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who killed amanda palmer

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Guess who is feeding Amanda Palmer and Vermillion Lies backstage on Thursday night at State Theater?  Me!  In true Amanda style, she posted a blog post that said something to the effect of, ‘we’re touring, we’re hungry, feed us’.  So I replied to the email address given and typed up a few simple, healthy veggie menu options.  A couple days later, I was told I’m on the guest list and when to be at the theater with the grub.  Pretty cool, huh?

Don’t hate on me though because if you’re going to any of her shows, you can pretty much always meet Amanda afterward, get stuff signed, tell her you love her, want to have her baby and so on.  She tends to stick around for that very purpose and is just as wonderful as you imagine.

I planned on handing out some illustrated haiku love GingerDead-style like Jim and I did at the Dresden Dolls show last year. The problem was I’ve been too broke to get postcards printed and by the time money came in, there wasn’t time.  So, I turned the artwork above into these rad oversized bookmarks that I’ve been printing and cutting for the last couple of days.  I think it’s kinda nice to hand out something sorta souvinier like and relevant rather than my comic characters this time around.  🙂

So, how about this week we roll with the theme?  How about some haiku responses that answer the question Who Killed Amanda Palmer or even how or perhaps a haiku epitaph for her tombstone?  Use your twisted imaginations and let Amanda feel the love…sniff…i think it’s what she would have wanted….double sniff….

<3 see you week, calan oh btw, here's what the bookmark looks like...only bigger... Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Illustrated Haiku by Calan Ree

and here’s the photo reference i used.  she’s even beautiful with her skin still on…see?!
Amanda F*cking Palmer

Memory Lane

me and jim brigad’n for the dresden dolls…

Dresden Dolls Dirty Business Brigade

punk cabaret / dirty business haiku comic

the aftermath of the Dresden Dolls show, inspired this Stendhal Syndrome haiku comic – also photos of the show and us.

okay, now i’m really gone.

i’m so freaking excited!!!

22 Responses to “who killed amanda palmer”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Glad you get to go
    Sorry I won’t see you there
    Fucking awesome show

  2. annevanatta Says:

    Hi Calan,
    just home from Jim Morey band show; intense musical interplay +jacked up on espresso= can’t sleep; saw your myspace bulletin–i’m always up for a haiku or two…

    pretty candy skull
    trips the light fantastical
    bones are sugar sweet

    end, it ain’t the end
    everyone comes round in time
    dying pulls her free

    here she lies in state
    music like the stars above
    underneath her wake

    i love artists like Amanda who are so accessible to their listeners, their admirers ( i hate the word “fan” ) when they break that invisible barrier that separates… it sounds like you’ll have a most memorable time! (by the way, amazing picture of you and Jim at dresden dolls!) and i love gingerdead, too! wicked and beautifully morbid….


  3. unconscious ink Says:

    for real? thats so cool and random. Have fun at the show. She puts on a great one.. i wish i met her at the last show i went to. >

  4. Seraphine Says:

    her last epitaph:
    feeding the corpse, the marrow
    there is no sorrow

    wow calan, what an exciting thing to do! you’re awesome to even think of doing that. i *know* you’re going to have a wonderful, awesome time.
    and lucky lucky lucky amanda palmer. does she know you’re serving spiders for dinner?

  5. calan Says:

    ty mathias

    welcome anne! thanks so much for jumping in with the haiku fun on your first post.

    uunconscious ink – yah, next time you’ll know. she’s really into connecting with fans. i know you are a twitterer so follow her. she’s starting a twitter revolution. i joined just to stalk her. she’s announcing flash mob meetings at random in different cities, doing twitter q and a’s with fans, using twitter to take song requests from the gigs, it’s pretty amazing how she’s utilizing it.

    ty sera. shhh the spiders are a surprise!

    keep the haiku coming please! i’d love to point her over here to read your haiku responses..i mean i’d love to if she were still alive and stuff. 😛

  6. AmyP Says:

    We’ll Miss Amanda
    But We Will Never Forget
    She Lives on in Song

    I love your comic! Give Amanda a big hug for me!

  7. Macca Says:

    Ugh, I’m so jealous! I will meet Amanda some day.

  8. calan Says:

    aww macca. yeah, you will. keep an eye on her with twitter.com, check out photos she puts up, send comments – she reads them. she also does impromptu q and a sessions where you can twitter a question to her. the newsletter is great too because you never know where she’s going to pop up. even when she isn’t touring it’s not unlikely for her to do a show somewhere. the shadowbox.net forum is cool too – lots of fans and amanda posts pretty often.

    more haiku please!

  9. Amy Pritchett Says:

    I hope I’m not too late! Your work is absolutely gorgeous. I was hoping to throw a few haiku into the ring, if I may.

    Gone before her time,
    The world left shocked and saddened,
    Amanda Palmer.

    Such a pretty girl,
    especially in water,
    caught upon the rocks.

    Eyes stare but don’t see,
    legs folded like a puzzle,
    black stockings, white skin.

    Sylvia Plath stuck
    her head in an oven, too.
    Life too much to bear.

    Who killed Amanda?
    A cruel, cold world, that’s who.
    Too painful to live.

    Pushed from the top stair,
    Amanda flew through the air,
    landing on the floor.

    Tortured, lovely soul
    slipped the bonds of gravity.
    Death is not the end.

    I hope these aren’t all crap, and that something in here might be along the lines of what you’re looking for.
    I hope you guys have a GREAT time feeding the AFP crew at the show tonight. We’re all blessed by our connections to each other :).


  10. calan Says:

    hi Amy those are truly beautiful! very specific to some of the clues out there too. i can tell you’re a shadowboxer.

    we are blessed, indeed. 🙂 glad to virtually meet you…

  11. Pallbearer Says:

    “One more year” she sighs
    Casket swinging on its own
    Pallbearer’s delight

    “One more year” she says
    Casket dancing on its own
    Pallbearer’s day off

    “One more year” she wails
    Casket opened on its own
    Pallbearer’s dancing


    Death magnificent
    This is how we swing her now
    One more year we chant!

  12. calan Says:

    omg, those are awesome. love love love the video, darlin’ see you tonight! xoxo

  13. matthew Says:

    Nice, that is quite a stroke of luck. Or should i say appreciation of genius. Hope you have a blast.

    That video was awesome. That is so how i would want any funeral of mine to go. But then again i told my family to do whatever they wanted with the body and just make sure they had a good time at the wake. That was an order. 🙂

    Who killed Amanda?
    Oh come now, everyone knows
    the butler did it.

    Here lies Amanda
    God wanted an autograph
    He’s so impatient

  14. ford Says:

    i love Astronaut so much.
    it makes me cry sometimes.
    that and not being able to see amanda.
    anyways, have the best time calan, for all of us =]

    why must the best
    die when theyre young
    like all of the rest
    they lose their last song.
    the piano was her bed,
    now its her tomb
    harmonics to heaven
    not enough room.
    and while she’s down there
    the spirits will croon
    “she’s not gone forever”
    just scathed by the moon
    eternity can end
    even death was once born
    amanda palmer
    shall not soon return.
    and far from now when she does
    even i’ll say
    simply to her
    “you simply must play!”

  15. calan Says:

    matthew – that second haiku would be the best epitaph. i love funny tombstone messages. 😀

    ford – wow. that’s really beautiful. thank you so much.

    everyone – amanda is aware now of the poetry in her memory here. it made her spirit smile. i told her in a seance last night 😉 so keep em coming!

    p.s. she gives the most amazing hugs…there is a sincerity in her hug if you know what i mean and she is an incredibly warm and beautiful being.

  16. len tower Says:

    awesome haikus!

  17. DMC_Run Says:

    “Feed me cherry pies,
    ply me with strong black coffee,
    & I’ll solve this crime.”

  18. DMC_Run Says:



    Calan, please remove the last word from the last line!
    Either that, or replace the last line with this line:

    “& I’ll solve this crime.”

    Either way, I just mis-counted the syllables, sorry.

  19. calan Says:

    done 🙂 but, you know it’s really alright to have more or less. i need to make a page about haiku here on the site somewhere. american haiku has approximately 17 syllables. i’m reading a book by the guy that kinda started american haiku and he doesn’t always do 5, 7, 5. it’s more like a guide. go with the way it sounds, should have a nice flow and try to get around 17 syllables. anyway, i edited to read how you wanted.

    here’s some virtual pie and strong coffee – solve away and report back to us. in haiku of course. 😀

  20. Matthias Says:

    Amanda Palmer
    songs bright and full and lovely
    dark misery too

    singing with our friends
    can bring beautiful fun
    hangover’s a bitch

  21. coolioness Says:

    Amanda Palmer
    From awesome street performer
    To dead sensation.

    Over your grave,
    Does Brian sob, wishing the
    Cabaret lived on?

    We can’t get you up,
    We can’t get you up at all,
    We can’t get you up,

    Our Strength Through Music
    has gone, your music is gone,
    Trapped in Ampersand,

    You are no longer
    our Astronaut, for Blake Says
    That death has claimed you.

  22. calan Says:

    nice coolio! i can tell you’re a big fan. are you following the who killed amanda palmer mystery stuff? it’s too much for my wee brain, but i enjoy analyzing the wkap video series (see her youtube channel) with jim and i found the wiki with all the clues solved so far revealed. it’s quite complex. you can find it through the shadowbox forum. i’ve even emailed ‘the stranger’ to try to follow along as the plot thickens and help plant clues if i’m called upon. 😛

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