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unbalanced palate

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Today’s haiku was inspired by an old joke I heard on some PBS show about the history of comedy.  It goes like this:

Two cannibals are eating a clown
One turns to the other and asks, “Does this taste funny to you?”

So short and simple, but it made me laugh and I thought it would be fun to do a haiku comic in a similar vein.  Besides dead clowns are less scary than live ones.  Sorta…

Tonight I learned a valuable lesson and since we are such great pals, I feel I must pass this tip on to you.  Should you find yourself entering a theater to witness a performance by a big band or similar band filled with elaborate horn sections, do not sit too close to the stage.  More specifically, do not position yourself directly in front of the trombone section.  There is a spit valve.  It gets emptied frequently.  Enough said.

Quick note on some slight changes to the site.  You may have noticed some affiliates added to the links page.  The links go to online stores that have things I found interesting or weird enough to include.  Should you be in the mood to shop online, give them a try.  It wasn’t my intention to get going with a ton of affiliate programs but I found myself joining one due to my new cohoots with the GoreyDetails.net folks and since I went through the trouble of filling out the paperwork, I figured I’d add a few more I deemed worthy.  More on the Gorey Details news next week…

Have you seen the previews for The Haunting in Conneticut yet?  It releases in theaters on March 27th.  I’m really hoping it’s going to be good.  I’ll watch all sorts of horror and thriller films, but honestly there aren’t that many that are any good.  Some are so bad, they are awesome, but most are just mediocre.  Not that I’m terribly disappointed.  I expect mediocre, but since supernatural thrillers are my favorite in the genre I tend to get my hopes pretty high.   With any luck this one will be decent.  Creepy.  I prefer creepy over gorey any day.  *crosses fingers*

Next week’s comic should look extra awesome.  I’ve been working on it for a couple days and it’s still not done.  All these darn tiny lines and dots and dashes.  Time consuming!  But, I really do like the result.  Hopefully, I don’t botch it!  See you then…
<3 calan

12 Responses to “unbalanced palate”

  1. Matthias Says:

    Not a clown, a mime
    Did it taste funny to her
    I think she said “no”

  2. michelle Says:

    clowns always taste much
    better when you add lots and
    lots of extra cheese.

  3. Cady C. Says:

    Hee. I loved this one.
    I totally want Vendetta’s hat. I’m wearing hats quite often these days.

  4. justme Says:

    Giggle gravy, huh? No doubt made from the juices of the rest of the clown. So nothing goes to waste. I like that. It’s sort of… green.

    Extra points for presentation, too, with the bed of kale. Nice touch.

    the trouble with clowns
    is that they always lose their
    heads in a crisis

    Marie Antoinette
    might have kept her head if she’d
    said, “Send in the clowns!”

  5. Dave Says:

    Thank god you didn’t do the one about the two cannibals eating a missionary. One starts at the head while the other starts at the toes. When the first one says to the second one, “How you doing down there?” And the second one replies “I’m having a ball,” the first one shouts, “Slow down! You’re eating too fast!”

  6. calan Says:

    cady – my boyfriend and i are both hat collectors. i want to make some hats one of these days. really really crazy ones! wee!

    justme – how did you know the exact recipe for giggle gravy?! 😉

    dave – that one might have been too graphic for my little comic! i try to stick with things like blood and severed heads…you know, kid friendly stuff. 😀

    ty for the haiku matthias, michelle and of course, justme!

  7. Cady C. Says:

    ooo. That is so fun! I bet your hats would look amazing. 🙂

  8. GL Says:

    stupid clowns 🙁

  9. Seraphine Says:

    dead clown schmed clown she
    scams with infectious laughter
    skin bubbles and splits

  10. calan Says:

    GL the clowns adore you though! they especially love to watch you sleep.

    Sera – that haiku rolls off the tongue in such a delightful manner. love it!

  11. coolioness Says:

    Clowns terrify me.

    I cannot sleep now,
    For the clowns are coming to
    Feast upon my brain!

    Can’t sleep, clowns’ll eat me, can’t sleep, clowns’ll eat me…

  12. Seraphine Says:

    do you think they’ll ever market
    a soy substitute for clowns?

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