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devastated dill

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

I told you this week’s comic had a lot of wee lines and dots!

So, you know those Oaxaca style day of the dead skulls I’ve been making?  I finally have one for sale and you can purchase it on etsy.  Quite frankly, I could use the money, so please do!  Just think if I get famous you can sell it on ebay for a lot more…AND if i get famous and die tragically you can really rake in a profit.  Here’s a photo:

Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Skull
Buy it in my Etsy Store!
The best thing that happened to me since last week was Amanda Palmer tickets went on sale!  You remember how loopy I was after the last Dresden Dolls show?!  I’m freaking ecstatic!  She is playing right here in St. Petersburg at the State Theater as part of the tour for her solo project Who Killed Amanda Palmer.  YAY!  If you live anywhere near here, you need to get tickets.  Amanda is pure raw energy and beauty.  When I listen to her sing it’s not only an auditory experience, it’s visual.  You can sort of see her mouth and eyes through her words.  Does that make sense?  She puts emotion in each lyric…I’m not doing a terrific job expressing this – She just rocks, okay?! Don’t miss this gig and if you want to brigade or hang out outside with me before the show, email me.  (Calan(AT)GingerDead(dot)com
Who Killed Amanda Palmer

And last, but definitely not least, I want to share with you the illustrations of Dylan Marvin.  He’s not only a badass artist who I admire greatly, but he’s a dear friend of mine.  He is an old close friend of Jim’s who popped up again after over 10 years.  As soon as I saw his artwork, I couldn’t wait to meet him.  I had a feeling we might get along swimingly.  I was right.  As soon as we met we couldn’t shut up and it felt as though he were MY long lost friend.  You can check out his artwork and photography at DylanMarvin.com or friend him and view images on his MySpace.  Also, on his MySpace you’ll see some video footage of how he does what he does.  It’s all done in photoshop and he does it with a mouse!  “No wacom!”, gasped I.

Here’s a few teaser pics.

Illustrations by Dylan Marvin

Dylan Marvin - Sesame

dylan marvin - fractured fairy tale 2

Dylan Marvin - Rustina
Your haiku are food for my spirit, so write away and my eyes shall gobble them up and my spirit will belch and all will be well.

See you next week!

<3 Calan

13 Responses to “devastated dill”

  1. ford Says:

    i love amanda
    friggin pissed im in china
    next time, i sure hope.

    i have a quick story about when i bought Yes, Virginia.
    story: i was in a completely empty store, just me and the clerk, i found it in the very back, of the store, it was COATED in dust, and the man at the coutner charged me 3 dollars for it.

    best cd buying expierience ever.

  2. Seraphine Says:

    its fermentation
    birth brine beyond my control
    i wasn’t born sweet

    love today’s comic, calan!
    i stopped by your SL shop last night, and didn’t see anything new. have you stopped creating new outfits? or am i being my usual ‘oops i missed the obvious’ self again?

  3. DMC_Run Says:

    “Ferment cucumbers,
    but avoid innuendo!
    No ‘gherkin’-off, here!”

  4. calan Says:

    thanks for the haiku every one! gherkin off – hahahaha!

    sera – i sort of have at least for now. its a combination of SL running poorly on my oldish system and GingerDead / tangible art taking precedence. it was great when i had no other outlet and life was more bleak, but nowadays i enjoy getting my hands dirty and am integrating into the real world arts world. also, i have dreams for GingerDead and Friends and i spend a great deal of time on that. i keep thinking i will take a few weeks and really dedicate time into virtual fashion again but it just i never find a spare few hours even. plus SL sales suck and while i did it for the love mostly, it leaves you with nothing tangible to show for all the time you put into it…at least there was some income for a spell, but now, hardly any income + nothing tangible equals putting it on the back burner. i feel kinda bad about it though. nocturnal threads really meant so much to me and still does, just not quite enough to steal time from the other work i’m doing. gingerdead & co. have taken quite a bite into me and don’t seem to want to let go. 🙂

  5. coolioness Says:

    Dude. Calan, you have no idea, I JUST let go of a friend for being too much of a jerk. Awesome timing!

    Amanda’s new CD is amazing. Leeks United is my personal favorite track, honestly.

    Mr. Dill, I am
    Sorry but I just can’t deal with
    Your sour sadness.

  6. unconscious ink Says:

    Awesome music recommendation. I saw Amanda live back when she was still in Dresden dolls, her performance that night is in my top 5 best stage performances to date.

    Anyway, good post. And mr. pickle I’ll be you friend. SO I CAN EAT YOU! 😀

  7. Seraphine Says:

    ya, its hard to make money in sl when you spend hours and hours making something, and it sells for a dollar. so i understand.
    i love your skulls btw. beautiful!

  8. calan Says:

    i’m glad to have so many amanda palmer / dresden dolls fans here! wish you guys were local so we could all go together. 🙂 she is still in the dresden dolls btw, unconscious ink. she’s just done a solo project is all. i still get newsletter stuff from the dolls and they recently released a new cd. it came out just before WKAP did.

    thank you sera. 🙂

  9. Karen Says:

    An intervention:
    I think you have a problem.
    You’re always pickled!

    And Calan my dear,
    have fun at the Palmer show!
    Watch out for fan-girls.

  10. calan Says:

    thanks for the haiku karen. your etsy shop is really nice. i love those crazy cuffs!! if i weren’t so broke i would snatch one up in a heartbeat. nice work 🙂

  11. Chance Abattoir Says:

    A good cure for sourness is miracle fruit.

    I bought a grip of them. I’ll send you some if you haven’t tried them 🙂

  12. Nick Sears Says:

    Are you going to be making any more Oaxaca style day of the dead skulls? If so, when, and how much will they go for?

    Also, do you have a facebook at all?

    Nick Sears

  13. calan Says:

    Hi Nick,

    i’m not sure. i’ve been having a lot of requests this past week for them so maybe i’ll do another batch. best way to keep track of whats new is on facebook and or my artist site /blog- calanree.com. my facebook is simply calan ree. they sold for around $40. happy dia de los muertos!


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