location? THE LIBRARY.
    The Perp? MR.GLUCK.”

  13. Amy Pritchett Says:

    what’s that, miss scarlet?
    colonel mustard fought like hell,
    though the pipe beat him.

  14. Amy Pritchett Says:

    it was she, you see
    because she’s the kind of girl
    that never gets caught.

  15. Amy Pritchett Says:

    calan, it’s late and i’m tired. would you please edit ‘colonial’ to ‘colonel’ for me, please?? thank you :|.

  16. Monkeybones Says:

    My aunty Amy got a part in the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. 😀 I have the script. Haha. So boastful!

    Bad luck, Vendetta
    attempting her brother’s life
    has yet again failed.

    milk laced with poison
    served on a silver platter
    in the damp kitchen.

  17. calan Says:

    Amanda – great to see you again. hope all is well!

    Amy – done! what a weird spelling that word has, huh? makes no sense!

    Monkeybones – wow! that’s really cool. lucky you. and even luckier aunty.

    Thanks to everyone for the kick ass haiku. I don’t normally request themes, but I must admit I’m glad I did this time. These are really fun to read. You all rock!

    <3 calan

  18. Jim Morey Says:

    tea cozy strangles
    gluck! the final sound accused
    vendetta paid well!

  19. coolioness Says:

    I am officially a fan of Vendetta and Gluck. xD Only because they will destroy together.

  20. justme Says:

    Funny, I had the idea to do a hai-Clue for Who Killed Amanda Palmer a few weeks back but just wasn’t happy with what I could come up with. I like yours, especially with the synchronicity of those subliminal messages in the sofa.

    Vendetta may be
    the most obvious suspect
    but she’s innocent

    OK, not really,
    but if she did do this one
    we’ll never prove it

    Maybe it’s a frame
    but the evidence all points
    to her little bro

    All the signs suggest
    GingerDead, in the study
    with the candlestick

  21. Jeff Says:

    Ah, a new Terry Gilliam film.. let’s not forget Time Bandits and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen… but this one sounds really awesome! 🙂

  22. calan Says:

    you guys are so freaking cute! i’m hearing you all singing ‘ ven and gluck sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g ‘ 😛

    jeff – oh wow, time bandits – that’s an oldie i had forgotten about. must rent it soon!

  23. DMC_Run Says:

    Re_”The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnussus”:
    The premise reminds me of the Ray Bradbury book, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, which was made into a film starring Jason Robards & Jonathan Price.

    Re_”Tom Waits”:
    I remember what a hilarious “mad scientist” he was in the film, “Mystery Men”, starring Ben Stiller & an all-star cast!

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